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Here are some pictures of my Granddaughter's Persian Kitten Pudge. He is just adorable!!! He has quite the personality too. Just look at him below. Also notice the white tipped tail.....Isn't that unique!!!

This is Pudge at 6 months old-March 2004.

This is Pudge at 3 months old with his brother Paws and the dog Little Bear. December 2003.

This is Pudge and Paws at just over a year old about 2 months ago. September 2004.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. What do you think about Pudge?

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Oh those boys are gorgeous!
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Aren't they just sweet!
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Absolutely precious!
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Aww how beautiful, I love the white tipped tail.
My Pitufo has a white tipped tail too.
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Another cutie! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
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Thank you everyone for your nice replys, my Granddaughter just fell in love with him, he is an angel.

Keep the replys coming!!!


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Aw more cute babies Pat!
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