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After 4 months, old cat still hates new cat

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I have a nine-month old feral, Marvin, who I adopted in August. He's become domesticated and is a good little guy with lots of energy. My eldest kitty, Booker, did not mind him and they got along fine. My other cat, Beezus, despises him and refused to come inside. Unfortunately Booker had to be put to sleep last week

The weather is getting colder, which is prompting Beezus to want to be inside more. She won't have anything to with Marvin but he is just so desperate to play with her. He is always talking to her and following her around. She prefers to hide in the closet or in a corner somewhere and she hisses and swipes at him if he gets too close. Beezus is a rather spoiled cat who would prefer being the only cat in the world. Is there any hope she will learn to accept him and be his buddy? I would love to adopt a kitten for him to play with but I don't think my landlord will allow it (I wasn't supposed to adopt Marvin but I sort of snuck him in and mentioned he was staying for awhile.)
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hmm well, I had a cat who preferd not to deal with any of the cats I brought in, that is until we moved to a bigger home. I can probly suggest to have play time together. Get toys you can ineract with both of them. Some cats just prefer to be loners. I have 8 and i think 3-4 cats prefer none cat play time with one anouther. Some will tolerat the others and then slap them. Maybe one of the other mebers can help but I never really had such a problem. I was able to work them out some how.

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Tonight they both slept on the bed, though not next to each other. She growled when he tried to sniff her but she didn't hiss or swipe at him. He's calmed down around her and doesn't try to force play by jumping on her.

I think Beezus has realized that she has a choice of either accepting Marvin or sleeping out in the cold.
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I'm having a similar problem. I took in another cat in late September, did the whole introduction bit, etc., for weeks on end, but haven't gotten too far. Jamie will tolerate her presence in the spare bedroom, hallway, and laundry room, but attacks her if she tries to go anywhere else in the house. He means business, too. Basically, she can stay in the bedroom, and use the hallway to get downstairs to the laundry room, where she has a cat flap he can't fit through. I can't talk to her or pet her if he's around. I've used the spare bedroom several times to quarantine shelter cats, and our old feral used to sleep there when it was bitter cold, which is why Jamie probably accepts her presence there. She's half his size, and I'm worried that she'll break "Jamie's rules", and really suffer for it.
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