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I am so enjoying reading all of your kitties' biographies. Here is a bit about my beasties, Nathan and Nedicks:

In August of 2003, I moved in with my boyfriend and he immediately began trying to convince me to get a cat. I was unsure, having not spent a lot of time around cats before, and having believed for quite some time that I was allergic. Then in October of 2003, my bf's mom went on vacation and her kitty came to stay with us for two weeks. Well, I cried when we had to bring him back to her, and immediately told my bf we needed a cat of our own. He took advantage of my emotional vulnerability and convinced me that we really needed TWO cats, so they could keep each other company. So around the end of October, he started looking on petfinder for suitable kitties. One day while I was at work he e-mailed me the photo of an adorable pair who at that time were named Boo-Kitty and Goblin. I thought they looked sweet and agreed that we would discuss it. Then things got really busy for me at work, and we had to put our kitty plans on hold. Well, a couple of weeks later, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, I was killing time at work at the end of the day and I went on petfinder. I was so surprised to find that those two adorable kitties were still available for adoption. I e-mailed the link back to my bf, with the subject line "Our new kitties!" I figured if they were still hanging around after 3 weeks, they were meant for us. The next day we went to see them at the vet who was boarding them for the cat rescue. Nathan (Boo-kitty) walked right out when they opened the cage and started sniffing at us. We talked to them a little bit and they seemed calm, if a little timid, and we said, we love them. And we took them home that day.

We didn't much like the names the rescue lady had given them, but for about 2 days we couldn't decide what to call them, so we just called them "Boy" and "Girl." But then we decided to name them Nathan and Nedicks, after two famous hot dog concessions here in NY, Nathan's Famous and Nedick's Franks.

We don't know much about their life before we met them. The rescue lady said they had been abandoned together in a carrier in the parking lot of the local PetCo., where the rescue had cats for adoption. They had obviously had their physical needs met with their prior owners, but we're not sure how they were treated otherwise. Nedicks seems a little stunted in her mental development and was also very afraid of my bf (sometimes still is) for a while--we think maybe in her old house, there was a mean man.

Nedicks is a roly poly calico, ginger, black and white, and Nathan is long and lanky, all black, except for a white patch under his chin and another on his tummy. The vet estimated their birthdate as sometime in June of 2000, so they are now about 4 1/2 years old. The vet also said she thought they were littermates.

Nedicks is my snuggle kitty--she loves to cuddle and headbutt. We thought Nathan would never be a lap cat, though he loves to sleep in bed with me (sometimes with his head on my pillow! ) but about a month or so ago he one day out of the blue climbed up on my lap and settled in for scritches and pets, and he does it a few times a week now.
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My first ever real kitty was Sheba, He was all black and his tail was bent.
I was 6 and i heard meows from the garage, my parents let me keep him because he was beautiful. My dad ended up adopting two other strays, Blackie and tabby. They had babies with Sheba and we had litters of little black babies and the boys always had their tail bent.
We ended up giving away the kitties and then we had to move to australia.
In australia i we adopted the cat that was living in our backyard she was a persian but she didnt have a flat nose. She had her first litter and there were 1 girl and 3 boys, The boys ended up leaving and so the girl (biankina) had a litter along with the mother.... Then we adopted another stray and her leg was amputated but noone claimed her and she had a blind eye...
Biakina had a wonderful litter of 3, they were all white. My mother saw a little white kitten outside and thought it must be hers and that she lost it, Biankina ended up adopting this kitten so we had a happy family. Biankina had 2 girls named Cutie and Sneaky, And two boys Whitey and Spotty.. Whitey became the king of our house he would ring the door bell when he was hungry and everybody loved him because he was so friendly, Sneaky got hit by something and i cared for her she was my best friend unfortunately she died when she was two. She couldnt breathe anymore and my mother was in tears bcause she couldnt bring it to the vet untill i got home and by then it was too late... Whitey died at 4 because he had his paw ripped open.
I would go on and on about the cats in australia, But as we had over 30 i forgot which litter belonged to who.
Since we moved to germany my parents vowed not to get any other pets because it hurt them too much to leave our family behind. Back then it was too expensive to neuter our cats so this is why they multiplied soo much.Then we lived in germany.

After nearly 3 years of living here i couldnt do it anymore. Cats gave me life and happiness, and this is when i went 60 km away from frankfurt to get my little precious bundle of joy! Because the shelter wouldnt give me a kitten. i was just like rosiemac the woman on the phone said it was a boy and it was all black and i said ILL HAVE IT ILL HAVE IT! I saw it from a distance when i arrived and i fell inlove with it! I'm very glad i have my little devil although he does bite me very hard. But i love him sleeping with me and giving me a scrub with his toungue on my face. and i just love him purring, sometimes i put my head on his chest so i can hear the purrrr so loudly and it even makes me go to sleep
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Back in Nov. 1992 I was on my way to the mall and was driving on a major highway and I quickly seen a cat dart across and go behind a dirt road. Well, I felt bad because it was a very cold and windy day and I read so many stories of how people would just abandon there cats off the highway. So, I had it on my mind as I was about to enter into the mall. I then went ALL the way around, past my original route and circled around to check out this poor cat that might have been abandoned. Okay, I pull into the restaurant that sit's on the highway were this cat darted into and I see a very tiny black kitty(which became my Lucki) and I immediately scoop her up and put her in my car, since it was too cold for her out and she looked very cold. I then notice quite a few cats around the side by the dumpsters, so I go inside to inform the restuarant owners of this. Then I'm leaving and the guy working there comes out the back and says he knows, they are always there and he feeds them but it's getting too cold for them and there's not much he can do. We are talking and then a little tabby walks right over to me and looks very sick with his eyes and nose all gooey. The man at the restuarant says "I think that one is sick", so I say ok I'll take him too. Well, that turned out to be my soulmate Sash. I was still worried about the other cats there, although some of them looked like adults, I couldn't take them all though but i was still worried. I then contacted a local rescue group in my area and told the lady about the other cats and she was going to go see what she could do. I never heard nothing from her again, but i'm sure they fixed the situation because I've gone by since and never notice there anymore. Thank god.

My dad was not too pleased when I brought Sash and Lucki home. We already had two cats and he didn't want anymore. He was quite upset and I don't think I could of convinced him to let me keep Sash and Lucki, BUT my boyfriend said they could probably live with him in his room on the entire 3rd floor of his mom's house, sooooo I was very happy. I know if that didn't work out we would of just got our own apartment since we were planning on it very soon anyway, we just wanted to save some more money. So, it worked out and we all lived in one big room for a year, but very happy all four of us. Sadly, we lost Lucki almost three years later but Sash still remains with us. He's a very big boy now and is the most affecionate cat, just like the day he walked over to me and said, please take me. Sash has made the last 12 years the happiest of my life.
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Grrr... I just typed this and then my DH started talking to me and I lost it all because I hit a wrong button. To start over, I want to thank everyone for posting. I'm having such fun reading about your furbabies personalities, struggles and success stories. I thought it would be a good thread to refer back to as I am reading about your kitties in the future and can't quite remember who is who I'm cheating on this one and stealing it from the Science Diet site.


The vet thought that I probably found George at the age of one day. We heard him screaming and found him in a leaf pile. For a hairless little mouse he certainly had healthy lungs. I checked periodically throughout the day and no mother ever showed up. I took him in and raised him. The vet's office prepared me that the success of raising a cat this young without Mom cat might be very grim, but George was a survivor and I was going to do everything in my power to see that we would beat the odds.

He traveled in a shoe box every weekday to work with me and I fed him at my office desk (sometimes during department meetings). I was quite exhausted having to get up every three hours during the night to feed the required amount of formula. It seems like a distant memory now, but we made it! I guess it is a distant memory because he's six now!

George is without a doubt the largest cat I've ever seen and also he is extremely strong. He is afraid of the rain and terrified of storms. If it storms, he heads for the basement stairs like a good boy. In fact, he's scared of pretty much everything. His favorite toy is his baby, Sockie , which is a white rolled up cotton sock of mine that takes a tour of the house with him everyday. He meows loudly as he carries it. Sockie's home is between the toliet and the wall in my bathroom where he puts it everynight to go to sleep (this must be Sockie's home base) His favorite play toys are empty toliet paper rolls. He has to sit on them first because he doesn't like to play with them until they are flat.

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Originally Posted by captiva
His favorite play toys are empty toliet paper rolls. He has to sit on them first because he doesn't like to play with them until they are flat.

oh my oh my oh my....spittin' image of beloved little Freddie (RIP), just full-grown. Boy, do I have a huge soft spot in my heart for gray tabbies. Flat toilet paper rolls??? He likes them flat?
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My story :

My cat name is Cleo and she 16 months old. She a crossbred and all black and golden eyes , so cute.I hand reared here from two days old and hard work but worth it. I just found out she got Feline Hyperesthesia , which like a mental disorder, But she my baby and do anything for her.
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My kitties - quite quick as I don't have much time.

Elmo - Elmo is a very special cat to me. He is a Red Classic Tabby Bicolor Male Exotic. His show name is "Silver Double Grand Champion Captivating Tickle Me Elmo" and I believe that he was sent to me, by my two RB cats Garfield & Lolly. Garfield was a Red Classic Tabby Male Exotic and Lolly was a White Exotic, so join both of their colors together and you get Elmo. I honestly believe Elmo is both of them, because his personality reminds me of them. He looks alot like Garfield too - although he was no relation. The scary thing was that Lolly died just a few months before Elmo was born. Elmo was the son of my most all time favourite animal in my life Loonie. She was perfect. I loved her more then anything, and I still do. He was born in my room from a litter of six, sadly the sire of the litter [This was his first litter] was carrying this awful "water on the brain" and we lost four of the kittens, but Elmo survived and so did his sister Mary who is still doing well to this day. Elmo travelled around New Zealand with me for close to three years showing. He loved shows and he was easy to show. As a kitten he got 8 best in shows and then as an adult he got some top awards which relates to his high show title. Elmo is definitly one of my best friends - and I worry about him when he leaves me sight. He is an inside/outside cat but never wanders far. Poor boy got his leg trapped in the cartdoor one day and so he is scared of it. I could go on about my gorgeous boy for ages but I think he is extremely special.

[I'll post this one first just incase my keyboard plays up - like it's doing]
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Benja is my first Persian stud. He is a Black male Persian, and his show name is Grand Champion Pepperbox Moon Bear. We got Benja just under two years ago when he was about six months old. We were showing at a cat show - my two girls Holly & Sophie. And we went out to the "cats for sale" room and just fell in love with Benja. He was just a big pile of well groomed fluffy black fur. His owners are very good friends of ours and we said we were interested in him, we went and told Nana and she told us not to get him, but nope we had fallen for him.

About a week later we brought him home and I put him in my room to get settled in he was very scared and hid under the bed. Next day we took him out to the computer room and that's where he lived, until we moved house. He is now the most affectionate loving laidback animal I have the pleasure of owning. He is just gorgeous. It was his first show season this year and he did very well at shows hence the title. I had alot of fun showing him. He also sired his first litter this season, and he's a Daddy to the little girl in my signature. Benja is an awesome cat!

Danlara -

OK so Danlara is officially ours but he lives with my Mums boyfriend. So I guess he is not really ours anymore. Danlaras show name is Gemara Danlara and he is Blue Bicolor Exotic Male, imported from Melbourne, Australia. We got Danlara in 2003, he arrived and he was such a scary boy but now he is loving. He has sired many litters of kittens for us.

Don't have time right now to write the rest. Soooo still to come - L.E May, Muffin, Holly, Sophie & the 5 bratkids.

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Bumping for the new people and for people that didn't see thread before There are some wonderful stories here.
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Leo: He's the oldest of my kitties at 7 years old. My oldest daughter Jamie had been doing really bad in school (discovered boys were more fun than studying) and her report card was just horrific! My mother took her out that day and adopted Leo from a local shelter. When I asked my mother, "What were you thinking......rewarding her for such a terrible report card?" She said, "Well I thought if she had a kitten, she would learn responsibility." Anyway, Leo was a scrawny little thing with ears that appeared too big for his body. But his sweet personality soon won me over. He hated closed doors (still does) and would scratch and meow anytime there was a door closed in the house. He is now a whopping 20 pounder who's greatest joy is sleeping the days away and being spanked on the area of his back close to his tail. He just purrs like crazy and won't let you stop spanking him.

Shelby: She's a real character! She is 5 years old and still a kitten at heart. I met Shelby one day when I had gone to a shelter in a neighboring town with the intentions of getting a male kitten as a buddy to Leo. I walked in and the lady said they only had three kittens.....two males...and one female....and she walked to their cage. The two males were very fluffy and cute....what I call "greeting card kitties" and the little female was so tiny and scrawny and looked a little malnourished. I picked up the first male and he just stiffened up and meowed and wouldn't relax. The second male freaked and bit me on the finger. All the while, this tiny little pitiful looking female was frantically climbing up the cage and meowing like crazy as if she was trying to get my attention. I said, "Ok ok....I'll pick you up too." I reached into the cage and picked up the little white and gray female and she immediately crawled up under my chin, rubbed her face on mine, snuggled into my neck, totally relaxed, and began purring with the loudest motor I've ever heard on a cat! I couldn't put her down after that. She chose ME! That Monday when I took her to the vet, she weighed 4 ounces and the vet said she was probably only 2-3 weeks old and was underweight. She said that Shelby looked too young to have been taken away from her mom and that she may not survive and I would have to bottle feed her. But Shelby had other ideas. She never would take a bottle and preferred the canned kitten food and ate like a champ. She was so little that I had to use a plastic bowl as her litterbox and she used it right from the start. Now she is fat and happy and the most loving cat I've ever seen. She still purrs like a freight train and gives me love nibbles on my cheek whenever I put my face up to her for a kiss. She's also very bossy and I call her "Princess" most of the time because that's how she acts.

Abby: She was alone and pregnant and wandering the streets when my oldest daughter found her one night. She came right up to Jamie and purred and let her pick her up. Abby is young.....probably just over a year old and very petite.....weighs a little over 5 lbs. About 4 weeks after Abby came to live with us, she went into labor and had Thomas and Cooper on Friday, July 30th. The next night at about 11:00pm....she went into labor again. This time, the kitten was breach and got stuck in the birth canal. I tried to help her deliver the kitten, but Abby is so small, and the kitten was large.....she was having trouble pushing it out. When the kitten finally came out, it wasn't breathing. I tried everything I knew to do and worked on that kitten for about a half hour. She never did start breathing. Little Maggie Moo looked just like Cooper and it still saddens me when I think about her and how I wish things had turned out different.

Thomas: He was Abby's firstborn son and was a character right from the start! Within 10 minutes of being born, he was trying to climb out of the box! He did everything faster than his brother......walked first....opened his eyes first.....etc. Now, at 6 months old, Thomas weighs about 7 lbs and is such a lover boy. This is the only home he's ever known, so he's totally comfortable with all of us and the other cats. He loves to climb up on the back of my computer chair, put his paws on my shoulders, and purr in my ear until I drag him into my lap for a snuggle.

Cooper: He was Abby's second son and was very timid at the beginning. In fact, I used to call him "Cry Baby" because everything seemed to scare him and he cried a lot. But he has outgrown that Cry Baby image now.....except for when he goes to the vet....then he reverts back to being my little Cry Baby. He's a lover boy too. He just purrs all the time.....even before I touch him! All I have to do is talk to him and he starts purring. He loves to be sweet talked......that makes him incredibly happy. He's also a big noodle when I pick him up. His whole body just feels like a rag doll and he conforms to my body however I hold him.

So those are MY babies.
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Thanks for posting Robin. I didn't realize Shelby was such a tiny girl when you got her! You are lucky that she took to moist food like that!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Thanks for posting Robin. I didn't realize Shelby was such a tiny girl when you got her! You are lucky that she took to moist food like that!
Yeah....Shelby is my "special" baby because she had such charisma and determination to survive that I believe that's why she put on such a show for me at the shelter. She probably knew instinctively that she needed to find a home quickly in order to survive. She has always been such a little "spitfire" overflowing with personality and charm. The funny thing is.....she rarely ever meows. She's very quiet....except for her loud purring. But that day at the shelter......she was meowing so loudly and frantically....that you would have thought she was dying or something! Even though I love ALL my babies...Shelby will always be "mommy's girl."
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Totally understand. There is a special bond for the ones you raise from an age that young age.
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Well, I think I've told this story a million times but I love telling it! One night, a friend of mine called me and asked me to come over and see her new kitten... So, I dropped by her house, she was sitting outside with her sister holding the kitten... She came over to my car with him and gave him to me to hold... He looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I fell in love with him ... I told her that I wanted him so bad but my father would kill me... So, she told me to take him and if my dad wouldnt let me keep him she would take him back... I knew I had been set up... She knew that I had been wanting a kitten for so long and that I wouldnt be able to resist that little furball... So, I brought him home... He was 2 weeks old and I quickly had to learn how to care for a kitten that young... I gave him all the love and care that he needed and now, 6 months later he's growing into a handsome little man... He went through a wild streak for a while and was driving me nuts but I can already see the change in his personality since his neuter... He curls up with me at night.. well, he curls up ON me at night lol... and I've noticed that he doesnt take well to too many people... the only people he lets hold him is me and Adrian... but, I'm content with that ... it's actually funny because he was extremely protective of me from the start and when he was about 4 weeks old, my exboyfriend came to visit me and I layed down on the bed with Kai and my ex layed down next to us and put his hand on my stomach and Malakai took a swat at him... When my father would come near me he would jump at him too... yet, he adores Adrian and will pounce right past me when he walks in the room... LoL little traitor! hehe... It's okay tho... I love him with all my heart and I dont know what I would have done in the last few months without him... He's mommy's little boy...

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Malakai is a special baby
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Such a lot of wonderful stories!

I'll try not to take all night about this, but there are seven stories to tell, to some extent intertwined...

Shasta, the little lady who really started it all. I had had a kitten -- I've referred to Chinook, but don't have much story to tell as she was in my life for all of five days when she made her exit to the bridge -- and was kinda fragile, still, four months after her demise, when a friend came by one evening and asked if I was ready to try again. An acquaintance of hers had remarked that day that her cat was mad at her. Seems she had just been spayed -- the family had decided she did not need to have another litter, thanks -- and was not amused. And then she asked, "Oh, by the way, know anyone who wants a couple of kittens? There are two left."

Kitties needing a home. What's a person to do? I put my fragility aside and said Ok, I'd take one -- didn't at that point know the delights of a multi-cat household . So the next evening, B dropped by with a wriggling little 7-week old delight.

Of all my kitties, she's the only one whose actual birthday I have known. She was born on June 6, 1978, and she left us on August 8, 1999. In between, she was my teacher. I wanted a cat, because I wanted a critter I could have a real relationship with -- who would give a rat's patoot whether I was there or not, but would not be as needy as a dog. (I'd have had a dog, if I'd had an appropriate lifestyle -- Thank God I didn't! )

Little did I know how much relationship I would have with this critter!! For twelve years, it was her and me, with visits from lots of people, few of whom she was at all interested in. She got along with my landlords well enough that I never needed to worry about her needs being met if I was away for a few days, and when Rob started to be a frequent presence, he entered her circle of accepted humans. We moved twice before she was required to accept his full time presence, and that was never a problem.

Two years later, we inflicted upon her two six-year-old males who needed a new home. It took a few weeks for things to settle down, and in that time she passed up no opportunity to let me know that I was a traitor. But she did eventually accept their presence, and forgive me my transgression.

She had a relatively uneventful life -- no major scares, no health crises, no drama really, save that which she attached to the boy's arrival, and quietly wound down one weekend, and lying on Mum's tummy, let go.

The Boys. They come as a package, really, since they came as a package. Their human was a colleague of mine, who developed allergies and, try as she might, could not make the necessary adjustments in order to keep them. So at the age of about 6 years, Gryphon and Nibs came to our house.

Gryphon, I was told, came by his name because he was a scrawny, scraggly barn kitten, who J felt should have a dignified name to grow into. He certainly did that, becoming eventually a lovely big fellow, very laid back, a country gentleman type, softspoken, but not a pushover.

Six months after his arrival J heard of some purebred Siamese and thought Gryphon might like a companion. It turned out to be a less than reputable "breeder", and J took a kitten considerably earlier than she thought wise, just to make sure it got a decent home. He didn't get a name right away, but every night when J came home, she'd ask Gryph, "Well, what has His Nibs been up to today?" and before long, the little guy was Nibs.

That's really all I know about their early life. Then they needed new digs, and came to join us. Gryph was the spokescat, the one responsible for reconnaissance; Nibs waited for reports from him before venturing out of his safe places. Once they had integrated with the household, we discovered what a nutcase he was -- quite neurotic, but sweetly so. For quite a long while, we thought he was a couple of bricks short of a load -- but then one day he let his guard down. I wish I could remember detail, but basically he responded to something entirely out of character with his "dummy" persona, and demonstrated that he was not anywhere near as dumb as he had been letting on.

Gryph, as I said, was the quiet one. They were great foils for each other.

Gryphon was the first of this trio to leave us. We never did get a specific diagnosis, despite many, many tests, xrays, ultrasound, etc. All that could be said was it seems to be a cancer of some sort, but no mass could be found. He left us on March 9, 1999.

Nibs was plenty puzzled. He was just getting accustomed to life without his brother, when Shasta made her exit. Then he was REEEEEAL puzzled. And if we thought he was needy before.... !!

So, after a time, we began thinking about adding to our little band. We had had a friend's young adult female for a weekend while he was away, and Nibs was so completely freaked out by her that we decided to accept the excuse for getting kittens. Perhaps less threatening for him -- certainly fun for us. We were just gearing up for a search, when Rob's sister heard of a litter looking for homes and asked us if we were ready. We asked her to see if she could arrange for a boy and a girl to be kept for us.

Suzy and Samuel. They were in fact the last of the litter, and we went to see them on a Saturday. Of note is the fact that all of Rob's family lives on Vancouver Island, so we couldn't just run over after work in the evening. It was a day trip, and on our way home from picking up the little people, we stopped to introduce them to their "grandma", who took this picture...

Then we got back in the car, and brought them home. We had a carrier for them, but they were so good, so calm, that we didn't put them in it until we were getting ready to roll off the ferry -- no point risking small people becoming more alert and deciding it would be fun to explore the floor in a dark car while Daddy was trying to drive

Home safe, and then a few days later we trot them off to the vet for shots and whatnot. Vet examines Suzy, gives shots, etc -- all is well. Samuel's turn. Vet lifts tail, pauses, grins, and says "Samuel, eh? mmm...don't think so!" grabs sister Suzy by the tail, whips them both around and says, "See? The same!!" So Samuel became Samantha.

Samantha was Mum's little Drama Queen, sweet little in-your-face cat, and she disappeared about a month before their first birthday. Never found a trace. Suzy spent a long time looking for her, spent a lot of time away from home. We saw her every few days for a half hour or so. She'd have a bite to eat if there was something interesting going, and then buzz off again. She was not much interested in interaction with humans.

Then, as if someone flipped a switch, she was home. She's a homebody now, and this little recluse is coming out of her shell. She and Daddy have their little routines, and she'll even accept a scritch from Mum, and offer a lick or two in return.

While Sooz was having her adventures, Nibs used up his 9th life, and trundled off to the bridge. Sooz was still around some at that point, and was pitifully mystified by his absence. After a couple of weeks of sitting in all his favourite spots and meowing querulously at us, she began her travels in earnest, and this was the period when we saw little of her. We waited a bit to add to the feline population, as much as anything to let her settle, the last few months having been somewhat unsettling for her. And then came the email from Rob's Mum, telling us of a pair of kittens who had been orphaned at 5 weeks, rescued by a friend of hers, and were now, at 5 months ready to be spayed and rehomed. Were we ready?

We figured we were, but weren't sure of Suzy, so agreed with V that we'd take them on a trial basis -- see what Suzy's response was. Another day trip to Victoria, and Cindy and Fawn came home with us.

At three and a half, these little girls have had pretty straightforward little lives -- the most exciting events are bringing home the odd mouse or bird to kill for the humans (thanks girls! ) and Cindy's incessant chasing of Suzy. Sometimes I think that's mostly for the benefit of the humans, and for sure it happens mostly when Cindy is bored -- like when there's six inches of snow on the ground, so it's no fun to go outside [SIGH!]

And that [finally!] is all she wrote. Sorry it's so long!
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interesting stories about your kids Fran!! Especially the Girls.
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Charcoal was playing with the puppy's tail in the cage next to his. I felt really bad for him being in there and my husband and I wanted a kitten really badly. We missed not being allowed to have ours from home due to military restrictions so we decided to adopt him. He came home with us and has been happy and playful ever since
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Fran - lovely stories. Isn't it a shame they don't live as long as we do?
Char is soo cute! How nice of you to adopt this kitty!
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The Terriable Twos:

The Sammycat,
Sammy came into my life as a wee baby about 8 weeks old It was love at first sight for me. My boss gave him to me since he knew that I was looking for a cat. I had told my boss one day how Ken had tried to catch a kitten at the plant where he works but was unsuccessful.

The Sammycat also known as Mr. Attitude has his quirks, he only wants to be loved on when he wants it and can be quite nasty to anyone who will force the issue. If Sam wants a treat and you don't give it too him he will get his revenge by waiting until you turn your back and walk off where he will promptly attack the ankles. When you tell him to stop it he will look all innocent and then do it again when you turn around to go about you business.

One day my daughters rottie got loose and came in the house where he chased Oscar trying to catch him. The Sammycat was absolutely fearless as he danced on that big dogs head He wasn't afraid of him at all. The dog bleeding in more than one place was more than happy to go back out side where he belonged. All in all The Sammycat is a sweetie when he wants to be but just don't force him or you will regret it

Dear sweet Oscar My little cuddlebug came to me at the age of about 4 weeks old. Ken found him running around in the plant where he works. He caught him with the intent of taking him to the Humane Society...Yeah Right

Oscar was in such bad shape that we didn't think he would live through the night. He was wet,cold, very skinny, weak and injured in his left eye. He was so weak that he could barely spit and snarl at us. He even bit Ken and didn't break the skin. When we got him home I dryed him off with a towel and placed him on a low tempature heating pad. I fixed him some of The Sammycat's food soaked in water to make it really soft and started to feed him. Oscar would have none of this eyedropper thing he just jumped right into the dish and started to eat as much as his little tummy would hold.

It was rough going while I was introducing Oscar to The Sammycat as Mr. Attitude wasn't too happy about another being in the house at first. After a little while they got the pecking order straightened out and they became fast buddies. Now usually when you see one you see the other. At night if Oscar is all snuggley in the bed with Ken and I and Sam can't find him they will meow back and forth until they are together in the bed with us I Just love my babies
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Cathi - that is so cute that they meow to find eachother! I wish mine would do that!
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Lizbeth Ann (a/k/a/ Middy)

Miss Elizabeth was a stray that came to our house in April 2003. The vet thinks she was probably about two at the time. I didn't feed her at first because it was obvious she once had a home , because she was hanging on our screens, meowing, etc. to get in. She just would not leave. She was there when we left for work and waiting for us when we got home. We finally realized we had to feed her. I kept watching the paper and around the area for flyers. No one missed Lizbeth, I guess One morning, as I was backing out of the driveway , she came running. I looked in the rear view mirror and she running after the car. She went into the garage that night. Lizbeth is the most beautiful blue-gray with green eyes. She has silver paws. I ask her if "she's been dancing on the moon & getting moondust on her paws" She has that perpetual (spelling?) grumpy British Shorthair look about her. She hisses at all the cats that get too close to her, but is in love with her new sister, Megan. She wants to play with Megan more than Megan wants to play. She's a mysterious little imp, but we are happy that she found us.

BTW - My DH calls her "Wednesday" sometimes, too (after Wednesday Addams of the Addams family)

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Here is a link to Buddy's Bio and his introduction to TCS.

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Incredible HOBBES
Let's see...eve of July 4th, 2004, Johnny and i decided to drop off some supplies at the pet shelter in Manhattan. On our way to ASPCA, Johnny kept reminding me that we are NOT adopting, and "just looking". Back the we were still living in a tiny studio apartment. i hate to agree with him but he's the boss. And so we went, dropped off the supplies and visited the cats. i was so heartbroken seeing them in their cages, i almost filled out an application form because they told us it takes months for them to approve the adoption. We weren't even allowed to touch/play with the cats unless we fill out an app. Well i didn't.
We were then informed that there was another shelter nearby that has more cats and adoption isn't as strict. It was the NY Care & Control Center, in other words a kill shelter. So we went to the cat section, lo and behold there were a bunch of kittens that was just brought in. We had no idea what happened to them, i think they lost their mother. The litter was about 7-8 weeks old. We took them all out of their cages to play. At that point, Johnny's defense broke...he bugged me to fill out an application so he could bring a kitten home Yup, he lost it to Hobbes. Hobbes was exceptionally sticky, he snuggled in Johnny's arms while the others were super hyper and crawling around. Obviously Johnny was fooled by Hobbes' sweetness
So here he is, our little baby
The first week home, he was really sick, threw up and had diarrhea. Refused to eat and was dehydrated. Vet bills soared up to $500+ in 3 days, with all the doctor visits and tests. i was so afraid i'd lose him even though i just had him for a couple of days. i cried at the vet...
But thankfully the medication worked and Hobbes recover rather well. And has now grown into what we now know as "terror kitty"
That's the story of Hobbes . i've always wondered what happened to his brothers and sisters. i pray that they found a good home too.
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Hobbes is lovely! But it is so uplifting to hear all the stories.

Dushka - Two days after I took on a new job here in Oct 2002 I was staying in the Northern city of Tuzla, having dinner in the hotel restaurant. One of my new colleagues came in with this bedraggled bundle under his coat, hiding it from the waiter. It as a small b/w kitten, maybe 3 weeks old, who apparently had been hanging out outside a grocery store, ignored by everyone. I brought her home to Sarajevo, and she and I moved into my new house together. But she rapidly became sick with a URI and almost died of pneumonia, so I syringe fed her for three weeks and kept her warm in my pocket while the vet worked on her with different antibiotics etc. She always knew she wanted to live, and gradually recovered. Her name means 'little female spirit' to reflect her determination. Since then she and I have been inseparable, and she follows me everywhere, inside and out. She trusts me absolutely and I can do anything with her if she needs meds etc - she will let me and only me do what is necessary. She has become a hunter, and brings me lizards, mice and voles regularly. I always make sure that whatever love I give the others I never let Dushka lack for affection. She was slow to accept the others but now plays with them, on her own terms and growls when she has had enough.

Ellie's mother was a gorgeous grey barn cat at the stables where I ride. I had been thinking about a playmate for Dushka and took one of the kittens, who has grown into one of the most beautiful black cats I have ever seen. Her coat shines with deep colour and she has a proud carriage to her walk. But she can be evil too, and refuses to acknowledge it when she is doing something she knows is forbidden. Ellie is now 10 months old and is still very infantile in her behavior, sucking and drooling all over anyone who will tolerate it! We have also had a few litter box problems with her, though she has a clean bill of health. But I love my 'special cat', who is like some really beautiful women - not very bright but gets by on her looks!

Most of you know about Persil - I thought my family was complete but last October I found a little kitten under a car, black with oil and grit. I took her home and over a week or so washed her white, which is how she got her name (Persil washes whiter for those of you who don't know the advertising slogan). She quickly won the hearts of all who saw her, as she has a 'help me' expression that you cannot ignore. But just before Christmas she became ill, panting and listless, and my vet gave up on her after two weeks of antibiotics with no result. After a Christmas weekend which I spend forcing fluids down her every hour, the Vet Faculty here diagnosed her as having a diaphragmatic hernia, completely ruptured, so that all her intestines were pressing on her lungs. She was given up by most of them, but one brave surgeon offered to try and do something and she came through with flying colours, though we did have a problem with an abscess following the surgery. Now she is a kitten again, up to mischief and making up for lost time in both the eating and playing departments, and I thank my lucky stars for someone who dared do something. Her life should be normal from now on.

So, my three...over to the next person.
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I've been asked to post my story and I thought it would be great to revive this thread. I've enjoyed reading all about everybody's kitts, and I'm sure there are more people out there who would love to share their stories.

Chester and Piper adopted us on June 7/03. They were eight weeks old at the time (or at least that's what we were told). My aunt and I had gone to the mall and when we got near the pet store I convinced her to go in with me. I don't normally like going into pet stores, I feel so bad for the animals there. I went to where the kittens were and there he was, Chester! I fell in love with him on the spot. I told my aunt that I just may be going home with a kitty that day. I asked to hold him, so they let me back and took him out. He laid in my arms and started licking my hand! My aunt asked if they would hold him while we talked about it (and call my cousin, because he wanted a kitten too and my aunt had seen one that she loved). Of course we knew we were going home with them! We rushed around the mall getting the supplies we needed (litter box, a carrier, toys, etc) then went back and got Chester and Piper. I couldn't wait to get them home!! It was definately one of the happiest days of my life!

Ariel came to me through a friend of ours; their cat had kittens and she had been the only one not spoken for. I went over every week to take pictures so I could see here growing up. From a very early age we knew she'd be a handful and we weren't mistaken! She's a brat but we love her to bits! On May 23/04 she came to stay. What a perfect (early) birthday present!! It's been neat seeing her grow up from one day old (she was so tiny!!!).

They have certainly been the best thing to happen to me; I'm sure I'd be worse than I am if I didn't have them. They've been such a blessing, and I'm sure that we are a blessing to them. Who knows where they would have ended up? I know it was fate that brought us into the pet store that day because Chester was sickly the first little while. I almost lost him 10 days after he came home. But luckily we got him to the vet in time (he was dehydrated and had some sort of bacterial infection). I'm sure if he had been somewhere else he wouldn't be here today. I'm certainly glad that we were able to help him. And he's such a love too. I know he's grateful for us helping him. Piper is really lovey to my cousin, he could do anything to her and she'll purr and give him head butts and such! She's definately a Daddy's girl! Ariel is only lovey when she first wakes up (and with me when I wake up in the morning!). Otherwise she doesn't want us to touch her. Of course because she's so little (she's only about 7 pounds) we love to pick her up! And we all love her paws!! She's a polydactyl and has 6 toes on each paw. She's my little big foot girl.
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Thanks for posting, Linda . For those of you that missed it, Linda just posted pictures of Ariel and Chester . Check 'em out they're are toooo funny!

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Ok, how did I not post Conner's bio,,,shame on me.

My pretty boy,,Conner...

I got him from a pet store when he was just a little thing. I had been wanting one, but Tony wouldnt let me. He was harboring the misconceptions that cats are dirty,,he only wanted outside pets, which were impossible because we live in apts. I used an argument as an excuse to get him. I called around all day, and the shelters, pounds, etc, and no one had any yound cats, so I called the mall in The Woodlands,,about 45 mins away, and the pet store girl answer the phone and said, Hi this is stevie! I was like 'what', no Im stevie.. Im an idiot. I am not used to others having my name. She told me she had 2 siamese/persian mixes, one m, one fem. I told her hold the male, I am coming!! So, I brought my little fluffy kitty home with ribbons around his neck. He just stretched out in my lap, laying in the crease of my legs, belly up. I went through the naming process, and by the time I was home, he was Conner. I walked in with him, Tony was sitting on the couch, I announced, this is Conner, like Conner McCloud off of highlander,,"there can be only one" Tony immediately loved him and wanted to hold him and play with him. That was that. Most of you know how Conner is, I brag enough... but here goes..

Conner is , as I said, a persian-siamese mix. He chatters incessantly and coos like a bird. I mean it, he really coos, everyone thinks it's the weirdest thing and says they've never seen a cat do that. It's sweet. He is ultra-needy. He follows me everywhere and has to be included in everything. He likes car rides (he goes everywhere with me), and is very tolerant of baths. He doesnt even try to climb out of the tub. He is my best friend and a very big part of my life. I love him like no other,, human or animal,,lol. He sleeps with me at night and insists on being under the covers, and held. Sometimes hampers romance, but oh well,,lol. I spoon with my kitty, and Tony fits in wherever he can. Conner is very spoiled, he meows at me constantly, and if I try to ignore him, he just meows louder, until I get up and follow him wherever he wants me to go. He has a habit of trying to include me in his naptime. Whenever he wants to sleep during the middle of the day,, he will meow me to death until I follow him in the room to see what he wants, upon getting to the room, he hops on the bed and curls up or stretches out like he is ready to sleep, I just look at him and mutter a few curses beneath my breath about fur-kind, and walk away. he will follow nme and meow at me some more until I go back in there and he lays down again,, we go through this a few times, with me declining his offer, then he just bugs me so much, I acquiesce, and lay down with him for a few moments. The little toot. I complain about it, but I really enjoy our naptime,,he he. He is my darling,,but if you ask him, I'm sure he would say that he is underfed, under-played with, and under-obeyed.
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Hannah is my oldest kitty. She is about 8 years old now. I adopted her from Petsmart in Tukwila. She was an only pet for many years until I brought our first dog in. She didn't like that and has never come back into the house since. She does come to eat every day but that's about it.

Quki in my next, she showed up on the property one day and lived under one of our trucks for about a week before we started feeding her. She now primarily lives in the garage but will come inside every now and then.

We aquired 2 dogs then in June of 2003 we got Buzz. He was part of a ferel colony that lived at our work place. He was captured at 4 weeks old by us. The rest of the crew were captured by a TNR crew but the rest of the kittens died from distemper. I immediately took him to a vet as he had a staph infection in his eye. We bottle fed him for a couple of weeks until he would take hard food. He is now all growed up and very Handsome.

My next two, Missy and Emmie were a complete surprise. Niki, my BC girl were at the annual humane society's Dog-A-Thon when I discovered that they had cages and cages of kittens. I saw those two and that was it, gotta have em.

Last but not least is Ashley. You all know her story and I will try to get some updated pics of her tonight since she's coming out from under the bed now.
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Yes! Add Ashley's story! My what beauties you have in your family!!! And thank you for being so kind as to take all of these little ones in.

Can Missy and Emmie come over to my house tonight and do laundry?
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