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Suprize visitor

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I have 2 cats (Princess and Patsy) that I've had for 9 years. They are strictly indoors. We also have a stray named George as well as 2 ferals. George is very mellow. He is a big chicken and seems to rely on our feral cats to guard him. He's came in my house before but my cats torture him. Anytime Patsy even hears his name she's ready to attack, but the wierd part is she is the friendliest cat I've ever seen to any other cat. Usually George just spends time in my parents or Grandparents houses. We all live on the same property but different houses. He loves to go in and take his naps. Nothing will wake him up when he wants to sleep.

A couple days ago my Dad was working on my phone line and had my door open. My cat Princess tries to escape anytime the door is open so he was watching the door very closely. He was actually sitting right inside the door so there was no way she get out without being noticed. When he was done I double checked to make sure Princess and Patsy hadn't gotten out and everything was fine. I was in and out the rest of the day.

Later that night I went through my cats normal routine of being feed a can of food, cleaning the litterbox, ect... After everything was taken care of I was using my computer and I heard my litterbox clean its self and both my cats were right by me and had been for quite some time. I couldn't figure out why the littebox came on but didn't think to much of it. A little while later I decided I was going to watch a movie and went to put one in the DVD player. All of a sudden I felt something brush up against me and I turned around to see what it was. It was George. Some how he snuck in when my Dad was working on the phone line. He was in over 8 hours without being seen. He managed to find a place to nap that neither of my cats found him.

I think the thing that shocked me the most was he even slept through my cats getting canned food. Usually anytime a can of cat food is opened he comes running. I've had to use canned food to bribe him to come out from under the bed after my cats scared him. He even used the litterbox with out being noticed. Now I not only have to make sure no one gets out I aslo have to make sure no one sneaks in.
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Heheheh - sounds like George is quite the little sneak!!!
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Wow, that really must have been quite a surprise!Believe George is telling you he would prefer to live indoors!
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Maybe George got your cats' permission! After all, it's Christmas time!
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yeah i agree with the others, i think your cats gave him permission, and now he wants to be an indoor cat. after all its too cold to be outside
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Originally Posted by yayi
Maybe George got your cats' permission! After all, it's Christmas time!
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We've tried to make George an inside cat several times. He prefers it outside. He likes to come in and visit or nap but then he demands to be let outside. When he first claimed us he had an absess on his paw and had to be kept inside. That lsted 2 days only because he was very sick (105 temp and in pain). As soon as he started feeling better he popped the screen out of the window to get out. Luckily it doesn't snow or get really cold here. We have set up several different beds inside sheds or on the enclosed porch so all the cats have warm, dry and safe beds. We have a raccoon problem as well as coyotes so we have fixed it so it would be very hard for anything other than the cats to access the beds. In the winter he does spend most of the night inside. He starts out at my parents house and will stay there until about 5. Then wakes up my Mom to let him out. My grandpa goes out about 5:30 to get the newspaper and George meets him at his door then goes in the house and naps until after lunch. George also will knock on the door any other time he wants in. We all live in different houses on the same property so all the cats (george and our 2 ferals) make their rounds to get what they want. They have trained us well!!!!
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