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weight watcher

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Needed help with this one: I have two cats that I have to watch their weight. Especially the one, she is getting pudgy. I have them on Eukanoba weight control, they have been on it for 3 months. They are staying the same weight, didn't lose or gain. My concern is for the last 3 days they have been eating less, they are not finishing like they have done before. They used to finish and look for more. Do you think they are getting tired of it? Do you think I should feed them some regualar food?
Thank you:
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In order to loose weight, the 'input' calories should be less than the 'output'. If they get, lets say 100 calories a day by eating & loose only, say 50 calories, they'll store the other 50 ! So if you changed their diet to a less fat one, you shouldn't increase their intake. They shouldn't have calories more than they can loose; otherwise they'll store them !

You can help your cats loose weight by helping them to be more active (by regularly playing interactively with them) also.

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