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Paws are discolored

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An outdoor tom cat has adopted my family. He is about one year old and quite friendly. I recently noticed that while one of his paws (including the little "finger" paw pads) was a healthy pink color, another was black and the two others included patches of both healthy looking pink and non-healthy looking black. He does not appear to be in any discomfort and does not appear to have difficulty walking. It would probably be tough to catch him and take him to the vet. Do I need to be concerned?
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Is he spotted by any chance? The skin of my grey and white cat is also grey and white....the skin is spotted just like his fur. So, perhaps the black toes are just spotted.
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My pound kitty has multicoloured toes. Some are pink and some are black. The paw pad in the middle is either solid black or splotchy pink and black.

You didn't mention what colour he is. It's probably just pigmentation and normal for him. Even if he has a white sock, whole or partial, on one foot and not the others it could explain that kind of pigmentation.

If you can have a close look, it should be obvious if it's bruising or scabs rather than pigment.

How nice of your family to accept the honour this cat has bestowed upon you.
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As others said, it might just be her natural skin color. If there's a color change, pink turning into brown/black for example, then it might be concerning.
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Thank you all for your helpful guidance. The cat is black with a white chin/front and white paws. From what you say, it sounds like this is just natural pigmentation. I was not able to find any discussion of this in the cat reference books I looked at.
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