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Who pays fostering expenses?

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Question about fostering; Could somebody please tell me who pay the foster kitties expenses_food, litter,accesories,vet bills_ the foster family or whomever that gave the kitties to that family to foster?
Thank-you very much!!
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I believe it depends on the shelter or group you'd be fostering for - you might want to give them a call & ask. Some of the shelters & groups here cover fostering expenses, while some of the smaller groups need the fostering family to pay expenses themselves.
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I was just looking at an fostering application (I've gotta be nuts!) and for this particular organization it says that the foster family pays but the costs are tax-deductable (this group is in the Virginia in the USA). I'm sure it's going to vary from group to group.
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Thank-you both..I'll have to find a happy medium I guess since we manage the colony the cats come from and this will be fostering to find another homes for them..the only shelter I know of is a kill shelter so I'd rather have them to go directly to a home. I'll figure it out, thank-you again
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I fostered a litter of 5 kittens last summer. The organization paid for vet bills, and of course took care of placing them. I paid for food, litter, toys, etc., which is tax deductible.
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Because we have the means to pay for the care of the kitties while fostering, we've always done so. If you're asking because you're going to be looking for people to foster the kitties in the colony you care for, I think it best just to be up front about it. If they can afford it, it'd be helpful if they could pay for the toys and care. When it comes to cat rescue, hopefully people won't take advantage. But make sure potential foster parents understand that any financial care you help provide takes away from other cat rescue.

Good luck!

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Thank-you very much..I think that the costs will have to be 50%, 50% at first. I trust that the person that foster a kitty will understand about the expenses, but yes, I must make sure they do. Thanks again
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We have been fostering for a few months and the agency pays for all food, care and litter. There are many people who have the room and love, but not the additional expenses. Fact is, true foster agencies usually are non profit and qualify for many donations and discounts. All costs are usually much cheaper than a private home can get it for. Example, the medication we just bought for $50, if I had been thinking I could have called the lady that runs the rescue we help and got it for about $15.00.
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