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stinky cat

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My 4 year old female, who's been neutered, has been having a problem with feminine stink. I used to let her outside everyday for a few hours, but then she started coming home stinking. I thought maybe she was out being a slut kitty, so I kept her inside. The smell went away. But then two days ago she started to stink again, although not as much. I've checked her for wounds, or bumps, and there's nothing there. She eats, sleeps, goes to the bathroom normal, and is active. She's just stinky. Before when it was bad, wherever she slept, there would be a wet spot that stank really bad to. Now it's not so bad. So does anyone have any idea what this could be?
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Sounds like it could be her analglands. When they are infected they begin to ooze with smelly stuff.
Normally anal gland are expressed every time your kitty goes to the "bathroom". If they get infected that dosen't happen. Might want to run this by the VET.
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