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If Dad Raised The Kids  

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Hi Everyone :angel2:'s :daisy:

I just found this and I thought it'd be fun to share :laughing2
By the way, for the men on this site...all in good fun :laughing2

Aren't they so cute...well, there's one more and my site's not done, it's a bit more colorful, if you want to see it...pm me, it's pretty funny! :laughing2

Love & Peace
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Well, that refrigerator one is pretty close to the truth in my house! lol Once she figured out that, that was were we kept the food, there was no way to keep my daughter out of the fridge!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Hee hee Cat!! They are sooo cute!! So PM the other pic.... thanks love!!
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Cat, those pics are funny!! :LOL: :LOL:
Leave it to you!!!

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Those are definitely right on the mark, except if my husband was raising the kids, they wouldn't be so clean!
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I want more!!!!!!!!
PM me!
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???? so what's the joke??????? Us menfolks just make one dish do for a couple of things?? Do we REALLY have to dirty a dish when the stuff is in a perfectly good container??
We just have a more economical nature..that's all!!!! WOMEN...SHEESH!!!!
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Speaking from experience, this would definitely be reality if the MEN were in charge!!! I actually do know of a few MEN whose idea of being in charge is sleeping on the couch, and the kids just LOVE it!!!!! : : And then these SILLY MEN want to know what we do all day!! :
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Ruh-roh...YIKES! :laughing2
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