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Iams cruel to animals?

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We were driving home yesterday and I saw a billboard put up by PETA that said Iams is cruel to animals, and does experiments on them. Does anyone know anything about this? We don't feed Iams anymore, because Nathan needs a special diet, but we used to, and my bf's mom feeds Iams to her kitty.
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Stephinie..I too have heard this as well..I cant vouch for its validity but I guess the rumor is that places like Iams, and Eukenuba (whih i think is owned by Iams)..use ground up strays as ingrediant in there cat food...and I am sure dog food as well.....and I have heard that Iams is cruel to animals it tests its food on...heres a website...Again I am not sure what of this is true or not
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Ehr? They're complainging about testing animal food for efficacy? well I imagine if the food wasn't tested and monitored... wouldn't they be able to put in like, cardboard?
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I also heard that Iam is cruel to animals. What I heard was more geared to dogs especially beagles. Even so I still hate to see ANY animal harmed. If they are cruel to dogs I'm also sure that cats are being mistreated. I read it on a website a while ago and I will try to find it again and post the link.
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I also heard this. I go on Petfinder forums at times, and learned it there. Here' s a whole site about it:

Iams Crulty
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If I spelled it wrong, then go ahead and spell crulty correctly, and it works.

( The site was created by Peta.
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because this breaks my heart and would end up having nightmares as i just read the sentence i had to close the site and hope the best for these animals.
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I generally try to ignore PETA, or take them with a grain of salt. They're extremeists and sensationalists, in my opinion.
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Hmm never tried any of the Iams product. But I guess after PETA's endorsement of it, have to at least buy some to try.
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They are still touting that??? I heard about that a couple years ago.

Here's what I know, in case you don't want to plod through the other threads.

1. The reported abuse was occurring at a research facility the was contracted by Iams. It wasn't Iams itself. And as soon as Iams became aware of the abuse, they ended their contract with that facility, and issued a statement that they do not subscribe to such conditions or cruel research practiced.

2. The PETA representative that was the hired inspector did not report the abuse/cruelty immediately to her superiors, but rather let it continue while she gathered the images and horror stories to spruce up the shock factor for PETA.
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Well, I don't know who I mustrust more, PETA or large corporations like Proctor and Gamble (Iams). I find it interesting that Iams cut ties when everything was made public, and then claimed ignorance. At the same time, PETA is famous for sensationalizing. My guess is the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
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The only thing i know of Iams is a friend who goes to the Supreme Cat Shows here in the UK every year said "Uncaged" who also have a stand at the show have videos playing of undercover work they did at Iams labs, which apparantly was quite shocking

When i rang Iams helpline to ask about their testing and if "Ungaged" were lying with the leaflets they were handing out along with the video footage they were showing, then surely they could have them for liable, especially when they were doing this only a couple of stands down from the Iams stand?!.

Their reply to me was "It's freedom of speech!"

Needless to say after hearing them say that and not defend themselves i took Rosie and Sophie off Iams!.
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you know, I'm all for animal testing.. i think it's necessary.. But NOT animal torture. But I hate PETA. If Iams has taken steps to correct a problem that they supposedly did not know about then I don't hold that against them. People and corporations make mistakes. The group contracted out that actually neglected these animals should be brought to justice though.
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I had a long email converstation with the Iams people, and I feel that they were fair. They mentioned the facility that they dropped ties with, and I do feel that SOME testing is necessary, but again, not abuse or torture. I came with a good feeling about them (Iams) but when I went to buy some of their food, the price had jumped to more than I could afford, so I got something else. I really wish that corporations would look at the care of their experiment animals as well as they look at their profit margins, but I guess that is just a dream.
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Most good companies don't kill their test animals in an effort to test pet food... it is a brutal way to cut corners.
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