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Hubby got me an 80gig hard drive for christmas... Everything was going fine, and suddenly it had a boot error or something, now my master drive isn't doing anything... I'm on my hubbie's computer. We got him a computer yesterday. One of our friends were selling a computer, 1.1ghz, and we got it for him. ... ... Now my master drive isn't booting.
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Oh no. Um, can you take it back or something? Sorry, I'm clueless when it comes to fixing computers...
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The hard drive that we bought wasn't the problem. The one I had already with windows on it had a boot error. We are now installing everything onto the new 80gig drive. That will give me a 40gig slave... that will be okay for me. With luck my pictures and stuff I don't want to loose will be on it still.

I hope all my stuff is still on my computer.
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Good luck... sorry I'm totally clueless as to what you're talking about but I hope everything works out!
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I have no idea what you are speaking about either but fiance knows this stuff and he said that yes it should all still be there
He also says that you sound like you know what you are doing but if you have any questions please ask!
Just PM me! I hope it all works out!
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Was wondering was OS the ailing puter has?
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I'm not a computer minded person, however I do know that when my son upgraded our computer (added a new hard drive) that he had to replace other components (the mother board for example) so that it would be compatible with the new hard drive. If you can't get it to work, I would consult an expert. Good luck.
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well... i suck with these things too! but i do know how to reinstall
Just take it somewhere like back to the store. Thats what i had to do each time someone hacked into my computer and wiped out my hardrive back in 1999/2000
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i tried to make my beat to crap hd a slave but now it won't configure right although it worked the very first time i tried I do graphic art and also a lot of research in my spare time and was hoping to make a side job out of it but all of my projects are lost and I just don't have the strength right now to start from scratch But my comp genius brother is supposed to fix it for me for xmas so i can't wait My boot sequence is dead but everything else seemed to be intact,, i hope..
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Oh no, it was bad luck...
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Best wishes with getting everything back. In all my years of having computers, I never had a catastrophic event (as it seemed it was to me!).
My new computer from July had a HD crash recently, we quickly turned it off, dh did all he knew to check things, and then we sent it to a recovery service. It was an expensive lesson - they did regain everything though, and I now have a Western Digital media center ad it does a backup every 24 hours, and a mirror drive so everything is duplicated. My 'puter is now so juiced up that I have 1/2 of a terabyte to work with...I am NEVER running out of space or losing anything, even temporarily again!
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uninstall the old Hard Drive, and get yourself the boot disks of the Operating System you want to install.

Get then, install the new HD, and put the boot disk within the computer as soon as it turns on, and install.

There is a common problem with installing a brand new Windows XP: The boot CD-ROM. Is your boot disk a CD-ROM? Because if so, then your computer doesn't have a bootable CD ROM drive.

All you need to try, is get yourself the floppy boot disks. Get yourself 6 blank floppy disks, and go here:


Once they are done, insert boot disk 1, with the computer off, and turn it on.
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