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My friend needs help....

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Okay i dont know whether to put this in the behaviour section or in the nutrition section. so you can move it to the appropriate section please
My friend in australia just came online to tell me that her cat just
"my cat just ate half a band aid, a piece of plastic, and took a bite from a page of the phone book"
I told her it was okay to eat from the phone book as furries like to eat paper but i told her that if her cat wasnt going to the toilet she has to take it to the vet. SHe says its not choking and it seems to be fine
well i hope to hear some replies ASAP
thank you all
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ok... a bandaid, plastic and a phone book. That's a cat with some weird tastes. I would suggest that she takes it to the vet anyway... although the paper won't cause a problem because that will disintegrate, the plastic and the band-aid certainly won't. It would be best to have the cat checked out. If the plastic is sharp, that would need to be seen to straight away. The band-aid... well I guess they can use that to patch up any holes. I would definitely suggest the vet anyway. And try to change the cats diet to something more appropriate! Tell her good luck from us
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Depending on what type of plastic, it will depend on what happens. Some plastic products are toxic, or the plastic can cause obstructions or wrap around an intestine. Her best bet is to give the kitty fiber, canned pumpkin, sprinkle metamucil on its food, or give it mashed cooked green beans, and also call the vet just to be safe.

Hope the plastic passes, but if she sees anything wrong, lethargic cat, not eating, not drinking, or excessive drinking, get the cat to the vet.
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Thanx for that!
shes getting to the vet right away
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