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I'm new here and I'm the proud mom of two 5 month old kittens and one 7 year old cat. My question/concern is, is it possible to have 1 passive kitten (deosn't play as much as the other, wants to lay by me and sleep, doesn't mind being "play" bitten by her brother) and one aggressive kitten (runs around, gets into everything, play by himself, "play" bites his sister)?

I'm just concerned because she's so passive sometimes. She does have her moments where she runs around and plays, but she is just more passive than he is.

People tell me it's because she's a female and he's male, but I'm just not sure. Our other cat is a female but she's older and I didn't know her as a kitten so I have nothing to compare her too.

They have yet to be neutered/spayed (going end of this month).
They just went to the vet last Monday and got a good check up!

Any info/insight would be helpful.

Buddy & Holly (5 months), Smokey (7 years)