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We should have a kitty contest!!!!

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I know its been mentioned before....but I think it would be a lot of fun to have a contest of cats on the site.....we could have pics and biographies and such...I think it would be great fun......I know what your thinking though....you are saying.."well if i was going to vote I would vote for my own"...I am sure that would be the case with everyone...we would have a 1000 way tie...lol.....So I was thinking that maybe we could split it up....Like two different polls..One group has the other groups cat...and visa versa...then we would vote on like the top 10 i guess and then everyone could vote on those 10...so what do you think guys....wouldnt that be wicked fun!!!!!!!lol
Also this contest would allow everyone to see everyone elses georgous kitties...and they are all georgeous kitties
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We hold contests every month. Most of the contests were swallowed up in the forums crash. But if you stay tuned to the Contest Chatter forum on the first of every month, you will see the latest contest that is going on-
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Bridget, we have a monthly photo contest on www.Meowhoo.com as well. We never judge the cats because as you said, they are all georgeous. We only judge the quality of the photos.

On TCS you can enjoy the pictures and stories behind them in the Fur Pictures forum, and as hissy said, enjoy the contests in the contests forum. I'd rather not combine the two, as in having people rate other people's cats. It's like rating children - they're all incredible, how can you tell which is better?
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