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Can Spayed Cats Have PMS?

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Grayce, the mother of our other cat, (6 month old, Pody), keeps growling and hissing at him if he comes near her. This has been going on for two weeks, and I'm concerned about the change in her behaviour. Is it normal?

I asked the vet, but he said cats are independent. Pody is very social and loving, and he just wants to play with her. She doesn't. In fact, it's like she has a bad case of PMS. She's calm with us humans, but does like to be left alone. (My husband is her favorite. She purrs for him and flops on her back to have her stomach rubbed.)

It's been bugging me.
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She may just not like other cats. I've noticed that female cats get like that after they've had kittens, even though they've been spayed.
I had a female cat who loved humans and would seek us out for attention, but hated anything feline. She had 3 litters of kittens (this was years ago...my parents finally spayed her) and would always get hateful towards her babies after they were weaned. Never got friendly with them again. Until the time she died, she would hiss and bat at anything non-human that came near her.
Her daughter was the same way, as was another non-related female cat that my dad owned.
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Is he neutered? She now may just consider him as just another male and not her son. Spaying him could solve the problem!
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I agree, neutering him could do the trick if he is not already neutered. He is a bit old for her to think of him as a kitten anymore and he should be maturing at anytime now.

Take Care,

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Willow did this to Buffy when Buffy was nearing her first birthday (well, it was somewhere between 8-11 months). Buffy was orphaned at 4 weeks of age, so we brought her in and Willow (who hated her at first) became Buffy's surrogate mother. When Buffy was nearing her first birthday, Willow started hissing at Buffy and smacking her if she wanted to be alone (especially if Willow was watching the birds through a window and Buffy hopped up. Poor Buffy would go sailing across the room). Buffy didn't know what to make of it, and she walked around in a really dark mood for a couple of weeks.

I think that Willow was weaning Buffy off of her, telling Buffy to "get lost and grow up by yourself. I'm tired of this hassle." But then again, don't cats usually wean their cats at 12 weeks at the earliest? Or does it really matter, maybe the mother deciding if the kitten is ready to leave the nest?
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