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Hi, I'm new!

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Hi! My name is Janice. I have three cats. Aramis is a (fat) gray tabby who is ten years old. Padme is a calico who is about two years old, and my new baby is an orange tabby who is five months old (expensive free kitten who has a heart murmur and has already cost me $1000 in the three months I've had him).

I already posted a question on the behavior section, but someone told me to come here to introduce myself.

My husband and I just bought a brand new house. We have a two story, and Oliver is in love with the stairs. We brought the cats back over from my mom's house last night, and Oliver has been running up the stairs at full speed, turning around at the top, and running down the stairs at full speed for hours! He is so weird...

Anyway, just thought I'd say that I've been reading some of these posts and you all seem really nice and knowledgeable and caring about your cats.

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Hi Janice

I want to welcome you to the Cat Site!!!! This is a nice place to be. There are many wonderful, caring people here who are very knowledgeable, the help and support are fantastic!

Enjoy yourself!
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Welcome Janice!!! So nice to meet you!! This is a great site and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!! Your cats sound lovely - and congratulaions on your new home!! Hope to see you on here often!!

:pinky: :pinky: :blubturq:
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Hi Janice! Nice to have you here.......
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Welcome Janice!

Do you have some photos of you furr-babies... Would love to see them!

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Welcome to The Cat Site, Janice!!
You have a very nice cat family.
Oliver sounds like a lot of fun!
They do the darndest things sometimes!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Welcome to the cat site, Pandabear! I look forward to hearing more about your furry family!
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You guys are so nice! I've never felt so welcome on any other forums. Thank you so much!

Janice :tounge2:
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Welcome to The Cat Site Janice!!!
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Hi Janice and welcome to the site. Glad to have you with us.
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I am fairly new myself and this is a great forum! People treat you like you have a brain and know how to use it!!
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Hi Pandabear

Your cats sound really cute, I have a cat called Felix and he's 16 years old. He's still climbing trees and he runs up the garden still. You are very welcome, this is a great forum to be part of, so a welcome present from me and Felix.

:angel4: :daisy: :girly1: :mimouse: :rainbow: :rednose: :pinky: :icecream: :egypt: :flower: :girly2: :bubbly: :kitty5: :baloon: :splitter: :blubturq: :laughing2 :angel2: :laughing: :flash: :jarswim: :homer: :eye&mouth :blossom: :pinky:
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Hi, Janice! Welcome to TCS, take off your shoes and stay awhile!
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Welcome! stay and enjoy the fun and information we all share!
It's always a Here!
And the people I have met here are :goodbad: :angel2:
and I love them all!
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Welcome Janice,

The cat site is a great place which is full of loving caring people who have great advice to offer, I hope that you get as much out of this site as I have already.
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