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Daar Heather,
It's so nice to have you here with us at the "The Cat Site" You'll love it here, please stick around and you'll enjoy even more stories and facts just as I have, not to mention, meet some really great people!
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May I introduce myself?

I'm Nikki from Rome, Italy. I found this nice cat site and since I'm definitely a cat-person I'd love to join the forums. I'm owned by three furry babies, they are a great part of my life. My second passion is English, so I think it's a great opportunity here...talking of cats and learning more and more English..!Looks like there are a lot of nice people here!
Hope to post often. Go on with this wonderful job, Anne!
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Welcome to the catsite!! I am sure you will fit right in. Please, tell us more about your 3 babies.
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My naame is Sue and I live in Uncasville, Connecticut with my roomate and our 6 delightful furbabies. K.C. is about 10,Katie is about 8, Bear is 2 1/2, Fritzie is 1 1/2, Smudge is about 1, and Ferris(who thinks he is a big wheel) is about 9 months. All of them are strays or throw-away kitties, but each of them has their own unique story. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this site!
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Welcome Nikki and Sue!!!! I know you will both enjoy it here! We love to see new faces....
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I'm Bob and have 5 cats and 3 kittens and 2 dogs. I'm from Iowa, USA. Where do you live in Iowa, Debby? I live in Knoxville.
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Hi Bob, I am glad you stopped in the lounge to introduce yourself! Welcome to the wonderful world of cat lovers.
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Hello, I just registerd here. My name is Serena and I live in Oklahoma. I am single and have a daughter and 3 cats. I have loved cats all of my life.

I had one cat who lived to be 17 years old and still cherish her. My cats living now are silver-13, buttons-4 and Jasmine-3.
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Welcome everyone! So good to have you here!

Nikki - this is a great way to learn English! I am not a native speaker of English myself and I can certainly feel a huge improvement in my Engilsh these past few months.
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Anne, I would have never told you are not a native English speaker! Congrats! If I were half fluent as you, I'd be in heaven! BTW, I visited Israel about 20 (...poor me...I'm growing old!) years ago, during a cruise in the Mediterranean. It was absolutely fascinating. Such a wonderful mixture of ancient and modern, spirituality and future. I can still remember very well the religious atmosphere of Jerusalem and Betlem. And the intense mysticism of the desert. And an unforgettable landscape on the Golden and Silver Mosques. God bless you, Anne, your people and your country with a lasting peace. Shalom.
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Originally posted by Sandie
Welcome to the catsite!! I am sure you will fit right in. Please, tell us more about your 3 babies.
Thank you Sandie and everyone for the welcoming greetings!
My three babies are:
1. Priscilla, a seal mitted Ragdoll. She is about 6 yrs old now. Come into my life in a most troubled time, she is the very first cat I ever had and gave me back the will of smiling. That's why she's so special to me. And always will be. A smart, curious, loving, affectionate, elegant, talkative blue eyed cat with such a personality. She is my confident, my friend, my daughter. I rotten spoil her.
2. Casper, a pure white Persian. He is going to be 5 next Friday (Happy Birthday, Casper!). He's the most affectionate cat in the world. The typical lap cat, loves to be cuddled all the time, purrs like a motor bike and eats like a bear. He got the most innocent blue eyes I've ever seen, but due to the fact that he is also all white, unfortunately he is deaf, but apparently he doesn't mind. He always knows where is what. He's a sweet angel, that's it!
3. Sunny Jade, a tabby Golden Shaded. She is 10 months old now. I nicknamed her "The Little Rascal", no need to say why. She has a completely different personality than the other two. Not as friendly. A little aloof, because she was not well socialized by her breeder, I believe. But playful and funny, and with a spectacular pair of green jade eyes, I love her all the same, just the way she is. I hope to get her to love me too, sooner or later. I'm more stubborn than she.
Yes, I'm a proud Mom.
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Your babies sound wonderful, and your English is fine! heck, you are more eloquent then some people I know that have lived in the U.S all their lives!

We are so multi-cultural here- I love it!

Welcome from Oregon- where it is finally raining!
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Nikki - your English looks just perfect to me! I'm glad you liked Israel and we sure need those blessings of peace these days (well, okay, most other days as well )
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Hi everyone. My name is Andrea, and I just registered this month. I heard about this site from a friend in Tampa. I am 28, married and live in Orlando, FL with my four babies...Jack, Smitty, Meathead and MooMoo Peepers. Jack and Smitty are brothers, rescued from a construction site in Tampa. Meathead and MooMoo Peepers are siblings as well, rescued from the highway after their mother was hit by a car. I also trap stray cats around the city and have them fixed. So far those babies include: Rudy, Junior, Kiki, Winston, 007, Fluffy, Abby, Sophie and Emilio. Rudy, Junior, Kiki and Winston have all found homes through the help of an organization here called Helping Paws. Everyone there is wonderful!! I have only been fixing cats for 3 months, but I know I will be doing for a lifetime!! Too many cats, and not enough people like us!
Thanks to everyone who loves their cats the way I do!!!
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Hey Andrea!

Glad you joined! Did that 800 number help on the spay/neuter issue? (Saw your post).
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Wow. How neat to have people on this site from so many places. I love it!. I was only going to look at messages tonight as I am really beat-worked 12 hrs today but, couldn't resist getting on and saying hello to all the new people. boy, it's hard to type with a big old grey tabby on your lap! forgive any mistakes>
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Try an orange furball perched constantly on your shoulder! And I thought it was no longer "chic" for women to wear fur!
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Hi my name is Barbara and I live in the southeastern part of Louisiana. About half way between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Better know as plantation country. What is known as Cajun country is just to the west of here. I am a homemaker, have 4 grown and married children and 9 grand children. And my wonderful cat, Kiki, who is an 8 yr old Maine Coon cat. I am new here and I am enjoying reading all the posts today. I have a web page that shows some of the plantations and also a page for Kiki at this address if anyone is interested. Nice to "meet" everyone!
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Hi Barbara,

Welcome to the Forums! Hope you like what you see.

I went into your website and saw pictures of Kiki. What a big beautiful kitty! She looks very soft and cuddly.

Glad to have you here!


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Thanks Donna for the welcome and the nice comments on Kiki. I am still here and reading posts. Enjoying the site very much.
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Hi Barbara

I visited your site. The plantation photos are marvelous! I have always had a desire to visit some of the old southern plantations. I hear there is one somewhere in Tennessee (can't remember the name) that is still set up like it was when it was a working plantation.

Welcome to the CatSite!
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Barbara! What an adorable cat!!!!! And WELCOME!!!!
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What a beautiful cat! I have a rescue, Chelsea who looks a lot like that-just more brown in her coat. She is the only one of my 11 who gets matted. I wonder if it is the Maine Coon heritage?
This is a great site-you'll love it here.
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Kaaren.... Oh my poor Kiki is constantly matted. And I brush her and comb her several time a day but it doesnt seem to help any at all!!!!!

Deb & Debby...... glad you enjoyed my web site. I am afraid that site my larger photos are on is down right now so the links from the thumbnails are not working. Hope to have that fixed later today.
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Do you have a particular interest in plantations? dumb question, I guess. I personally find the Civil War to be my favorite period fo American history. I wish I could remember the name of the plantation I am thinking about. I read all about it in a book one of my students at school had.
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Deb... Will try to figure out which home you are talking about and let you know. Yes I am very interested in both the civil war and the homes. In fact I have to leave now as I am meeting someone at one of the plantations soon. I will be back online later. bye, Meme
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Thanks. This book showed an entire plantation, complete with the slave quarters and everything. It was fascinating! I'll have to ask the kid on Monday. I would love to visit it. I thought I jotted the name of the place down, but I can't currently find the piece of paper!
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