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Am I nuts?

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I have started looking for a buddy for my lone cat. I just wrote to someone who has an ad for a cat on craigslist. Just an inquiry at this point, not going out to see her. But I was wondering what you all think of ads for cats by the owner, is it usually bad news? Should that stuff be avoided? And should I stick with shelters and established rescue groups?
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Of course you're nuts, Carol! I am not very experienced in this, so I know others will have much better advice. I believe it would be best to go to a shelter or rescue group as you search for your new addition to your family. Not only are they more established and reliable, but you know you are providing love and a family to one of these precious babies in need. I also understand it is best to not reply to the ads posted in the paper, because this is likely to encourage people to continuing allowing their cats to breed freely instead of having them spayed and neutered. Just a thought.
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You are totally not nuts... I know someone on the board that found a cat from Craig's List... unfortunately it didn't work out (the cats were given up to a shelter before they had a chance to be adopted) but you're not nuts.

I'm currently looking for a playmate for my kitten and I'm looking into breeders, because I have a specific cat in mind. However, I don't want to get a kitten that is sick, or treated badly, etc... so I'm making sure that they're a member of CFA/TICA, and that I've heard good things from other people.

If you'd like to talk more about this, feel free to PM me and we can go through our search together!
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i think we are totally nuts!!!

I found my kitten through the news paper because the shelter wouldnt give me a kitten.
The owners went away on a 3 week holiday and the people who were caring for her cats didnt look after them properly, they let her outside and look where it got her...
She has her male nutered but not the girl.
Although usually in the newspapers, there were cats who had been on cat shows and costed more than 300 euros so i couldnt afford it. Plus i wanted a baby so i could bond with it as if i had just given birth
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Without knowing any details, I wouldn't say right off the bat that something like this is necessarily bad news. For example, maybe they need to re-home the cat for a reason that has nothing to do with the cat--someone has allergies, or they are moving to a place that doesn't allow pets. I think the key is to find out as many details as you can. If this is just someone breeding cats in their yard, I don't think you should do it, because it would encourage irresponsible behavior. I might also ask to see the cat's vet records.
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I don't think it's nuts. A cat needs a home, even if it is the result of negligent breeding. You could also let the person know about the catsite. They may learn something and change their ways. (If they are negligent, not saying that particular home is)

I personally have learned lots about cats from the catsite. My cat is now spayed (after one 'uh-oh' litter) and her son is scheduled to be neutered next month. So, people can learn and change. (Not that I was growing tons of cats...just saying that sometimes people aren't negligent, they are uninformed and ignorant. )
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Of course you're nuts, Carol! Just a thought.
LOL Stephanie...

Carol Just be careful do it for your kittie! Good Luck!
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I should I worded it, "I know I am nuts, but this is even over the top for ME"

Anyways, the owner did write back. It may not be a match for me, but I think they are earnest in this, they have two cats and are moving where they can only have one. it might not be a match for me cause while this cat got along with the other cat, they didn't get along famously and I am mostly getting another cat for my currect cat. He got other interested calls too so it sounds like this cat has a home no matter what which is good.
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Imagine having 2 cats and having to pick just one to keep??!?! My cats are close...I think separating them from eachother would have a terrible impact. I dont envy them.
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I actually got Dinah from Craig's List. Both of the owners' cats got pregnant, and they had a bunch of kittens they needed to find homes for. Now... while I dont agree with them just letting their girls get pregnant, I will say that all of their kittens were well cared for, and healthy. Dinah was 8 weeks when I got her, and I have never had any issues what-so-ever. They are not all bad.

Currently, I am searching for a buddy for my baby. I've been looking all over, rescues.. shelters..Craig's List...

Certainly though.. I do think that EVERY place you look needs a thorough checking out.
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