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Christmas gifts for the cats

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Ok, this sounds silly but... My husband said he felt like getting gifts for the boys... (we don't have human kids). We're considering some kind of comfy cat bed. They don't have a bed, they just have many favorite spots around the house where they curl up. Any ideas of nice beds, something special for them?
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YUP!!! how about a little cubby hole bed. We bought a bunch of stocking for our 12 little kids, 8 cats 4 dogs. We got each cat a cat nip mouse and mini tennis balls. A large crazy circle too. Soon a nice $179.99 cat tree. He he. spoiled brats. lol.

I bet your boys would like the beds that are enclosed, so they can have privacy. here is a link to one were are gonna get ours. It can be shaped into 3 different things.

Kitty cubby hole

3 way plush house <--------- the one i will be getting

Cat beds and furniture

hope this helps with any ideas
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I was going to sew my kitty a bed. When I adopted her in Oct. she weighed over 18 lbs.! The poor thing wouldn't fit on the kitty bed that I had. Some part of her was always hanging off. So I put down an old blanket folded up which she seems to love to lounge on. I was thinking of using some of that fabric to make her her own bed that she can actually fit on! lol
I also did get her the PetMate Fresh Flow Water Fountain for Christmas but it was so nice I couldn't wait to give it to her and opened the box right away. She seems to like that as well.
And, of course, there is always catnip! haha Even being an older girl she still get riled up when it comes to catnip so I was going to get a few toys to put in her stocking.

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Thanks guys! What about those shoe beds? Didn't someone at some point post pictures of that?
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