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To my baby Kelley

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You taught me more about loyalty than any person I know. I love you little guy.

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Bless you, My goes out to you ...I know its very hard, I everytime I read one of these where someone has lost part of there I will have you in my thoughts, halfpint
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Thank you so much. I wrote a thread about losing Kelley before the "big crash" but it was lost and I guess it's not recoverable at this point. I would rewrite my story, and maybe I still will... but for now, I just don't have the heart to go into it again. I miss him terribly though. He pushed me to my limits sometimes with his behavior problems (he had been abused before I got him) but I stuck with him and offered him love without punishment. In the end he showed me what real loyalty is all about. He had a heart that was only full of love and nothing else.
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I know how it feels, I lost my very favorite cat 9 years ago 3 months after my first husband died, we had been married 32 years from the age of 16 till I was almost 48, He was only 50 years old. It was the worst time of my life, and loosing the Cat 3 months after him was like the last straw, I was devistated, and the strange thing is that my hubby died from liver cancer that had spread from his lungs, and the Cat died from liver problems also. I still miss them both terribly although I am remarried and have a wonderful hubby. I also just rescued 10 cats and kittens from a busy shopping center near my home, and has that been an experince, I have pretty much taken on what I never knew would be so emotionally hard, but seeing them playing and eating and getting spayed and nutered and tested and shots, is worth it, I Love them all I want them to have great homes where someone can Love them the way they should be, not in a shopping center parking lot, my hubby built a large outside enclouser and I have a huge commitment to fill here, I got alot of help from this site on how to go about trapping and all the other things, and help from several organizations for fiancial help so I am very very grateful. I just knew I had to do it, I feed them in that lot for 4 months and would come home crying almost every night, I guess I did it becasue I needed to, keep the faith and hold on to the good times with that kitty that you had, no one can tell you how long to greive, I still am and probably always will miss them. I just know they are together plus all the other animals I have lost, Just lost a 7 year old Basset hound about 4 mos ago and that was very hard also I still can't put up the pictures I had enlarged of him, I am a very emotional person the older I get the worse I am. Please take care and when you are ready you will find another baby to Love, if you were close I have a load lol, from 4 mos 6 mos 9 mos, there are some pictures under careing for strays and ferals, under my name halfpint, Take care
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So sorry about Kelley, my cat Butch's thread was lost also and it took alot for me to repost it, it is so hard to lose them. The only thing that comforts me is believeing that some day I will see him again because he is waiting for me now at the bridge. I too miss my cat terribly, I had him for over 16 years and he was a person with fur to me. It does get some better with time, but you will always miss him because he took part of your heart when he left......hugs to you.
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When we lose such love and happiness it is hard. Over time the loss does not lessen but it does get easier. Fill your mind and thoughts with the good times and look back on your time with Kellye as precious moments you were privelaged to share.
You are in my thoughts.
Take care <hugs>
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AAAWWWw, I'm so sorry you lost your beloved baby It always hurts, but luckily the one thing that helps us to heal, is the one thing that NOBODY has any control over... time.
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I've been thinking about him a lot today (well, every day really). I miss him so much and ask God almost every day to let me see him just one more time before I can't see him anymore... Of course that isn't very realistic is it... It is getting a little easier though. I have my other two to keep me plenty busy and I give them lots of hugs and kisses. I'm glad I have friends and family who also keep me company. I am blessed in many ways and I remind myself of that.
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my heart goes out to you I am so sorry to read about the loss of your sweet Kelley - what an amazing thing you did for him to take him in as an abused feral and offer him unconditional love you offered him love and safety and he returned that by showing you amazing loyalty

I am so sorry to hear that your initial post was lost in the forum crash

you were his angel here on earth - and now he is you angel from above - he will watch over you always until you meet again

RIP sweet Kelley
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I want to thank you for your kind and empathizing words to me on my loss of my Cracker Jack. And I want to say to you that I am so sorry for your loss of Kelley. It's hard to even express it in words but know that I am with you in this. Hugs to you.

You mentioned praying to God for another chance to see him. I know I find myself "seeing" him in one of my other cats. What I mean by that is that I will catch a glimpse of one of my darker-striped cats and think it's Cracker Jack for just a second. I think sub-consciously I am simply looking for him and have not yet adusted.

I just remind myself that I will be reunited with him again (for real) in Heaven. I hope that could also give you some peace and hope.

I also envision Cracker Jack playing on my Grandma's lap, who is Heaven. That makes me smile and gives me comfort.

My Grandma, who took in a stray and mangy cat and turned him into a king, always said, "I think they thank you many times over by the love they give."

AMEN to that, Grandma, is what I say to that.

I am thinking of you and your little Kelley. Kat lady
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So sorry dear friend, i just want to give my sinceres condolences please, don´t give up...
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