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Todays radio question: 12/13/04

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If your not working in your dream field, what field would you like to work in?
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You mean the work of our dreams?
Well taking this Idea for me I´m sure Pilot Tester of Formula 1!
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Forensic sciences
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Pharmacy Technician

I took my exam in Nov., still waiting for results
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Would love to be a book editor of fantasy novels!
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I want to be a personal trainer (fitness).
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Honestly, I would love to work with young children maybe as a preschool teacher. But I would have to give up making as much as I do and I can't afford it right now.
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My dream field is to be a Vet-Tech. I also like Meteorology.
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Forensic anthropologist or criminalist.
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Receptionist, secretary, Social worker... i wanted to be a grade 1 teacher... but we will see if my scores are high to be one
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I would like to have been an artiste, but this is close enough.
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Teaching... I'm working on that right now!
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well i would love to be in advertising but currently I'm in insurance.. hehe. I'm still trying to sneak my way in.. shh
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I'd love to be a vet.
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We have a huge greenhouse in town. I'd love to work in the greenhouse taking care of plants all day. At least it sounds fun now.
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plan on being a doctor/surgeon but i would love to be a forensic pathologist!!!
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Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatrician, or Feline Specialist
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