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very pregnant cat acting like heat, and peeing

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Help! two young strays recently adopted me. i had a cat already. one of the new ones i have just had spayed. the other new cat came in a pregnant condition, starving. she has since had plenty to eat and health has improved. the pregant cat is very very close, almost 8 weeks if vet was correct. a few days ago she started acting as if she is in heat (calling, tail up, butt in air, loving all over you . is this normal? i see no reference to it anywhere.

and now, she peed several places in her separate room, including the chair she likes to sit in. this is new. but what isn't new is that it is hopeless for me to make her the box every one talks about. she has peed in each and every one of them. to her, an out of the way cardboard box with blankies inside seems to be a litter box. what else can i provide her? i tried to set up blankies in the bottom of the closet, and she peed on them. in desperation, tonight i switched her into the garage, it is sealed and she has a heating pad on cushions with a cover over it. is the peeing around the place ever heard of before birth? there is not love between these cats, so that may be a factor, but she is separated, with her own private room (or tonight, garage).

i am worried that the heating pad will not be warm enuf for the newborns, esp if she chooses another spot, or that it will be too warm. i just couldn't have her peeing more in that room. help!!!
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Hi, welcome to TCS!How wonderful of you to take these precious babies into your home! Have you checked with your Vet about this new behavior? One of our experts will be along shortly to offer you helpful advice! If I may help you in any way as you explore our site, please just click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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i cant really offer you that much advice except to say that imho its probably stress. i agree that you should take her to the vet though jst to be on the safe side.
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I have had experience with pregnant mommas to be but my kitties have never done that before except like 4 weeks into pregnancy when it is normal. I hope everything turns out well, keep us posted!!!

Take Care,
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I would definitely contact your vet. She may have a urinary tract infection, or much worse- an infection in her uterus. Good for you for helping a cat in need! Keep us posted and welcome to TCS!
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I hope everythings OK, Please let us know how your new babys babies are doing
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Something was wrong due to above mentioned things and also because she had not delivered. When we therefore visited the vet he said she was only 4 weeks pregnant!, this was 5 weeks after the other vet at the practice said 3-6 weeks pregnant. she had lost half a pound since last visit too, and she is only 6 pounds. i knew that wasn't possible, because she had been completely confined since early nov. but he said, now is the time to spay her, they are very small. after much soulsearching and even up to the last minute debating i decided to do it. he said it wouldn't be hard on her, and we had just taken in these two strays and i had had no success finding homes for the coming kittens. so, at time of spay it turned out that she was NOT pregnant (two different vets had said she was at different times), but that she had small cysts on her ovaries which were probably not a problem, but her uterus was not as healthy pink baby-like as it should be (she is just under a year old at vet's guess). no fullblown pyometra, all vitals had been good at both visits and no major infection, but she may have had an infection at one point, even before coming to us, or possibly had been pregnant and miscarried and reabsorbed it (i never saw any evidence of kittens or even that she was going to or had given birth). what i saw happen was--i had seen her get bigger and bigger, then i saw her go thru a heat, pee several places and get smaller all at about the same time. but now, she is spayed, she is ok, and i didn't have to destroy any kittens to do it. thank God. what a relief.
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Fantastic news! And kudos to your for taking in 2 strays!
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Glad to hear the good news!
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Thank God you acted quickly! you saved her life!
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What a brilliant story. I hope she makes a fantastic companion for you.
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