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Ghibli (featuring Jason)

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Meet our New addition.. Isn't he lovely? Ghibli is based on the arabic word for "southern wind" or "desert wind"

(please excuse any untoward views of the husband, lol)


I love Daddy! I look juuuust like him!

This is me up close and personal

soo.. Tired...

Daddy thinks it tickles when I wiggle my ear!

We like the same things, too! Like sleeping...

I'm gonna headbonk the camera!

For all you with a pawpad fetish!


When he's a little more awake we'll have another session. for now he's ahad a long day...

...However, why is it always me that ends up with half my space when we share beds with kitties...?
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He's adorable...very nice shots!
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He is really cute and I like his name too
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I *LOVE* the markings on his face!!!!
And he looks like a MAJOR mushball. I LOVE it when kitties are major mushballs! There is nothing as wonderful as cuddling with a kitty!!!
Keep those precious pictures coming - I can't wait to see more!!
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Oh, Ghibli, you're so beautiful! Welcome to the family!
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Aww what a gorgeous kitty, I love his name.
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Aw he's cute!! How do you pronounce his name?

And the reason why you lose all your space sleeping - because he knows you're more of a cat person so you don't mind, in the end? I dunno, but somehow I lose out too!
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Awwww what a sweet face he has He looks a real snuggle bun!
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Gibblee (with a g sound like gone or game) And he's adorable. he's playful andcuddly. He isn't so happy about being HELD, mind you, but about snuggling with Daddy, yes.
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That's a cute name then! I assume you picked it - is there any significance or meaning? And I can't wait til you post more pictures!
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We did Pick it. There's actually a really reputable Anime Studio that took the name (the lead artist was into ww2, and a ghibli was an italian spy plane at the time)That's one of Jason's and my favorite anime studios. However, he's a Turkish Van, and as a great many turkish words are arabic in root, It seemed appropriate.
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Welcome to the TCS site, Ghibli. I don't often get to see another Turkish Van, and sometimes I feel a little lonely here. Aren't we pretty, though? Just wait until you grow up. You will roar through your new house like a "hot wind." I want to see more pictures.

Looking forward to seeing more of you,

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aww thats so cute!
But your hubby has a very nasty bruise!!
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Originally Posted by fwan
...But your hubby has a very nasty bruise!!

Well.. we just got married.....
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