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Talk about a late night scare!

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We got a freak wind storm tonight, and as I was walking out to the pasture (I had the flood lights on) to check on the horses, this big white thing comes whooshing over my head, bounced off the walnut tree, and then up to the roof and over the top of the neighbor's house. It took me a few minutes to register what it was, it was a huge inflatable snowman my neighbor across the road had sitting on his porch! LOL I think Frosty has flown the coop!
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Tee Hee,

Maybe he is upset about the commercialism of Christmas and is protesting
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AHAHAHAHHAAHA!! Sorry, I guess it would be scary, but the mental picture is pretty funny. Keep thinking of the line in the "Frosty the snowman song" thumpa te tup tup, look at Frosty GO!! hee hee :-)
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...there ya go MA.....lmbo
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That must have been so starling, MA!Is this the same storm that was effecting Elizabeth and Sasha earlier tonight?
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Just when you think you've seen it all...
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Yep it is the same storm. We are so close to the mountains that we get the weirdness of the weather. At least it wasn't a tree falling, just a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: 8 foot inflatable snowman that almost gave me and the horses a heart attack! I do wonder where it will end up? In someone's tree maybe?
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Fright notwithstanding, that was a good giggle!
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I thought it was the reindeer that fly, not Frosty the Snowman!Hope the winds have calmed by now, MA, it must be scary for your horses.
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"giggle" I hope your neighbor accross the street has no more of those!
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That must have been one heck of a fright!!

You tell it so well though that the last thing I expected it to be was a giant snowman!!

I hope the winds have calmed for you now!
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Sorry MA *muffles laughter* that was good! Weather vibes coming your way though!
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woooooooooooooooooooo Glad it was only a soft snowman and didn't damage your walnut tree once again i get a laugh for the day
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what a fright that was, earlier this year when i was walking up to the train station it was so windy, and this building was constructing... i was forcing my self against the wind and all of a sudden this huge cardboard piece bigger than me! was flying to wards me, i was lucky i ducked but people were laughing their butts off at me
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ROFL! Brilliant... Ah, well.. perhaps frosty needs a leash.. Excellent entertainment, though, thanks.
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Eek! Must have been scary, but hilarious once you knew what it was!!
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We were hit really hard yesterday, about 8 hrs worth. No flying snowman, but flying everything! One tree came down 20 ft from the house and debris is everywhere. We have power back on but our area was hit the hardest. They had extended the Severe Wind Warning up to midnight instead of 5 pm. Winds were 57, 65, and 75 mph in some parts. Pat&Alix sent me a note saying it was dead calm where they were! This one was a bad one. But we are all fine and thank god nobody was hurt by all the holiday decorations flying through the air here!! This is across the street. I saw it fall, grabbed Sasha and just prayed!
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Oh, that's so funny MA, because I was out fixing the lights on our house because of the wind yesterday and I swore I saw Frosty flying through the sky! That must have been some tailwind to take him all the way from Oregon to Ohio! Last I saw him he was sailing towards PA!
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Frosty must have been trying out for the second string of Santa's reindeer!
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