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romantic behavior?

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I have 2 cats, a 4 year old neutered male and a 7 month old spayed female. I have never had more than one cat at a time before and love to watch them interact. I am wondering what kind of a relationship they have. They are inseperable! They groom each other frequently and swat at each other a lot, and have lengthy conversations that don't include me. Since they are both fixed, is there any chance that this is a "romantic" relationship or is it more of a "family" situation? What do you think?
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It is just family behavior. There is no romantic in cats...believe me, I have seen cats mate!! If they get along then they become close and similar to litter mates. All the loving and caring is sweet and I love to watch it. This is why we tell people 2 cats are better than one. They keep each other company all day while we are out and about.
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Yeah, that's how littermates usually bond.

It's amazing to think that for centuries cats were considered to be solitary unsocial animals! Anyone looking at a his kitties at home or even at a colony of ferals outside can immdiately see the interactions. They are so sweet together!
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