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It would appear that I never did a bio for Waffle!! Poor hunny feels left out, so here goes...

I knew I would be getting a kitty when I moved into my one-bedroom apt my sophomore year of college. One day over summer while I was home I went with my mom and Brendan to the Humane Society. Waffle was the first one I saw. At that time she was 2 months old, had only been at the shelter for one day, and was named Sara. I held her and instantly fell in love. She was just so tiny and cute! To be diplomatic though, I made sure I looked at all of the kitties, even though I knew in my heart that Waffle was the one from the get-go. So, I adopted her that day. Of course, I didn't think she was a Sara at all so her name was immediately changed to Waffle, the name I had picked out since age 8. Waffle came home with me a few days later and has the greatest kitty ever since!

Waffle is a princess! She's always been #1 with me and boy does she ever know it. She's a very loving girl, but knows right away when she doesn't like someone. Upon first meeting her she'll either let you hold her and love on her, or hiss and meow at you! There's no guessing on where you stand with my little baby! Waffle is now almost 3 years old (at the end of May) and is such a gorgeous girl. She's very expressive and has bright yellow eyes. My baby loves to play with small toy mice and hair ties, and will play fetch when she's in the mood. Waffle also loooooves boxes and bags. She's a bag kitty to the core and will get in anything she thinks she may fit in. Waffle is in love with my boyfriend, and will roll in anything that he owns. Brendan could probably make her walk on the ceiling and she would still be purring away. She's also a mama's girl and sleeps right up next to me every night. Waffle doesn't mind dogs but generally dislikes most other cats. Though kittens are ok with her. She's a talker, which is why the vet believes there's siamese in there somewhere. Overall she's a little doll and my little baby. She's SO pretty, cute, and filled with personality. She also has the TINIEST paws ever (according to her vet)! I've never met a person who's heart Waffle can't win.
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She sounds just adorable. How proper of you to go down the row and give the others "the glance" before you went back to Waffle.
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Sammy was part of a little that belongs to my friend's cat, MJ. He was one of four kittens. I had decided that I wanted a kitten and actually tried to get one of the two girls but then somebody wanted to take them together. So, I decided for the all black kitten, but my friend's little brother wanted to keep that one. So, I got Sammy. We had to name him a-go-go because he was a CRAZY kitten, but as he approaches his first birthday, he's calming down.


After Sammy's litter, MJ got pregnant again before she could be spayed (she's been spayed now). Unfortunately, this batch of 6 kittens all came down with feline dystemper at about 6 weeks. They were very sick (one was put down) but 5 survived. My boyfriend new I liked the look of Lola (it was the vest buttons that sold me) so he gave her to me for my birthday. Lola is completely recovered from the distemper (all better but can have a bit of a sensitive stomach as a result), though she's still a very small cat. Since Sammy is HUGE, we're hoping that she'll stay small because they look so cute together.
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dob - 28th August 2004
Well, I realised that since I posted my entry for our kitties we've added another one! Our other kitties, Tippy, Felicity and Adelaide are all kitties with 'issues' to some degree. All were rescue kitties. We love them to bits. What I wanted most of all though was an indoor only lap kitty. So hubby said this wasn't going to happen by taking in waifs and strays, the poor things had too much that had happened to them. So he said for my birthday he would buy me a cat without issues.
Having looked around I decided that the cat that would really suit me would be a Singapura and started to look for one. Knowing that there are not many in the UK, I prepared myself for many months of waiting for a kitten. This was just before Christmas.
Then suddenly, one of the breeders who had no kittens at that time, told us that another well respected breeder had a kitten that they would be letting go. The breeder contacted us and arranged for us to see the kitten that week - it was already old enough to leave. She had wanted to keep "baby" as she called her; but circumstances intervened and she had to let her go.
We visited her at the beginning of January - Lily was beautiful. Her mum and aunt were there also and were such beautiful, friendly kitties and clearly so happy and healthy in their home we had no qualms buying Lily.
She is absolutely delightful. She has been with us since 5th January 2005 and is my lap-cat. She sleeps with us at night; follows me everywhere around home; comes out with us in the car - she's wonderful. She purrs and chirps and always has a kiss hello! She has a friend - Tippy - the cat who has never liked any other kitties; they are real, true buddies.
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Originally Posted by captiva
She sounds just adorable. How proper of you to go down the row and give the others "the glance" before you went back to Waffle.
Yes I felt that it was the appropriate and "fair" thing to do. Though my boyfriend kept saying "You're going to get that first one and you know it!" But really I would have loved to take them all!!
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My story:

I hadn't had pets in years and wasn't looking. Then a local outdoor cat befriended me and I fell in love (unfortunately, or fortunately she did have an owner, but hung around my buidling a lot) When she moved away I missed a cat's company and looked into adopting. I adopted two kittens from a local rescue group, but alas had an allergic reaction to them and was devastated. The rescue group was really supportive and together we found new homes for the kittens and they said I could try adopting again temporarily until we find one that doesn't make me allergic. I read the bio on my cat Sammy on their web page, he was 1 year old and adapted very well to change-that made me happy to know in case things didn't work out I wouldn't feel so guilty. I picked him up and he started purring right out of the carrier, yes he did adapt to change! Needless to say it worked out with him, I am not allergic, and we are bonded buddies now. He is now about 2 1/2 and very happy guy.
As soon as i can borrow a camera I will post pics, he is a buff tabby, kind of on the large side.
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Oh my, where do I start?

Shep: strayed into our lives about 12-1/2 years ago and decided she wanted to stay with us. She's about 17 years old.

Stumpy: heard a cry out back the house coming from our storm cellar and went to investigate. Didn't know that he was there, something had fallen on him and chopped off half of his tail. I carried him into the house, placed him on my husband's chest who fell instantly in love with him. Got him to the vet, hand weaned him for a couple of days (he was YOUNG) and at 10 years old he is our alpha cat, still spending much of his time on dad's chest.

Tigger/Eightball: A feral mom gave birth to a litter in the rafters of our garage. We climbed a ladder daily to handle them (socialization). They quickly learned to crawl out of the box we put them, so we built a large closed off room in the garage on the floor for them and grabbed them from mom the day she weaned them (mom was extremely wild). Adopted out the rest of the litter to neighbors. They are about 9 years old and the most feral of the bunch, in spite of the early handling.

Bob Marley: found him (lone kitten) in a box in the garage. His feral mom placed him there to feed him and we found him when he was big enough to poke his head out. Took him in when weaned (he was always very friendly) and he is probably the smartest cat in the house. About 6-1/2 years old.

Pinky: Feral cat had a litter somewhere in the neighborhood and she brought them up to our house and dropped them off. His brother Ruby got his leg caught in a vine one day and when I went to untangle him he bit me. So poor Ruby came in that day for a quarantine to ensure he didn't have rabies and needed a companion. Ruby has since crossed. Pinky is about 5 years old.

Scarlett: My little princess was orphaned at about 3 weeks old. Feral mom had her someplace else and brought them to our front porch one day. We built a shelter around them but mom wasn't taking good care of them. On the day I decided to intervene, mom disappeared and we bottle fed her and her 2 siblings. Adopted her siblings out to friends. About 4 years old.

Muddy and Koko: Another orphaned litter but this time at 10 days old. What was weird is that their feral mom also brought them up to the exact same spot as Scarlett's mom did on the front porch. We also built them a shelter. We jinxed ourselves when we said they were destined to be orphaned. Mom was killed by a neighbor's dog trying to defend her kittens. The shelter protected the kittens. Their siblings Jake and Elwood live with dear friends in Denver and we get constant pictures and get to see them from time to time. Will be 2 years old in a few weeks.

Oscar and Spanky: dumped at our house one day with another young cat Billie (3 kittens under 4 months old from different litters - figure that one out!). Adopted Billie out and since Oscar was very tiny and ill, kept him to nurse him with Spanky as his buddy. Fell in love with them and didn't get back to the adoption process. They are both around 1-1/2 years old and Oscar is no longer "Little Oscar", but is now "The Big-O".
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i got socks when he was 5 weeks old, i had seen him from day 1 because he was my best friends cat kitten, as soon as i saw him i knew i wanted him!
when he arrived home, he would'nt move from me, he has always been my little baby, though now he has a bit of an attitude but i dont mind that, it's what makes him HIM. He has not long turned 1.
Sky only arrived with me a week and a half ago, he is 7 months old persian, he has a lot of white fur and blue eyes, he came to me because a friend could'nt look after him anymore.
He seems to be settling in alot more now, and he has a lovely nature, he always wants to lick my chin, but it hurts
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Annabelle was adopted from the Humane Society on February 1st 2003. She was about 5-6 months old when we got her. She hopped right up in my hubby's lap and purred. Well he melted instantly and we took her home. She is very prissy but loves to sit in your lap. She's queen of the household and everyone knows it. Her tail was broken when we got her so she's kinda clumsy but makes do.

Lucy was adopted on March 26th 2003. We got her from Petco where they have Petfinder adoptions. She was 6 weeks old. Again, Brent melted and we took her home. She's a fiesty little gray kitty who has lots of attitude. However, at night she wants to be sleeping right on my face and purrs all night. She gets into anything and everything and will only really listen to my Dad. Onery little booger.

Daisy was adopted on March 20th 2004. She was 9 months old when we got her from the Humane Society. She melted me this time...so we took her home. Such a little talker! She is the sweetest most loving cat I have ever met. She plays fetch and is one smart little girl.

Hazel wandered into our backyard on August 18th 2004 and she never left. We knew she would be ours because that same night we had a party outside and she joined it just like she belonged there. She's very shy and is probably going to be going to my Mother-in-law's house because she needs to be in a one cat household. I will at least still get to see her though.
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What a great thread!! I have really enjoyed reading all the bios!! I had 3 wonderful cats growing up but I will focus on my current cats who are all MINE..
After moving away from home in Utah to Maryland and graduating from an university, I rented my first apartment and heard about an old cat that was going to be surrendered to the pound and I couldn't allow that so I ended up adopting Sunniday (RB) unseen! She was 11 yrs old, all black, declawed (before I got her) and used to living in a multi-cat household.
At that time, I decided to get another cat to keep Sunniday company so I went off to my local Petsmart to look. I saw this small white/black cat about 9 months old playing with a kid through the cage door and immediately fell in love with her so I adopted her. I did everything wrong when I brought her home (didn't know of TCS or introduction process) so Sunniday got all upset while the poor cat hid under the couch for a week. Sunniday accepted her after a month or so. Originally I called her Ghost because she kept hiding but felt that was kinda negative and noticed her unique markings like zebras so I started calling her Zebra and it stuck!

After I had to put Sunniday to sleep (1 year after I got her) due to chronic renal failure, I knew Zebra needed another cat so I asked around. One friend persuaded me to check out two kittens that her vet recently rescued. I was resistant at first because the kittens were all black and I was afraid they'd remind me too much of Sunniday and I wanted to adopt ONE kitten.
Nevertheless, when I walked into the backroom and saw the kittens meowing their heads off and trying to climb the cage doors to get to me, I fell in love with them! They were ONLY 3 weeks old so I thought they'd stay at the vet until they were old enough therefore giving me time to prepare Zebra for them. The vet had other ideas and I ended up bringing the boy kittens home the next day. When I brought them home in the carrier, Zebra immediately started grooming them! I about fell over from shock. I was expecting to having to go through the introduction process (found TCS and learned a lot by then!) but Zebra ADORED them. She HATED it when I would put them in the bathroom while I was away at work (I was afraid they'd get stuck somewhere or get lost because they were so tiny). I named them Spike and Buddy-Spike because he likes to chew on everything just like the good looking vampire character on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Buddy because he is my buddy. Buddy must be on me and would ride around on my back/shoulders. People still have a hard time telling them apart. I can tell who is who very easily.
A couple years later, I started feeding some ferals and strays in my neighborhood and there was a stray cat I named Sweetie who became pregnant in Feb. I knew a blizzard was on its way and I was worried about Sweetie giving birth in the blizzard so I managed to coax her into the bedroom. After the blizzard ended and the roads were passable, I set up an appointment with a foster mom experienced with pregnant cats and kittens.. Obviously Sweetie had other ideas and gave birth to 5 adorable kittens the night before I was to deliver her to the foster home! I ended up fostering Sweetie and the 5 kittens until they were old enuff to be weaned away. During that time, I noticed Zebra favored one kitten a lot and that Zebra seemed to feel left out sometimes by the boys so I decided to keep that kitten and named her Pepper because she's so full of spirit and zest. I told everyone that was it- NO MORE CATS! WELLLLL....
Last summer, a friend rescued a skinny and dirty cream/white cat and I ended up fostering him while trying to find him a home. I named him Tango due to his coloring. He was soooo mellow with me but very hyperactive and often would get on my cats' nerves. When I took him to adoption shows, he turned into a very angry devi- would hiss and growl at everyone so of course no one would want him. After a couple months of me fostering, the friend who rescued him asked to get him but I had some doubts so I asked him to foster Tango for a while and see how it goes. After a while, the friend asked me to petsit Tango for a month (DEC) and during that time Tango started having some health issues so I kept taking him back and forth to various vets and finally decided it'd be best for me to keep Tango with me due to his health issues... He gets along with my cats much better now (less hyperactive). I need to add him to my sig so you'll see how cute he is!
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We got Pickes from the a City Pound. My daughter was 3 at the time and she put her hand near his cage and he licked it, thus he became part of the family. I am not to sure how old he was, they told us he was a kitten and he was small (think he was the last in the litter). he may have been about two months old. He is a great cat. I remember when we brought him home, my daughter put a dress on him, and then put him in her doll stroller with his feet in the holes and he just sat there and let her push him around. He is a very loving boy, and loves people. He acts like he is part dog, as he runs to the front door to meet the kids when they get home from school, and he is cute when he begs for food. He also does alot of funny things.

As some of you know he has Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is a form of cancer. We had to have surgery perfomed on him and that is how we found out. However he is doing great, and I Thank God for that everyday. He is truly an exceptionally cat. I also want to "Thank All Of You" for the support you gave me and continue to give me with Pickles, I am grateful beyond words, that I found this group. We feel truly blessed that Pickles is still with us, because he is beating the odds, but again he is part of our family and he is a fighter. He also is too cute, when I go to bed he runs up and sleeps right next to me, and doesn't move, and he knows when I have to be up for work, he nudges my head, he is a great alarm clock.

We just spoil and cherish him because we don't know how long he has left. He loves us unconditionally as we do him. I am so glad he picked us to be his family. He is just so cuddly and loveable. I am glad he is here with us. Again "Big Thanks" to all of you and I will keep you updated on Pickles, and Thank You for all you support and warm wishes.
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I was doing a search and found this great thread!

Abby's Story -

We adopted Abby from the local shelter on January 13, 2005. She was approximately 8 months old at the time. Abby had been at the shelter for only a few weeks when we adopted her and they were not able to provide any background info other than what town she was picked up in. She was very skittish and did not like people much at all. She came to us with a skin allergy, URI, conjunctivitus, ear mites, and worms. She managed to overcome all this, but the many medications we had to give her did not help the trust issue. It's been seven months now. She can still be skittish at times, but she has decided she is going to keep us!
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Jack Daniels Joe Mason ~ He was found by the humane society wandering the streets of Champaign Illinois. He stayed locked in a cage for 5 months until I saw his picture on the humane society website and said that I had to have him. 2 days later he was at home in my arms.
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i'll just do my current ones...
Pixel: my tuxedo sweetface, was a littermate to Mouse, my angel. i actually chose Mouse, she was so pretty, at about 4 weeks, but didn't take them home till they were 7 weeks. anyway, i told the owner that i wanted the blue kitten & whichever other kitten was her best friend. that was Pixel! she's named after the cat in Heinlein's book, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, even tho she doesn't resemble him at all. after that, all the others have had to have computer-related names.

Cable: in october 2004, a teacher here at the school came to my room with a tiny, flea-infested tiger-striped baby. her students had heard her crying, sitting in the road outside of the school. i am known as the resident cat lady here, so of course i got her. she went home with me, had a flea bath, & spent the night & the next day in the bathroom, to protect her from her big sisters, & them from her that afternoon, she got the all-clear from the vet, & began making herself at home. she was a great comfort to Pixel & I when we lost Mouse at christmas. i truly believe God sent her to me!

Java: another rescue, this one slightly older... a student of mine told me there was a kitten in the parking lot here at the school. i went to see, & there was this adorable, friendly calico kitten! again, i took her home - however, i thought she might just be lost, so told the secretary if anyone called looking for her to let me know. no one ever did, & she's now a member of our happy family. Cable was thrilled to get a playmate - she tried playing with Pixel, but Pixel really wasn't that interested! Java has never met a strange human - she loves on anyone who walks in the door... very different than my other 2!

that's our story!
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This is an amazing thread...the stories here are great!

Here are my two.

Pepper: I recieved my Pepper for my 21st birthday. I always wanted a cat and couldn't have one (my Mom was allergic). So when my bf and I got our own apartment I got it into my head to get a cat. We went to the mall and the pet store had two all black kittens in the cage for sale. I wasn't sure if I wanted an all black cat...I decided to go to the SPCA check as well, before making my decision. So I went to the pay phone trying to find the number for the SPCA, couldn't find it. So I walked back through the mall to find my bf and when I walked by the pet store someone was buying one of the two black kittens. There was Pepper sat in the cage, staring out with sad little eyes all by herself, she totally caputred my heart . I couldn't leave her there along I had to have her for myself. She was really nervous and jumpy when we brought her home (she still is to a point, no one can cuddle her except my bf and myself), but she did sleep with me that first night and four years later she's still hogging my pillow space

New Kitten: I am calling her this because I still haven't picked a name out or her, I do have it narrowed down to two...Pixie or Coco. Anway, I'm getting off track here. I actually only got my new bundle of joy three days ago (August 23rd). She's about 3 1/2 to 4 months old. My bf found her hiding out under some wooden skids behind his welding shop. His co-workers told him she was there, and since none of them wanted her they were going to leave her there to fend for herself. Needless to say by bf ran outside and seen her there, she was so sweet and tiny he couldn't leave her. He promptly picked her up, found a clean box and put her in the stock room till it was time to go home. She is the sweetest, loveable little thing I've ever seen! She's been to the vet and given a clean bill of health. So now it's time to introduce her to Pepper, which should defintely interesting.
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Originally Posted by Pepper Girl
This is an amazing thread...the stories here are great!

New Kitten: I am calling her this because I still haven't picked a name out or her, I do have it narrowed down to two...Pixie or Coco. Anway, I'm getting off track here. I actually only got my new bundle of joy three days ago (August 23rd).
i vote for Coco, only i'd spell it Cocoa, to go with Pepper! you could set up a poll - that's what i did to help me pick Java's name...
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OK, here's mine:

Delilah and Pierre - Delilah is a southern belle, from Wilmington, NC. She was a barn cat who gave birth under a porch near where my sister-in-law was working. My SIL took her home after seeing the kittens follow mom across a busy street. She got the cats spayed and neutered, then found homes for 3 of the 4 kittens. She couldn't bear to give up Pierre, because he was so cute and kept Delilah because she would be hard to place. Then she married my brother and came up to Boston. The cats came to live with me when my brother & SIL had to move in with my parents (who had taken in his Jack Russell Terrier). They stayed with me for 13 months, and then were able to go home.

Bob - he was found running around with a feral colony by a man my father worked with and came into my life this past Easter Sunday. He had several wounds from being on the losing end of a cat fight, and it took 5 rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. Delilah and Pierre were still with me at the time, and Delilah was not happy about another cat on her territory. He was very quiet and subdued at first, but now jumps over everything, wakes me up @ 4 or 5 am, and meows endlessly at the bathroom door because I keep Da Bird in there. We've had some hard times trying to get him to use "indoor paws" (not clawing at me) and getting him used to being groomed, but he's made great progress. I'm so glad I didn't give up on him.

Freckles - I adopted him on 7/6/05, the day after Pierre and Delilah left. I got him from a co-worker who was moving and could only take 2 of her 3 cats. I had been trying to find a home for him among my friends but had no luck. I came into work crying on 7/5, and my co-worker was also upset because she had to move that weekend and couldn't find a home for Freckles. It worked out very well - Bob took to him right away and he sleeps on my bed every night. He had 4 teeth pulled recently, and is recovering nicely. He meows to have fresh water every day.
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My Taffy

Well, I don't know her first year of her life so I don't know when she was born or who her parents are or even if she had any owners before us. All I know is that my mom and I went to the Orangeville , Ontario OSPCA and I looked over all the cats and when I saw her in the cage I just knew she was the one and after I held her my mom and I just adored her.

The Shelter got the shots done and got her spayed before we picked her up in a few days. It took awhile but she settled in really well to our home and after a month I used a harness and leash on her when she went outside and I tie her up to one of those metal screw in things you use for dogs to tie them in the yards with as it works great with cats.

She is very playful, talkative as she meows all the time. She purrs and cuddles with you. She is a very lovable , affectionate girl and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She's my pride and joy and my baby.
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I love reading the kitty biographies!! I have to add mine.

I've always been a kitty type of girl. I moved into a place about 5 years ago that doesn't allow pets - and I thought I'd be ok w/o having a kitty. I'd gone w/o before, so I figured it'd be nothing. But alas, the kitty urge became too overwhelming

Around May I began hunting. My cousin said her work place has many listings for kittens that people don't see right away (believe it or not, I was having a very tough time finding a kitten - there'd be several ads in the local paper for kittens and they'd be all gone by noon the same day!) so I had her keep an eye out. A week later, she connected me w/a nice gal w/a new litter of kitties about 8 weeks old.

On May 13 of 2005, my babykins "Jake" walked right into the pet taxi I had brought along w/me to take a kitten home. From that day, we've been almost inseparable!

The first week was hardest for me - going to work all day was horrible because I felt so bad leaving him alone!! I'd leave work on my half hour lunch, speed home, cuddle w/him for a few minutes just to make sure he was ok, and speed back to work. To this day, if I stay away from my house overnight, he comes w/me!! I can't bear thinking of him being alone that long, but I'm sure that'll pass My parents love having him visit.

Now he's just a terror! I have wood doorframes and he absolutely LOVES jumping up and scccrraaatttching his way down (my landlord's will seriously kill me, lol). I am a firm believer in cats keeping their claws tho, so that is something he and I will work on.

He never lets mommy out of his sight. Wherever I go, he follows; if I leave he sits by the door until I come back. In the morning, he will purr and meow until mommy wakes up to give him his morning pet and he is off to play w/whatever is within his reach.

My fav times are when he cuddles right up and lays his face against mommy's so we can fall asleep together. I cannot imagine life w/o him
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Elliot: When I was 11 I sadly had to give up my boy Pigger because my mom usually does whatever her boyfriend's like. Her boyfriend didn't like cats... so she kept her Rosco (he was 12 at the time) and we ended up having to take pigger to our local shelter, where he was adopted out. Anyways.... I had nothing but snakes and lizards for 3 years. When my mom broke up with her boyfriend, it was about december or so.. my mom owed me about $120... so when she asked me if there was something I would like to buy instead I asked "Do you think I could get a kitten?" since the boyfriend was gone. My mom gave in. So we looked at the prices of the local shelter... and I didnt realize that the $80 for adopting a cat meant spaying/neutering and shots.. so my mom talked to a couple of her friends.. and they said that the Shawano county animal shelter adopted out pets for cheaper (they were a kill shelter and basically just wanted to get pets homes) I had always wanted an orange cat. I dont know why but I just love them. Anyways... there was one orange boy that had a white face and belly and stuff.... and there was one that looked like him but he was a silver tabby.... and then I had also seen this seven year old black cat. Oh I wanted him so bad. The way he was looking at me "melted my heart" (and he had medium hair which I loved) but my mom wouldnt let me get him. So anyways I looked around to the other side and found exactly what I was looking for! He had a peice of purple carpet shaped into a tube that he had his whole little body wrapped around! He was biting it and kicking it and just mauling the crap out of it. I knew at once he was the little one for me, because I like feistier cats I can play with. The guy came to take elliot out of the cage.. and it was the funniest thing ever! Elliot meowed loudly and scratched the guy. He flailed around and got onto the floor.. then streaked around like a flash of lightning until the guy caught him again. the guy told me "you know... this one really is not a lap cat" and just gave me a look and then kept watch on elliot's claws. We were with some other people in the same car and we were going out to eat... I left elliot in the car in the carrier... I ate as fast as I could and went and got in the car and played with and petted him! Then the little girl who was with us didnt even look and opened the car door! Elliot looked and lunged for the opening! I grabbed his tail at the last minute and stopped him from going outside. If I hadnt there is no doubt that he would have run away and become a stray. He then became the lord of the domain and has been since Though he acts tough he really is just a big old mushy bear.

Aerowyn: We were living in my mom's friend's house because she had gone to live with her ex husband. Well they broke up and moved back in with us. The house doesnt look large but it is, with a full basement (that can be turned into a diningroom/livingroom and has its own bedroom) the upstairs ahd a kitchen, dining room, livingroom, bathroom, and three bedrooms. Well... her son moved in with us two ( he was... 15 at the time I think) and he worked at the local diner. One day he called his mom and said that he had found a stray cat outside. His mom liked the idea but we all knew my mom had to say yes too.. which she did. Elliot loved Jasmine to death. She was in good health but really skinny. SHe would eat like a hog but two weeks later we noticed she only got bigger in the tummy and no where else. We thought she might have worms but nope.. her nipples popped out a bit and then we knew she was pregnant. A month later she gave birth to Lilo, Stitch, Mia, and Aerowyn (all of them which I named. Hah) My mom obviously knew that I could so not spend all my time with these kittens and not have one.. so she told me that when they were older I could have one. Well when the babies were about two weeks old we moved out of the house into where we live now. I was sad because I would spend all day just watching the kittens and what they did. none of them ever hissed at me. One day I was sleeping late (as usual because it was still summer) and my mom came in my room. I had awoken when she opened the door but didnt feel like getting up so I just layed there. Next thing I knew she had set somethign on my stomach... and then things started pokign me. I freaked out and sat up.. only to find a little kitten clinging to my shirt! I had told my mom which one I wanted, and she had brought her home that day as a surprise. She was only six weeks old but was weaned. I didnt have a play pen or anything and she was very tiny, still fit in the palm of my hand. I was afraid of what elliot might do (though he just showed mild intrest when they were younger) so I found a very large box and made her a tiny litterbox (which she used!!!) and a bed.. and I gave her some toys and some food and water in tiny bowls. Well she did not like being in that box at night! she would meow and meow! But there was nothing I could do. She was so small that I couldnt let her roam free.. and I didnt want to roll over and crush her when I was sleeping! But thankfully I found a stuffed animal cat that was the right size and I put it in with her.. she stil made a bit of noise but went to bed eventually. (I didnt have the box closed.. just pulled the tops together to make it higher) About a week or two later she could jump to the top of the box (about two feet high) and cling feebly and then fall down on her bum. But eventually she got big enough. Elliot hissed at her at first. He didnt like it when she was touching him.. he would put his ears back and go away.. but he never once bit her or swatted at her. I have some funny pictures actually where I have them both playing in a basket in the front yard.. I took Ari and put her on elliot's back.. and he has this really disgruntled look of a babysitter with a particularly annoying little kid to watch. Its so cute!!!

When she got bigger they would wrestle all the time. She would come out with hardly any bites... and usually just tiny little bites by her throat.. where as elliot would have larger booboos on his neck. It looked liek they had been biting themselves... I just thought it was so sweet that he was so grumpy acting yet he was so gentle with her when they were playing! It was kind of funny to watch them play because Ari was scarcely larger than elliot's head. he is such a little pushover.
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Well, I ran across this thread and thought it was cute so I wanted to keep it going!


When I moved to Arizona I had to get rid of all my cats (long story), and I lived without cats until I could get a place of my own. After my boyfriend moved out here to live with me, we decided that our house was empty without cats! So, we looked and looked for the 'perfect cat'....

I was looking on craigslist.org for cats and happened to run across an ad for siamese mix cat for free. (He's a lynx point siamese mix) It said that he's an awesome cat, very unique, neutured, litter trained, and up to date on all shots. I emailed the lady trying to get more information. Why are they getting rid of this cat if it's such a great cat? So, I got an email back explaining how she had 7 cats and then one of her cats ran away. She got sad that the cat ran away so went to the animal shelter to get another one. Then after a few weeks, the other cat came home. She then had 8 cats. According to her, 8 is too many.. and she decided to get rid of the newest addition- PHX. She had named him PHX because he came from the PHX animal shelter. For those of you who may not know, PHX is the abbreviation for Phoenix- as in Phoenix, Arizona.

So... to continue my long story... I went and looked at the cat. She thought he was around a year old. The animal shelter put on there he was 3-4 months (which he definetly was NOT!). I fell in love with him at first sight! I brought him home, and I absolutely love him! He fits right in!

That's my story about PHX!

Now yours......
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My two kitties have similar stories

Sassy came to live with me over 15 years ago. At the time I adopted him from the shelter I also adopted his litter mate Flip. They were the only two surviving kittens from a litter of 7 someone had abandon on the shelter doorstep. When I brought them home they had some problems, ear, eye and respiratory infections, they were infested with fleas, which was caused the death of their litter mates. It was touch and go for both of them for the first couple of weeks but with lots of love and care they grew into very much loved family members.

I lost Flip this pasted March to kidney failure.

Sassy is a DSH, grey/white with medium long hair. He is a beautiful cat and very laid back. He and Flip were inseparable for their whole time together and I was quite concerned about the effect losing his buddy would have on him. There was a noticeable difference in his mood within a couple of days so I decided that it was time to adopt a playmate for him.

Linus came to live with us about 2 weeks after we lost Flip. He is DSH grey with very short hair. He is a fun-loving little guy who virtually moves everywhere at the speed of light. He never walks anywhere, I believe this is a result of being cooped up in a cage for almost a year. He is making up for lost time.

He and Sassy get along well, and Linus just idolizes sassy. Sassy didn't quite know what to make of him at first, but it only took about 3 days for them to become fast friends.

The shelter that I got Linus from will only keep stray cats for a year and if they are not adopted by that time they are put down. Linus was 10 days away from that deadline when I adopted him and everyday I am so happy I got to him in time because he is such a lovable little critter he certainly deserved to have a forever home.
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well, i had not had a cat of my own since college. Many of the gf i had, cats so i still got to have some around.

Tisha(aka Heyu)
After i came back to ohio, the house was empty , and i was not home enough to get dog(which i still want), one day when i stopped in the petstore for fish food i saw this little kitty hiding in her litter box, with just her eyes sticking over the top.She has the saddest look(the no one loves me look) i looked at her cared said she was 6 months old and picked up on the street. Well i took her home. (please note i had to go back the next day to get the fish food cause i forgot it )

Well i thought i made a mistake, cause she would not come out from the under thebed for about a week, and only to eat and use the litter box. Finally she came out, and would lay in the door way of the computer room. But if you moved to fast or stood up,she went back under the bed. i would bet it was almost 1 month maybe 2 before she would let me touch her. She never been a lap kitty, maybe once a day or 2 she will get up on your lap and lay down for some pets. When i come home she just wants you to rub her head on your hand(which she purrs like crazy when you do that),, she is just happy to be in the same room with you, or sleeping at the foot of the bed. She is sacred of other people, and wont let anyone touch her but me.
She is also part watch cat as in more then once, she has woke me up to show me something she thought was wrong(like open windows she seem to hate that) She was soo tiny when i got her, she did go into a very long cat. but she is still way to skinny.

As for the name, hehe she wont answer to trisha, but if i call heyu she turns and meows back or comes running. She is a yeller, she does not really meow, more YEOW!!! and i get to hear that every day when i get home for about 5 min..

WEll eazy is about a year old, last year around thankgiving i kept hearing a meow coming from the ourside the house, but it was so faint, that i was not rewally sure i head it.

lol well one day i open the door to go to work and in runs this streak, he just moved his self in without so much as a can i? he was dirty, but no fleas, and he did not look like he was starving to death. He had a coller on that said harry. But there was no address. He was litter trained, understood NO, and was such a friendly kitty. I still dont know if he was dropped, or just got away from someone. i did keep a eye out for flyers incase someone was looking for him. he loves getting in your lap, and playing(which drives heyu nuts) well after a vet vist, they guessed he was around 12 weeks old.

it took a long time before heyu finally stopped going nuts over him, she is not not very fond of him, but she does play with him. more then once, she will just hiss and bop him on the head for no reason ehhe eazy is a example of my rule, if it has 4 legs and furr, once it gets in the house, its mine

both want nothing to do with the outside world minus bird watching, i have to leave the deck door open so they will sit out there to watch , if i leave the room, or shut the door, both are right there, going LET ME IN LET ME IN
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Oh, this is fun, nothing like digging up an old thread!

Here we go:
Stanley's Story
Stanley started out life in some tough circumstances. The lady who owned his house really wanted to help all the kitties, but she got overwhelmed and soon the situation was out of control. There were 60 cats in Stanley's house. Not enough food and not enough litter boxes.

The lady asked for help and the local animal control put her in touch with an animal rescue society in Hudson, NY. At about this time we were moved into our house for about a year and had decided after a few months of cat-sitting that we would like to have our own resident house cats.

DH went looking online for a good kitty candidate. He wanted a Maine Coon, MC mix or DLH as he is particularly attached to his childhood pet, Molly (a MC who's probably somewhere between 12 and 14 and still going strong at his father's house). We knew we wanted a rescue kitty since there are so many homeless cats.

He saw a kitty listed as a MC mix on Petfinder named Stella. Many, many calls to the rescue later, he found that Stella was in fact a boy, did we still want to meet him? Of course.

We drove about an hour to Hudson to meet the kitty. He was small (just about 5 lbs), less than a year old, and smelled. His coat was matted (because he had a sore on his tongue and couldn't groom) and he had a bad URI, but he was such a lovey sweet little guy we had to take him. It was decided that he looked like a Stanley.

Several vet trips later, Stan is feeling much better and he lives with us and another kitty named Bella.

Bella's Story We had already decided Stanley was coming home with us, but DH thought it would be better if he had a friend. So we went to see the other kitties available for adoption. We spent 30-45 minutes meeting kitties and eventually a bossy little brown tiger (with what look like Tortie patches on her back) sat on my lap and wouldn't leave.

The as yet unnamed kitty's file said that she was about a year old and had come to the rescue after someone moved and left all their pets behind in their empty house. A few days later a neighbor heard the dog barking and alerted the rescue. On the way home we decided that the gorgeous girl with the golden yellow eyes would be named Bella, short for "Bella Ragazza"...beautiful girl.
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Mine is going to be LOOOONG!

It all started in July 2006 with a little black and white fuzzball. He had a crooked tail, and a crooked foot and was soooo tiny. I had wanted a kitten for a long time, and there was a "free kitten" sign up the road so we stopped on the way home one day. No one wanted the little kitten because he was "deformed" but we immediately fell in love with him. We named him Oliver Felix and he was our baby. He had megaesophagus and was just very sick. He did great for a long time but passed away in October of 2006. That's when the group below started to come into the picture

After Oliver Felix passed away, I wanted to rescue another kitten almost right away. We wanted another black and white kitten and we wanted a male. We were at the pet store and saw a sign for free kittens. I called the number and found out that they lived just behind us. So we stopped there on the way back to the house. They had one kitten left. The kitten was the opposite of what we were looking for... she was a female, was red and white, and was HUGE for her age. She was crazy hyper, but was soooo sweet and John especially loved her immediately. So we brought her home and she became John's cat. But I still wanted a cat of my own...

Spooky Bear
We were living in a camper while the new house was being built and we had Tabitha and a couple foster kittens that we were finding new homes for. Early one Saturday morning, John and I were asleep when there was a knock at the camper door. It was John's dad... he said "did you know there are kittens in the barn?". I jumped out of bed and ran out there. There were two tiny little kittens cuddled up in the corner. I caught the first one, a grey tabby male, with no difficulty and took him into the camper. John and I went back for the second one, a cute little black fuzzball with a white stripe on his face and a white spot on his chest. He took over an hour to catch. For a tiny kitten he was FAST! We finally cornered him under a pile of wood and John grabbed him (and got his face scratched in the process). It was very cold, and down below zero that night so there was no way I was leaving them in the barn. They were around 4 weeks old, and we never did see a momma cat around anywhere. The little tabby male passed away due to FKS just a few days later. We decided to keep Spooky.

Leo was one of the foster kittens that we got from John's uncle. A stray cat had kittens under his house and when they were old enough to come out, he was worried that a neighborhood tom cat would hurt them so I took them in. We ended up keeping Leo.. but now he's an indoor/outdoor cat, he just doesn't want to come inside unless we make him.

In May we drove past the house where we got Oliver Felix from, and they had another "free kitten" sign out. Knowing that it was highly likely that the kittens were related to Oliver Felix, and despite the fact that we knew we really shouldn't... we stopped anyway... and left with Spike (who is at least half brother to Oliver Felix).

And then we have all of our foster cats and kittens. They all have stories of their own, but it would take a long time to post them all!
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Tigger was actually a package deal when I moved in with my fiance, Rob. When he was 7, he was at a Navy function with his dad. They found some kittens in a tree and wanted the multi-colored one. His dad reached in and grabbed her, and they brought her home. She'd hide behind the washing machine, but finally began trusting them. When I came into the picture, when she was 12, she wasnt a big fan - I took half of the attention Rob used to give her! But after I'd spend awhile staying with him, Tigger realized I'd give her loads of attention Especially because I didnt have a job, so most of my days were spent on the computer or watching tv, with her in my lap. She is now 14 and loves to talk to us. We're hoping for many more wonderful years

We (me, my parents & brother) adopted Chassis in 2003, after our beloved 10 year old cat, Battery, had to be put down due to a malignant, inoperable tumor in his nose. His littermate brother was miserable. We brought home Chassis and they took a bit to get used to one another, but eventually were good buddies. She had a sister at the vets office (where we adopted Chass from), but my mom was drawn to Chassis' white whiskers and eyebrows. She has fur as soft as a rabbits and is mostly indoor.

We "adopted" Caliper in 2004, from a recycling center nearby our house in North Carolina. Mag (the older cat, now 11), wasn't doing so well before and after the move. We found out his kidneys were failing, only after he'd taken a tranquilizer and they had to get him awake again. We thought he was doing much better two weeks later, when we found Caliper. We decided just in case something happened to Mag (they said he could live weeks to years with the IV we had to give 2x a week), that we would adopt Caliper so Chassis wouldnt be alone. Mag took to her immediately, walking over her and "protecting" her from Chassis. Sadly, the next day, Mag curled up and passed away behind our den table, possibly from a heart attack - but we really will never know. Chassis & Caliper hide the fact that they get along when no one is looking.

Tailpipe was a kitten my mom saw at a local shelter in her area. His brother was extremely hostile, but Tailpipe curled right up to her chest when she picked him up. My dad was in Atlantic City, attending auto racing, and she considered adopting Tailpipe during the time he was gone. Instead she waited, and my dad said "what the heck, go ahead". He hid under beds and couches and behind things for awhile. He still hides from Rob & I, because we dont live there - we just visit. My dad said that in the mornings, Tailpipe runs laps around the upstairs and stops outside their bedroom door when he gets up. Caliper & Tailpipe are partners in crime - they're almost always together when you go looking for them.
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Tigger - rescued 14.9 years ago by DW and son (before I married her)
Shadow Ram - followed us home from friends farm (kitten)
Laptop - followed us home from friends farm (kitten)
Sterling - followed us home from friends farm (kitten)
Charlie - rescued from cat rescue (Angels with Paws) [about 6 months old and he had to have a leg amputated - we all entered the room at a different time and he jumped up on all out laps. We figure he wanted us as slaves so we took him home.
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Just wanted to BUMP this up, so some of the new members can add info on their cats.
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Adopted Mittens 9 years ago in a pet store of all places, it was in February and a month has passed since we lost our other cat and we needed a cat desperately. She was an only sister and she had twin long-haired grey brothers. I went to the pet store (they don't do cats anymore, they refer people to the shelter) and there were only three cats there, not much of a choice. I went back a week later and Mittens' two brothers were gone and she was the only one left. My heart just broke. She was the only kitten there.

Adopted Cassy last Mother's Day when she 'wobbled' into my yard-she was about 2/3 years old, skinny and in need of MUCH love. I did not take her in the first day I saw her, I did feed her. The next day I went looking for her, she did not come until evening, I fed her again. That Monday, I saw her again, and decided to go on a HUNT to find out who she belonged to. Came up with nothing, the phone number on her worn collar did not work. She had on an old worn out flea collar and an old worn pink rhinestone collar with the rhinstones missing-this broke my heart. I took her in, gave her a bath, went to the vets, and now this precious kitty is mine.
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Great Thread-Could it be published and proceeds will go to shelters? I will be the first customer, I love cat stories!
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