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What to Eat

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I need some advice here. What would you recommend for a male kitten (4 months old) who had crystals and was eating Medi-Cal Dissolution (finished now) and is back on Medi-Cal Development.

Thing is I think he may be allergic to something in it or maybe something doesnt approve with him because his stools are semi soft semi hard, and is crying when he goes.

Any suggestions?? I am going to ask my vet about possibility of coccidia, but I want to know when I should feed him that may be better for him being that he has had crystals and something that won't upset his tummy.
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Any kind of high quality kitten wet food. I'm not familiar with all the different American brands but the ones I do know are good are: Californa Natural, Innova, Nature's Variety and Felidae. I don't know if they have special kitten formulas though.

Moisture is very important for cats who have had crystals. If you think your kitten is allergic it might be wise to choose a brand that have few ingredients.
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are any of these available in canada??
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Innova and California Natural are available in Canada. Wet is better than dry in your cats case to maintain UT health. I know others will disagree, but I have seen cats with FLUTD block on these diets. I would use caution when switching to foods other than perscription diets. Maybe have a urinalysis performed after switching to see if your cats urine pH is acceptable on these foods.
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