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SQ Fluids

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Hi. I work at a veterinary hospital and was just wondering how many of you bring in your pets to have SQ fluids done. I am just surprised at how many clients come in each week -- sometimes 2 or 3 times a week -- to have this done. I'm also surprised that more don't do it themselves at home.

Just wondering. Thanks.
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I give mine at home. My vet showed me how years ago. It did freak me a bit at first to see my kitty's skin balloon up, but I got over it and I am grateful that I was taught how to do it.
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what? i thought that was something you did only when they were sick?
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If my kitty needed them I think I would want to do them at home too -- where she would be most comfortable. I know some people don't want to be the bad guy -- "Bad vet! How dare she stick you with that needle. Let me save you and bring you home!" lol Some of our clients do say those sorts of things when they come in. hehehe
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Usually we get the older kitties whose kidneys aren't working at full function. So it serves as sort of a pep up for them. It's not that they are sick.. it just helps them along a little. I know of one kitty who got fluids weekly that was 25! She recently had to be put down but her owner said that giving her fluids seemed to put a little more life in her.
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oh, got it!
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My mom takes ChiChi our family CRF cat 2 or 3 times a week to the vet to get her fluids. It only takes a few minutes there. She does try occasionally at home but it is just impossible for her.. to have to try to hold her and stick her with a needle, then sit there for 5 minutes .. ChiChi is strong as heck for a 16 yr old 8 pound CRF cat!

I dont see why it would be very surprising why more people dont do it at home. Do you know how cats hate to be held down? LOL. Well most do. I am having the worst time just pilling my cat for a bladder infection. I dont know if I would ever be able to do SQ fluids on mine.
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I do mine at home, as a retired RN it's no big deal, and my guys who have had to have fluids are sweetie pea's about it. It's much more cost effective with a CRF kitty to do so.
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