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Selecting the Child's gender

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Technology allows the screening of the embryo to allow parents to chose the sex of the child. One criticism is that this may unfairly target women but in North America most of the couples wishing to use this technology is merely seeking to balance their family. Thus if they already have a boy then they would like a girl.
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I wouldn't do it but far be it for me to say whats right and wrong. My mom's cousin had 6 children just because her husband wanted a boy.. so they have 5 girls and a boy and no money. They probably wouldn't have been able to afford it though anyway. And I think that having more boys will work against the boys more so than against the girls.
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I'd let whatever happen, happen. It isn't the sex of the child that matters anyway. It's the personality. When we can choose those easy-to-manage children, I'll consider it.

(Nah, I wouldn't even then.)
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Personally I'd find it a little creepy. There are reasons that the sperm that reaches the egg and fertilizes it first, name that it is the strongest sperm and thus more likely to produce a health child. Seems to me that this is tampering with nature's selection process.
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I won't mention the means used to achieve the end, but I've read plenty of reports about a shortage of young females in China, India and South Korea due to gender selection, and forecasts of higher crime rates because of it.
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I can see the point if there is a hereditary disease within the family that affects only one gender - I can't think off the top of my head, but thee are a few out there that do. So from that point of view, that would be the safest option for the child... but for the sake of balancing a family? that's just wrong. Sorry, but you get what God gives you and that's tough. It shoudln't affect how you feel about a child... if you're doing it to have the child you want, are you really fit to have a child at all?
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I'm pretty liberal in my thinking, but IMO this is going too far. When you start messing with nature, you start to place an imbalance on things and that can only lead to problems I believe.

Like in China where they dispose of female children. Who are their boy children going to marry when they grow up? Hmmmmmm.
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