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Here are some pictures of Paws. He is a very independant kitty, but when he wants lovin, there is no stopping him. Isn' t he adorable!!!

This is Paws just a few months ago on his 1st birthday-September 15th 2004.

This is paws with his 2 brothers-Pudge and Maui. December 25th 2004.

What do you all think of Paws?

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he's beautiful!
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Gorgeous! Those are such cute pics
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Beautiful kitties!!!
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What a cutie pie! I love his markings.
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They are all cute
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Thank you everyone for your nice comments. His markings are so unusual and he is so pretty. His eyes are a nice shade of copper too- so pretty.

Keep them coming!!!


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Oh paws is pawfect!
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Very cute
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