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Introducing myself

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Two of my volunteers who are members of this site asked me to join and be a part of these forums. I am the President of Helping Paws, an animal rescue organization in Connecticut who specializes in cats, both domestic and purebred. We have 43 acres of land we are developing into an animal sanctuary that was donated to us. Our first project set to open this year is a 4 1/2 acre feral cat relocation center, completely fenced in with a cat safe fence, 300 insulated houses, feeding stations, etc. We have fundraised our hearts out and see the opening this spring.

If I can help answer questions about breeds, behavior, care, illness, or rescue, I would be glad to. If I don't know the answers, I do know the people to ask - and of course, I expect to learn things too, because each cat owner, experienced or first time see things from a different place in their heart and new things can always be learned.

Thanks for letting me go on and if you get tired of me just blame Sandie and Donna because they are my volunteers.
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Yeah....Rene finally made it!!!!
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Welcome Rene!

I've just emailed you back. So glad to see you're here! Thank you for joining!

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Hi Rene, I am a new member myself & already I am enjoying the discussions here. It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job helping these critters, with your animal sanctuary, rescue & all the other things you are doing. Imagine the world without people like yourself! I don't think I care to.
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Welcome Rene! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Glad they talked you into joining!
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