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Hampster and Babi's first time out to PetsMart, dreadful!!!

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Well saturday we took Babi Nad HAmpster to PetsMart to buy some eye wash for Gizmo. Gizmo woke up with his eye swollen. The tissue really. All the cats have been getting watery eyes and everyknow and then it swells. The vet wouldnt do nothing really.

Well PetsMart is a good 30 minute drive from where we live and well the fact that Hampster freaked out and hide under my seat the whole way wasnt too comforting. Babi layed behind my head. This was their first time out of town and on a leash and first collar too. Well When we arrived I was STUNNED. It was adoption day at the store and there was dogs every where.

Hampster FREAKED even more. Babi was cool as a cucumber. So I told Robert to head for the cat isle and to let them hide in the stack of cat trees they had for sale. Hampster ran straight for a cubby hole and refused to come out!!! Babi just loked around. what made me happy was the fact so many kids wanted to pet them. Hampster enjoyed the attintion.

We were also shopping on a cat trree and wanted to test run them. We didnt get in trouble for letting our cats on the cat trees. Well Hampster fell inlove with one that was a shaggy carpet. She also like this 4 story condo that had holes in side so they could climb up and down. Hamspter loved it.

We also found a cat box i fell in love with. so that will be on my list to get. Well after about 30 minutes -1hour we decided to leave and well guess what hampser freaked again as we were checking out. She had the right since a small dog scared her as she was walking around on the floor in the cat isle. Babi was calm.

So I guess Hampster will never see the day of light out side the house now. I never have been so stressed over that. Piccolo if he does well in the car we might take him. Never again with Hampster. Even though they did great while we went to look at christmas lights at night.

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That's an iffy situation taking a cat anywhere it seems.

I took Lily into PetSmart the day I had her groomed and we had to stop to get cat food, etc...
I put the towel I had in her carrier in the kid seat part of the shopping cart and she laid there, occassionally raising her head to look around.
She did sooo good! People would walk by me and see her and were totally amazed at how beautiful and calm she was.
I Loved it!
Lily got so much attention and I was so proud of her.
That is rare though, not many cats I would think could do that. (not mine anyway)
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well mine wont even step out of the front door since the vet trip so i dont think he will step into petsmart!
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Did you have your kitty loose in a car and not in a cage? Sorry if you didn't but I just got that impression.

At our pet store is has a sign "Take your pets shopping" and although my cats live with four dogs I don't think I would put them through the stress of seeing strange dogs or cats for that matter.
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THe cats run loose. Only because they wont shut up in the carrier. Hampster was the problem child. So we have anouther cat to place her for the trip. Piccolo was awsome in the car and around people. He dont care about other dogs.

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I would never take my cats out to a pet store. Or anywhere else unecessarily. How traumatic for them. It's bad enough just going to the vet.
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Mystyc likes car rides. MyRage, and Myth hate anything to do with NOT being home. Nyght... I'm not sure yet. We took her places this summer (Keep in mind she is my hubby's kitten, not mine, so he wanted to train her to be comfy traveling. He thinks he might take her fishing some day... LOL AS IF!!!) Nyght is a very gentile loving soul. She LOVES attention, but she's not too big on being held. I would take my cats shopping IF the trip wouldn't stress them out. I have yet to find a cat that acts like a dog
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Bijou and Mika both love the car and go most places with us. They even let us take them in the grocery store as long as they stay in the pouch we wear. They go to the hardware store, Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, just about anywhere we go. They always get lots of attention and are quite calm.
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My Doofus likes to go out in the car and out on the leash....Mabby couldn't be bothered on way or another...And my Emmet well if he never saw the outside world again it would be too soon!!!!!!!...lol
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My one cat Niles has always gotten panic attacks in the car, which is sad because it seems like he really likes the idea of going in the car....But I have to drug him when I take him places more then 10 minutes away...if I dont he cowers, and then eventually throws up and sometimes loses control of his bowels So hes out of the running to go anywhere with me. My new kitten though, probably since he has been to the vet so many times so small, doesnt seem to mind. Id like to get him more used to it, he seems to not mind going places. I guess we'll see how that goes with time. Bijou and Mika sound great! I would love to see someone carrying around a cat instead of a dog in those pouch things!
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