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Max, a Dog

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Ok, here is the story. Max is a three year old Rottie who had a bad rep. His two owners are brothers. One, Jesus, is working most of the time. The other,Juan, is in charge of feeding and caring for him.
Max spends all of his time tied up in the corner of the back yard, away from sight. You can only hear him. Sometimes, Max would be tied up to a tree at the entrance to the backyard(which was also my entrance)or in the garage. At first, I was afraid of Max. And he would bark at me. Juan was always saying that Max was very aggresive. But real soon, Max and I have gotten to know each other. I found out he is really a sweet dog. The problem is that nobody pays him any attention, except when they feed him. Their dad(his in mexico now)hates the dog and his rule is that the dog needs to be out of sight. When his dad was not home, Juan will let the dog loose to run and play. Or he would take him out to the front and drink beer with his friends. But when nobody is paying him any attention, he is always tied up. So, I got to know Max. I've petted him and played with him and be with him. And you know, he LOVES it when I am with him. Everytime I pass by, he always wags his stub. He jumps on me(I don't mind) and he literally blocks my path, eager for attention.
Now, Max has another problem. His being neglected. Several times, I pass through the entrance and found his bucket empty(even in the heat of summer). Dry empty. I've taken the liberty of filling his bucket and when I bring it to him, he'd be so thirsty that he would drink half of it. Juan only feeds him once a day. He puts food in a big cooler. Or if they don't have dog food, they will feed him scraps from their food. And sometimes they don't feed him for days. He is past due on his shots and he is not neutered. They plan to breed him with a female adn I told them it was not a good idea since Max is kind of small for his breed. And I think he has an infection on an ear because it was bleeding. Max is trained but since he is an outside dog, I don't know if he will go to the bathroom inside. I am trying to raise some money because Juan has offered me the dog. The idea sits well with me because Max has become attached to me. One time, Juan had to clean the laundry room in the basement(were I used to live)and I was watching tv. Juan brought Max downstairs with him. When Max saw me, he went straight to me and laid down on my feet. He rolled on his stomach, begging for a belly rub. He is a little destructive. He was left in the garage one night and he made a mess, tearing things up. I belive the only reason is that he is bored. I live in a fenced duplex, so I can leave him tied up when I go to work, then when I get home,I let him loose. I want him to get used to being inside too. He loves children. I told Juan that as soon as I finish college and find a good job that I can take him in. In the mean time, they are letting me keep Max at their house. I go to feed him, walk him, and play with him. I also want him to get used to me more so that he know that I am boss. And when I take him to the vet, I think I will need to muzzle him. I will have him neutered as soon as possible. By the way, what should a good, nutritious diet be for an adult rottie? My guess would be two cups of dry dog food and one can mixed together twice a day. He is very underweight. Due to the fact that they hardly ever feed him, his rib bones are beginning to show. He is only aggresive when people like Juan kick him or slap him. I've told Juan that is not allowed. And he is protective. Remember the incident with the pitbulls? Oh, speaking of the pitbulls, guess what? When I went to visit Max, I found the pitbulls loose again. I called Animal Control and they came and took them away. The owners were mad and were wandering why Max wasn't taken away either. I told them that Max is always tied up in the backyard, while their pitbulls are always running loose. So, I guess I have a dog now. He needs a good bath. I once saw Juan bathing Max with palmolive dishwashing detergent. Boy did I get mad. I told Juan that he needs to either buy dog shampoo or use baby shampoo. I just came up with a name for my rescue shelter when I develop it. Its going to be called Rotties, Inc. Because I have decided to open one. Too many rotties are being abused and neglectd. I asked Juan why they got a dog if they couldn't take care of it right. He told me they use him as a watchdog. Ha! The dog is tied up in the backyard all day. I don't think he can be a good watchdog tied up. I beleive he needs to be inside and outside in order to protect. So what do you guys think of my new friend? When he looks more presentable, I will post a picture. Maybe I'll post it also now too.
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Sounds to me like Max has found a good new friend and owner. Good luck with him. What kind of money are they talking about?
I suppose they want you to pay for him - 'cause he means so much to them - NOT!
Let me know how you are making out.
You are an for taking care of him and for planning to adopt Max.
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My heart is bleeding for poor Max. No animal deserves to be treated the way he is (not being fed, no water, no attention, being kicked and punched occasionally). I hope you can get him away from those conditions soon.
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Hi Nena

This is such a sad story!! It sounds like Max has been through a lot and is lucky that you are concerned about his welfare! I don't like to see any animal being mistreated. Your story made me feel so sorry for that poor dog!!!!!

It's such a good thing that you took the time to realize what the dog's situation was and to do something about it!! He will be so much better off with you.

Good luck with Max!
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Nena, I'm going to PM you with a forum for dog behavior. One of the moderators is a Rotti expert and several members have rottis. They will be able to give you expert advice. Please check out the forum.
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No animal deserves to be treated like that. I hope you are able to help him. It sounds like he really needs you.
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Well I was going to say everything that has already been said, so all that is left to say is....."YAY NENA!!! GO NENA!!"
Well done!! Let us know how things go!
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GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Even though big dogs scare the daylight s out of me, I still hate to see or hear of them being mistreated. Maybe if there were more people like you, willing to care for these dogs, there would be fewer people like me, scared silly of them! Always love to hear about a happy ending!:
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They are giving Max to me for free. I am going to be taking pictures so that you can see him now and in a few months time. I will be fatten him up, not to much just enough to be normal. I would buy IAMS, but I will stick with Pedigree or alpo. I will give more info as I get more involved. Max is not very big. I am not an expert on Rotties' heights, but I've seen several that are big and bulky. Max reaches my thighs. And right now, he wouldn't be heavy because he's mostly bones. I did buy a book on the breed and I am searching sites for rescues too.
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By the way, keep in mind that Utah is mostly desert. Rotties like Max are mostly black and there is few shade. Even with shade, 90 to 100 degree dry weather is very bad. Now picture max with no cool water to cool him down. I told Juan to go put black clothes on and be out in the heat and see how he feels.
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Thank you for sending me the address to the dogs. I will need it. I am still getting a cat but he will be inside most of the time and introduce him to Max little by little.
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I have a recipe for homemade dogfood that I use for abuse cases that come through here. It works well on putting weight on and giving them energy- but it is expensive to make $30.00 and it lasts 2 months. If you are interested let me know and I will send it along.
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Thanks Hissy, I will really love it. I am very angry.
Juan did feed him yesterday, but do you know what he did? I bought four cans of pedigree that are large. He put three of the cans and several cups of the dog chow in a big bucket and gave it to Max like that. No water. Then Juan tells me that Max did not eat all of it. Well I wouldn't eat all like that and with flies around it. I told him he has to feed him two cups of dry dog food and half of the can in a bowl twice a day. Juan thinks Max is sick and that he may have worms. I don't think so because I've looked at his feces and I don't see anything bad. He was sitting in the corner when I went to see him and didn't get up. I told Juan that maybe he is bored. He needs to run. I need to buy one or two of those toys to play tug of war. He needs exercise. And he needs love. I will talk to Juan's brother and see if he will help me take him to the vet for his shots and to see if he has any health problems.
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Dear Nena :angel2:

Thank you for being such a wonderful person to come to the aid of this dog...That says so much about you!

Best of luck and please keep us posted...

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