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World's Best Cat Litter...

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Well, I finally broke down and bought a bag of WBCL a couple of days ago after the Arm N Hammer litter turned their paws green (I'd heard great things about it, but had hesitated to buy it because of the price). I have a few questions for people who use this litter, it would be really, really helpful if I could get your opinions...

How long does it last? I have four cats, and the bag (7 lbs.) said that for this many cats, it would last about a week (I think, I forget the exact number of days it gave, but it was around a week) - however, I've already been using it for a couple of days, and they haven't even made a dent in it! It looks like it's going to last far longer than a week... have you found that it lasts a lot longer than the bag says it will?

How often do you change the entire litter box?

Does anyone know how well the extra strength litter for multiple cats compares to the regular litter? I bought a 7 lb. bag of extra strength this time, and now that I know I like it, I'd like to buy the 17 lb. bag, but none of my local pet stores sell the 17 lb. bags of extra strength, only the regular - is there really that much of a difference between the two? Anyone have multiple cats and use the regular? How is it for multiple cats?

Thanks in advance!
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I just bought a bag 2 weeks ago.

So far I give it high marks for odour control. I'm also glad there is no powerful scent added to the litter since that really turns me off.

The only problem I have right now is dealing with dusty paw prints after Nakita uses the litter. If she just came out of the litter box and jumps up on the bed or chair, there are major dust prints left behind. I'm not enjoying that right now, but I'll keep using this brand for a month and then make a decision on whether to keep it or change.
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[quote=Juniper]Well, I finally broke down and bought a bag of WBCL a couple of days ago

What cat litter is WBCL??
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I have been using WBCL for a year now and love it. I've always bought the "original" formula, but I've read the one for mulitple cats simply clumps harder. With one cat, I was able to get 2.5 litter box changes from one 17 lb bag. I scoop out the waste on a daily basis and do a complete litter change every 4-6 weeks. I have never found the litter itself to ever stink (beyond the smell of corn). I've also been flushing the litter down the toilet since July and haven't had any clogging problems. I absolutely recommend WBCL to anyone. It's worth the price and honestly I don't feel it's any more expensive in the end when comparing it to clumping clay or regular clay. I now have 2 cats so I'm sure I'll go through litter a little faster. I've also started buying the 34 lb bag since it became available in my area.
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I was introduced to World's Best by a co-worker who does a lot of foster care of kittens. She used it mainly because sometimes small kittens will try to eat litter and this is natural so therefore nonharmful. However, after taking on one of her litters of babies for a weekend and using her supply of World's Best I was hooked!

I then bought a bag for my own cats and have never switched back! It lasts forever, is easy (I just scoop and flush) and it smells nice!
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We're going to have to get ghibli neutered here eventually (after the holidays, lol) and I was wondering if WBCL was a good option.. I require a clumping litter.. but if it's not clay, that's fine by me. the flushing is a bonus!
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WBCL is a good clumping litter.
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Thanks everyone, your info is really helpful! So far I'm styill really liking WBCL, too!
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