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Dani is my first cat so I don't know what to do about her diaherra. I first noticed, or more accurately, smelled it on Sunday and when I peeked, saw it. I thought it might be the beef canned food I gave her on Sat. Dani gets a can of food every few weeks as a treat. Daily she gets Authority (a dry food from PetsMart). I use a clumping litter and I'm not home all day so I didn't notice if she had any more problems until this morning when she partially missed the litter box.

Now I'm concerned. Is it time for a visit to the vet? Dani's about a year old, but I've had her only about 2 months (she was a pound cat that was rescued by Alley Cat Rescue and when I saw her, she adopted me :tounge2: )
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If the diarrhoea continues for several days, I think it's best to take the kitty to the vet. She might have internal parasites or other problems.

It is better to give less fat & more fiber food when the kitty has diarrhoea. Try not to give any dairy or oily/fatty food also. Is she an out door kitty ? Don't let her outside if she is, until you take her to the vet..
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Thanks for the response. Dani is an indoor cat. I think my roommate may be slipping her tuna fish once in a while during the day. Otherwise, she generally only gets the dry food.
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Since your kitty was a stray it could be that her tummy just can't tolerate the store bought food. Two of my rescues had diarrheah (how do you spell that!?) until I put them on Science Diet. Almost immediately after being put on the special food the runs went away.

But....it is also likely that she has worms or other critters in her system, which could cause the runs. If she was de-wormed and has stayed inside since you adopted her, then she's probably okay, but if she wasn't de-wormed or if she goes outside that is a possibility.

So, put her on some better quality food and see if that helps.

If it keeps happening get her to the vet because she could become seriously dehydrated.

Good luck and BRAVO for adopting your sweet kitty!
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Dani wasn't a stray cat, she was in an abusive home. She was taken to the pound when some wonderful person reported her previous owner. She was expecting at the time and had her litter at the pound. I've kept her strictly indoors though she once got out (her story is under Cat Tales on http://www.alleycatrescue.com). Don't know which of us was more afraid that day. But back to the present dilemna.

I took Dani to the vet yesterday and he said he needed to examine her stool to see if it's parasites but he believes it's just dietary, something she's eaten is disagreeing with her. She's such a young cat, he didn't think it was more serious than that. He gave Dani a prescription for Flagyl. I'm to give her a quarter tab twice a day for 3 days. The doc gave her the first tab piece yesterday. She's had 2 licks of a pill since. I understand how to give her the pill in theory, he showed me how but then again, I *was* holding her still. Now that she's home I've tried to give her the pill and was rewarded with claw and teeth marks (okay, she only nipped because I've become the master of the quick release ). How do I give her a pill without ending up in the hospital? Seriously, because of her background, she's just now (after 2 months of trying) getting comfortable with me picking her up. Petting she allows-sometimes.

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Hi Jojo,

I wrote how I give pills to my cats under Vjoy's last thread :tounge2:
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If Dani likes wet food, try smashing the pills and mixing them into a small amount of wet food. Use just enough food to mask the taste, but try to keep it small so she'll eat every last bit of the food.
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I tried the wet food trick yesterday. She was so happy to get it that she quickly scarfed down 2 bites. Then the pill taste kicked in... she backed away from the bowl and then walked by it in a path 2 feet away as if the food might reach out and bite her back. I'm thinking next time only mix maybe 1/8 of the pill so she doesn't taste it so soon. Do you think a fish-type food would be a better mask for the smell?

She's not complaining or showing any signs of discomfort (course I may not be looking for the rights signs). It's just that each time she goes to the litter box it's like the contents of a baby's diaper with a similar odor
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Dodo, I got the thread. You make it sound quite easy. So, it's 6 pounds with claws, teeth and seemingly not a bone in her body against 135 pounds, surely I can get a pill into her.

You are right on one thing, even through all these trials she seems to be bonding even better with me. She'll come most of the time when I call her now, spends much more time rubbing against my legs, and doesn't protest much if I cuddle her. My roommate says she notices Dani becomes very animated when I come home. Now when she hears me coming, she runs to the window to spot me and then goes and lays down in front of the door for petting. She's such a character.
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Sorry to hear ab. your little one. I can relate and they ALL hate Flagyl!! I had the same experience and as far as I can remember Flagyl is sulfur based. The fish based caned dosen't hide it either!!! If the VET suggest to compound it, meaning that the pill is "disolved" in a fish, chicken solution don't bother. The pills do not really desolve! All it is a liquid with pill gritt on the bottom and when you try to mix it in with the wet you get the same reaction as if you grind it yourself and mix it in.

I personnaly have found the only way to get it in is to have your VET teach you. Also wrap her into a towl so she is confined and remember pilling a cat is a 2 purrson job unless you are an expert.

Sorry don't mean to be negative but cats are not like dogs where you can hide a pill in a treat and down it goes.

Hope she get's better soon.
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H, I tried the old "sneak it in with the treats" trick the first day. It was the first time I saw a cat stick out her tongue and then dry spit as she scampered around the room. It wasn't a total failure, Dani did give us several minutes of entertainment

Without 2 people, I'm finding it nearly impossible to get the pill into her mouth but I'll try Dodo's trick tonight. My roommate's too cowardly to hold Dani down - could be fear from seeing the sight of my blood the first time I tried it. I'm better at it now but it took practice and patience, mostly patience. Dani's still a bit skittish and even I get a wary look from her once in a while. The eyes widen and she's quite a darter.
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As a first time cat owner myself I totally relate to the pill thing.
I have had my Danielle 2 weeks, and she has several infections (ears, eyes, mouth) that need an antibiotic PILL. My husband and I tried the Ole "wrap her up in a towel and do what the Vet did and pop that pill right in her mouth" thing.

All I have to say is.....Hahahahahhahahaa!!!!!!!!!

We eventually had to crush it into a powder and put it in a small bit of wet food. Surprisingly she ate it. I expected the taste to turn her off, but she ate it.

But there is always tonight....eesh

Good luck with Dani, and I understand what you are going through.
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For my cats who can't be tricked by hiding the smushed pill in food I do the following:

Take the cat to the bathroom, straddle cat on floor (not on bath mat) with cat facing away from you. Cat's hind legs are under your butt, front legs by your knees. Right hand is holding pill and is wrapped around cat's chest.

With left hand grab cat's mouth over top of head from behind such that eyes are partially covered and thumb and forfinger are squeezing (gently) the cat's jaw. Take one finger of right hand and pull mouth open and QUICKLY shove pill to back of throat.

Hold cat's mouth shut for several seconds. Do not let go until cat licks chops. If you let go before she licks she will probably spit out the pill.

Then let go and praise her and pet her and tell her how wonderful she is. After rewarding her with praise and a treat, open the door and watch her run!
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To all,

I gave Dani her first pill from my hand.

It wasn't very pretty. I picked her up and put her over my lap, cooing and petting to put her at ease, after a minute, I slowly worked a towel around her. Again I waited until she calmed a bit. Then I put my right hand over her eyes and ears sorta like a hood and pulled it back and her mouth opens a bit. The doctor says when you see her bottom teeth you can gently pull the mouth open with your left hand (which is holding the pill). I opened the mouth, dropped in the pill, but it fell in sideways, she swallowed it anyway but had that awful taste in her mouth. I could tell by her constantly sticking out her tongue. I tried to give her treats but she's having no parts of me now -- I think if she could roll her eyes at me, she would

No scratches, no bites and only 4 more pills to go

BTW, I tried to hold her between the thighs but she shied away from me and when she's in that mode, I can't touch her.
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The results of the tests of Dani's stool were negative. She does not have any parasites and her stool is near normal. She's started nibbling on plants though. I hope that's not what's causing her stomach problems.
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