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This is cool (but I want to also include Spooky too as he was a special cat).


I was born in April of 1991 in a litter of 2 (only me and my sister). We are white cornish rex - I'm blue eyed, my sister is gold eyed. I was a very handsome special kitten - didn't know I was headed for a fantastic show career.

I rode in a plane to another state from Minnesota - a place called Maryland. I was such a cute kitten and had so much fun in the show rings. The judges gave me lots of toys to play with and fancy ribbons almost in every ring!

I grew up to be a wonderful show cat, easily getting my Grand Championship in CFA and ACFA. I took numerous Regional and National finals for many years. My best year was 10th Best Alter in the entire country! Mom was so very proud of me and her son, Justin loved to show me too.

After I retired so other cats could have fun, I got to enjoy retirement too but still missed the rings - would sit in the bathroom while the other kittens were being prepped for showing. The last few years were kinda rough. I slowed down a lot and could not do a very good job in keeping clean. I felt my time had come and one morning didn't feel well. I think my heart just gave up and I quietly went to sleep. Now I enjoy running and playing at Rainbow Bridge.


I was born on a farm in a big barn. My mom was a really pretty calico; but I don't know who my dad is. I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We all looked the same - blue tabbies with white on our feet/belly.

Mom calls me a "magic kitty" - cause all of us changed to "siamese" cats and then we got pretty black/white coats. I love Keno - she's my best friend. I tolerate Charlie - he picks on me a lot. I think he is nutz. I'm a very pretty lady but would rather stay home and keep the dog company


I'm a wild and crazy Ocicat who loves EVERYTHING in life. I find it fun to pick on Ling and the big dog, Keno. I know I'm boss around the house - just have to convince Ling of that. I am a great supervisor and helper. Also the best food taster in the house.

I love going to shows - judges play with me and give me toys and sometimes ribbons. I know I'm the best cat in the entire world - at least I think I am Mom is still working on counting all my spots, but I don't stay still enough for that. I'm a smart cat and everyone is impressed with me.
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Ike's biography is a bit short! She was born in March 2007 from a friend's grandparent's cat. (They let her out and she wasn't fixed...go figure! lol) She was all black like her daddy and all her brothers and sisters were cow pattern. It was so hard to pick a baby, but when I held her I knew she was the one! She has been with me for about 4 months, and she just got home from getting spayed! I hope that she and I will have a wonderful life together!
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Wick, my brother's cat, which we kept for a year while he was abroad, has a long story that I only know a small piece of. She was picked up from the Humane Society at age 6 by some friends of our family... she'd had at least two owners before that even. Those friends kept her until a year and a half ago when they left town for a bit and had my brother catsit for them. They ended up not wanting her back and paid my brother to keep her. He then went to Japan and had us take care of her while he was gone, and now she's back with him. She's now 13 years old.

Simon, our 1.5 year old cow kitty, was born from a stray that my sister's old friend found outside. He took in the stray and she gave birth a month later to a few kittens, on May 12, 2006. He gave away all the kittens except Simon and also kept the mother. Unfortunately his big dog, who he had had for years before the cat arrived, thought the kitties looked like fun toys and might have hurt them so he decided to give away the mom and Simon. He found a home for the mom quickly but couldn't find a place for Simon. My sister emailed me saying that Simon would go to the shelter the next day if a home wasn't found so I emailed her friend and told him we would take Simon. He was 3 months old when we got him and has since grown up into a big long ...kitten. He refuses to grow up one bit!

Lyra is our new kitty. She's ...around 2 years old. Her previous owners found her outside in the winter with her tail frozen in the snow. She couldn't move and was crying pitifully so they got hot water and poured it over her tail until they could get her out. They took her home and she made friends with a male kitty they had at the time. Unfortunately (I'm not sure what happened here, exactly) the male cat suddenly wasn't around anymore and the family's older female cat started terrorizing poor Lyra. The older cat wouldn't let her out of the kitchen and so she couldn't get to the food or litterbox and got a UTI. The owners moved things around so that she could eat and use the litterbox and she got better, but she was still confined to the kitchen, so they decided it was time to find her a new owner. (They got a new basset hound puppy instead, hehe.) So we took her home last Sunday and she's just now starting to get comfortable in her new home.
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I had seen an ad in the paper for kittens who were 2/3 weeks so went along to pick one ready for when they were old enough to leave mum. I went in and Indie came right up to me, he was the strangest kitten I'd ever seen, not nasty strange but looked like the cutest teddy bear I'd ever seen and I HAD to have him! and by that time he'd come to me so had chose me! The lady wasn't quite the full ticket so it seemed and I then had a problem. There were two black kittens and two black and white,my thoughts were what if she sells Indie thinking it's Minx then I'd have lost him! So I said I'd have both. Well as said on here before the house was the most nasty house ever! mum seemed like a breeding machine (some previous litter were there only 7 months) they handled mum too rough for my liking and the cats litter tray was a mountain of pure filth, bowls were very dirty with days or even months of rotting food on them, water was dirty, the kittens were shoved on a filthy bit of rag on a cold concrete floor, the whole house was filth. I was due to get them at 6 weeks, when the next day the phone rang she told me mum had stopped feeding and to pick my cats up! I said to her to seek vets advice when she rudely told me to pick them up the next day and slammed the phone down. So I picked them up thinking try and give them a chance or let them die ( that's when I joined here ) I got them checked by the vet and frontlined as they were riddled in fleas, and they settled down to being bottle fed. Indie is such a soft gentle boy, he isn't very vocal but he does do this pathetic little mew which means stroke me now, it is so cute. He prefers DH and our daughter to cuddle him but does on occasion let me hold him on his back like a baby! I'm the only on he allows to do that ha! If you ask for a kiss he will kiss you. He gets on with all cats and loves to hang out with them. He doesn't really stick up for himself so his sister does. He always prances on his sister for play fights and has got a right old lump now! sometimes he goes too far and gets a thump in the head. He has his mad moments when he runs up and down the stairs like a loony and always does this side run which is comical. His favourite toy is his fishing rod and his favourite place to lie is my bedroom window seel, my daughters bed or top of the stairs. He eats anything on offer and doesn't milk tread he more marches like he's in the army!


Obviously same start as Indie in life, but I wasn't planning on two kittens and took her for the wrong reasons as said above( was scared Indie would get sold) and always feel guilty when I think of it. But I am sooooo happy I got my shadow! She is my princess and follows me everywhere! If I go out to the shop my daughter says she cries for me, she'll sit by the window until I come back, when I leave for work she'll sit by the window and I'll always blow her a kiss and wave hehe. Minx or minkymoo as I call her is quite babyish, she was also obviously bottle fed and will milk tread every night. She won't directly kiss your skin but she'll kiss in air lol. She loves a cuddle and rolls on her side burying her head in me and she'll paw my face which melts me, she also gazes up at me with such pure love If I hurt myself she'll come running to check i'm ok and if me and DH have play fights she gets concerned so we kinda stopped that. As babyish as she is she will stick up for herself and her brother, when two dogs chased them Indie ran home, she stood against them both, hissed and spat and they ran off, she'll also chase away cats who dare come into her garden! Her thing at the moment is bringing dragonflies home to mum! She's a very vocal cat and a 'brrrper' and I know her mood from her vocals lol, she's a fussy eater but loves to eat! Her fav toy is my hairband which if you flick she fetches back, she likes to ruin the xmas tree every year, and her fav place to lay is under my bed, or on it when Im in it.

chalk and cheese these two but I love them both deeply

I just had to edit this as i forgot to say I contacted the autorities who took away mum cat and all siblings from this woman, and all were rehomed, mum and 7 month old sibling together, remaining two kittens together.
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I love reading stories about your kitties! Keep 'em coming!
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Raven & Nabu: came to live with me in Mid-August of 1998. I was a college student, and finally had an apartmetn where I could have a cat. As it happened, over the summer I was temping at a flooring retail store. The sales manager had broke up with his GF at the beginning of the summer and had homed the guys with a customer (he thought it was a forever home). Well the not so nice lady changed her mind. The guys were close to 1 1/2 yrs when I picked them up. Fixed and front declawed (I only cared about the fixed part, I was a broke college student). And she had them outside 24/7. I am 100% sure that that place was why they can hunt. At 1 1/2 yrs old they tipped the scales at 7 lbs.

The rest, as they say, is history. They came home with me. Luckily they were easy to catch (horrible woman wouldn't even catch them for me). Once at my apartment, they took a walk around, seemed to say "we're home" and commenced eating for 10 minutes straight. In those days, Iams was high quality, only available at vets and pet stores, and that is what I fattened them up on. Their original owner was so relieved. He checked on them a few months after the temp job ended. I think he truly knew what a good home they got.

Since then they've moved across country twice and lived in 4 different states.

Stimpy: came to us through the shelter I worked at at the time, on March 1, 2002. He was 2 yrs old. Stimpy arrived on the doorstep of the shelter February 1st, crammed in a carrier with another cat. And Stimpy was 15 lbs then. He had a complete urinary tract blockage, and could have died.

After several days at the vet he came back to the shelter. He pretty much decided he was best buds with me from day one. He would get all excited and meow when I was in or near the cat room. He would squish his nose and drool on me while putting his paws on my shoulders. He also LOVES to be held. Anyway, I tried getting everyone I knew to adopt him. Knowing he was a GREAT cat. And it failed. Because ultimately Stimpy had a plan to come home with me. Also, people are really dumb about a cat that has a cage card stating they need special food.

After a month of being at the shelter he came home with us. He only stayed a week or so extra after our adoption was approved, for a total of 4 weeks. It was approved after Mike came in and visited with him. And he said those fateful words "I guess 3 cats are ok."
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