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How to keep kitten out of adult cat food!

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I just got a new kitten last week and she will not leave my adult cat's food alone. I have to moniter what the adult cat eats because she's overweight, but it's hard to do since she's a grazer and the kitten goes after her food. Any suggestions for how to keep her away?
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I have the same problem. Two kittens, one adult cat. Adult cat has to be kept away from high calorie kitten food, because he's put on weight stealing it, kittens seem to think the adult's food is the best thing since sliced bread, but should be eating their own kitten food, or I'm wasting my money buying it.

I don't think there's any solution other than watching them like hawks to stop them stealing each others' food. My kittens were free fed on dry when I got them, I prefer feeding mostly wet (and so do the kittens now), so I now feed, then take up what's left from all cats and put it in an inaccessible place. If I find them looking hungry I put it down again, to take it up again when they stop. It's a lot of messing about, but I suppose it's only until they all eat the same food.

The kittens are shut in a separate room when I go out at the moment (because the adult tends to pounce on them) so I leave it down for all of them when I'm not in.
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I'm trying to keep them separated from each other's food. I guess that's as good as I can do When you feed your kittens wet food do you mean you put water on the dry food to soften it, or the kind that comes in pouches or cans? I bought a pouch of that Natural Choice kitten food to see if she would like it and she really does. Do you know how many cans/pouches kittens are supposed to eat in a day? The package says to give them 2-3 meals a day, which I'm assuming is a pouch, but that seems like an awful lot. When she had the pouch food available she stayed away from the adult food.
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Wet food means the meaty stuff in cans or pouches as opposed to dry - which is the hard little pellet things that usually comes in plastic bags.

I'm no expert on how much to feed kittens and if you're in doubt be guided by the packaging. However kittens supposedly won't overeat (ha ha) so be guided by your little one's appetite. One of my kittens definitely eats more than the other one, although he eats until he is satisfied and walks away of his own accord and isn't pushed out by the other. I'm fairly relaxed about feeding times - if they hang around me mewing I will feed them early. I would never let a human baby cry for food and tell it to hold on until the appointed meal time, so I don't see why a kitten should. (Although adult cats I have had in the past have been greedy and would mew to me that they needed feeding, when my husband had already fed them!)

When took my babies to the vet for their injections she said I should be feeding them 4 times a day until they got older, so if I'm going to be out at midday I leave them a meal.
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I have the exact same problem. Overweight cat and baby kitten. Ani, my older baby, is on lite adult dry. Skylar, almost 5 months, needs his kitten food, but is eating so much of Ani's that he doesn't eat enough of his own I try to keep them seperated, but Ani is also a grazer, so it's very difficult. I didn't want to give them soft food, but I am thinking that may be my only choice My Ani is so good. She doesn't ever try to eat Skylar's food. Hmm.. maybe Sky's food just doesn't taste good

Esrgirl, I use the natural choice dry for Skylar. I have given him the wet pouches as well. My preference is dry, but if I do give him the wet, I just pour the pouch in his bowl and let him eat as much as he wants. Then I repeat that three to four times a day.
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i would feed them into two seperate rooms.
But i do have a big bag of adult dried food that is left out. he eats it when there is no more food in hiw bowl or when he feels like having a small snack

I do also have dried kittenfood but he eats it all! and if he eats it all when im asleep what else can he eat?
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my mom has 2 kittens, a pregnant kitty and 2 adults...she just keeps the adult food somewhere the kittens can't get to it, like on a shelf or the washer. the kitten food she keeps under a chair that the adults can't get to. when the pregnant kitty gets bigger, she'll probably start regulating what she gets, maybe feeding extras to her with more vitamins or protien....that's the best i can do. i have 3 kitties all under 18 months, so i'm feeding them all kitten food. i use iams kitten food and they love it.
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I started with this method - the kittens soon learnt a route on to the kitchen worktop, where I fed the adult - via jumping on a chair, on to the kitchen table and across on to the worktop!! Whatever arrangement of furniture I tried, they just treated as a kitten obstacle course and overcame it. Now they are 5 months, they can jump on to the worktop anyway - which must be the equivalent of my jumping about 12 feet!
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