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My boys' weight

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Hi everyone-

So, my boys are now both 7 months. I weighed them last week-- Toaster is 11 lbs and Floco is 12 lbs. Is that too much? Floco looks sort of chubby, but it could be because he is white and poofy. Toaster looks ok. But they are both big cats, I think.

They eat the Nutro kitten food and they eat the recommended amount. They run outside and get exercise (less now that it's colder but they still run around). So, are they just big? It's too early for me to switch to adult food, right?

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By the way, this is not my first post. I was at like post 90 something and then the server crashed and I had to start from scratch...
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As long as they aren't fat they are fine. Feel their bellies, do they have a swingy little fat pad there? Can you feel their ribs when you press just a little? They are just going to be big boys. I assume they are already neutered. Sometimes they decrease their activity a little after but I don't know if that is just because they were traditionally neutered at about 6-7 months old, when they would naturally slow down anyway. I would keep them on the kitten food until about 9 months. Some kittens still are growing at that age, but it is very much slower. Some people feel that since mice and birds don't come in a kitten variety that kittens don't really need kitten food anyway, that it is just a sales gimmick. I am not sure, but I fed mine kitten food for nine months. However, I feed canned food only, which is much higher in protein than dry anyway. Becky
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Hi Gatinha - I remember you!
I lost a bunch of posts too!!

My boys are about the same age and I keep thinking I must weight them - will do tonight and let you know where they're at now.
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Ok...finally got around to weighing my guys...
They are both about 9 1/2 to 10 pounds.

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I always found it really difficult to tell. I think it also depends on what their frame is. Ani has a very small frame, so I was able to notice her weight increase. I usually go by what the vet tells me. I still can't see whether Ani has lost weight or not. She's been on a diet for a few months now, but honestly she doesn't look much different . I feed her Wellness Lite and I also give her the recommended dosage. Perhaps age has something to do with it, but I am not sure.
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Please don't let your cats outside.
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