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Skin problem, any solutions??

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My cat Spaz, (the one that just had elevated liver enzymes, but is now doing better), has bad dandruff and when I part the hairs to look at his skin, it's noticeably scalley. His hair is also very dull but it's not shedding excessivly, or at all really.
Anyway, he is a big fat cat too, so I'm sure it could be becase of either problem. I 've heard fish oil would help even with his liver but I don't know how much to give him. What could I use to mosturize his skin or shampoo him with? I know it bothers him and he really can't groom himself because of his weight .

Any ideas?
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Instead of fish oil (which is really hard to come by) you can give him cod liver oil. Start out with tiny amounts (the stuff tastes nasty) but if you do small enough amounts, they do develop a taste for it. I would start out with just under half a teaspoon a day in stinky smelly cat food-
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Can you get the cod stuff at regular grocery stores, or where? I've sure never seen it!

Oh, and do you think it would hurt to soak him in lotion and leave it on for 20 minutes with him wraped in a towel, then shampoo him with regular cat shampoo? My barber told me to do that when my scalp was itchy because it does moisturize deeply. Or is there any reason I can't try some 'home remedies' for human hair on my cats?
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No please don't use human home remedies on cats, it just never works. Besides when a cat is that itchy and scaly the problem is usually on the inside of the cat and not on the outside. Make sure you keep advantage or frontline on him every month and you can get cod liver oil at any good drug store-
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Ok, I'll just use the oil.

I was just hoping for a 'quick fix'..
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