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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Tippy's the only one to follow people to the bathroom - she'd sit on the potty with you if you let her . I'm so glad other cats are like this - we all thought her preferences were very strange!!

Whilst we're on the potty she likes to sit in the bathtub and insists on having the cold tap turned on for her. We've always tried to put her off as much as possible thinking she was a bit strange

If someone's taking a bath and leaves the door open even the tiniest bit, she curls up on the floor next to the tub and goes to sleep.
mav does that too! if she'll miaow until we turn the tap on. i do draw the line at letting her sit on my lap in there though!

once when i was in a real rush to get to work, was mid argument with boyfriend, having a bad hair day etc etc i heard a little miaow from the bathroom. the kitten had fallen down the toilet and couldnt get up! it wasnt that funny coz it could have been dangerous but shes tended to avoid the toilet since (unless theres someone in there of course!)