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They're fascinated by the ceiling...

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Everytime I pick up my boys, they look at the ceiling with this "Oh wow man... Dude... There's something over us... huhuhuh... Woah, I'm trippin' man, I'm trippin'!" look. I usually end up laughing so hard I have to put them down. They never look upwards unless I'm holding them, either. It's really strange. I know there's nothing crawling on the ceiling - I'm arachniphobic and can spot anything that moves upon entering a room. They're just... amazed by the ceiling.

Does anyone else's cat do this? Or should I start looking for 'shrooms growing in my basement?
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YES!!!! I thought only Angel did it. He'll stare at the ceiling, and I of course, look up at the ceiling where he's looking. (Almost feeling like a tourist in New York, ya know, once one person looks up, everyone else stops and looks as well.) Then he'll jump down, and I stand there looking for a spider or anything that he may've been seeing, and of course someone will walk in the room, looking at ME like "what are YOU looking at?"
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Yay! They're not crazy!

Thank you for sharing ccoccocats!!

Must just be another "look at the stupid human" trick....
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A few of mine will do that as well! They'll look up at the ceiling and start whining at it like there's something up there they want to come down so they can get it!
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That's too funny - I have an upstairs neighbor that stomps around all the time and Baylee rarely ever looks up! So that's funny that your cats look up for no reason!
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There was a similar thread and someone suggested they were "communicating with the mother ship"
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I am glad it isn't just my two!!

Tibby does that a lot and appears to be finding something that is invisible to the human eye! Molly, on the other hand, finds any tiny cobweb that I may have missed!!

I like the 'communicating with the mother ship' explanation too!!
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They do have much better eyesight than us humans.
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I had one once that used to wait until we had company, then spend her time leaping up at the walls, wherever there was a mark of any kind. Embarrassing...

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arent cats just great!
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