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Welcome to the catsite! I am sure you will fit right in.
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Welcome Sioux.....glad you have joined the CatSite!
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Hi Everyone,
I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and have 3 kitties.
Two girls and one old boy. My kids tell me that I am 2 cats shy of being an official "Crazy Cat Lady" hence the name.
I love this site and have learned a lot from all of you knowledgeable people.
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Welcome Kathy! Glad to have you here! We are all a little "crazy" here...LOL....especially about our cats!
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Greetings fellow cat lovers! I'm also from Idaho, Boise in fact and just love this site! (I just logged on from work-don't tell anyone!) My husband and have 13 incredibly gifted and talented (aren't they all?) cats. I used to foster cats for a group I belonged to here in Boise and ended up adopting several-I absolutely fell in love in them and couldn't bear to give them up. They are all indoors, but have a caged backyard area they can access through a window. They are Spike, Darla, Bear, Sammy, Chester, Dennis, Hannah, Alfie, Spookey, Spankey, Shroeder, Sissy and Conan. We have 3 outdoor kids (dumped or abandoned) and they are terrific as well. They are Muffie, Whitey and Tony.
All of these cats are the loves of our lives-I cannot imagine my existence without them!
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Maryna....Welcome to the catsite!!! We are glad to have you here!
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hello as most of you know already, my name is Katie/Kate, and i live in Canada (B.C.)

i also just love this site, and these forums. all of you are so kind and warm and welcoming.
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I am from Canada. I live in Oshawa, Ontario. It is snowing a good thing out there right now. I wish I was in a warm place like some of you are right now. Probably the only one on this forum who does not own a cat right now. But as I said before I have had cats in the past and will have one again as I do love them Currently own a chinchilla and a guinea pig. I am 49 and live with my husband and 15 yr old son. I am a grandma as well.
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Hi, all. I'm 48 and live in Boise, ID, too. I found this site when I was looking at the guestbook for Max, the cat in Sacramento, CA that was killed by that man and his 2 dogs (such a sad story) and noticed how many people from thecatsite.com had posted. I thought, wow, so many compassionate people, gotta check out that site.

My husband of almost 23 years and I have 12 inside cats that are the lights of our lives. We are also caring for 3-4 feral cats.
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Jessiecat....Welcome!!!!!! Glad you found us!!!! We will look forward to hearing more about your cats!
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Hi there,
My name is Catarina, as I'm sure many of you have seen my posting regarding Kadaffi and I thank you for your support, but I have gone on and I would like to meet others and be available for anyone to speak with and to support anyone in time of need. I have six children (teehee...my Mom has six grandkittens) starting with the oldest now, that would be, BrownBrown (he was a wildcat..it took me six months to get him!) What a love!!!! Ninya (my only girl :pinky: ....the meanest!...cause she has all those boys to put up with) Sharky Shark(with the slick gray coat & cool ocean spray green eyes) Job...(no, he's not a saint,:goodbad: what a good lookin' boy duplicate of Shark! Elvis...(yes, he even sings really loud and swings those hips!!) and last but not least.....OPIE! Yeah, Opie's the baby, but let me explain...he's the Alpha cat ...Anne, he looks so much like Gezer (Opie doesn't purr loud like Gezer, though he does try!)I have to put up a page for all the babes. But you will see my handsome boy. Kadaffi too of course. Aren't all of our cats the most handsome and beautiful of all or anyone's! LOL!
Hugs to All!

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I was sorry to hear about Kadaffi. He was so lucky to have you. Have peace in knowing that he was not alone when he passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Here's a website that I think you'll like. You can tell your story about Kadaffi. I did it when my dad's cat passed away. The story is still there (see "The Last Link" written in November of 2000) It helped me alot.


Glad you're here at the forums!

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Dear Donna,
I cruised right over to Rainbow Bridge and I read your story, I don't know if you received my email...I can't wait till I get my new computer! I was in tears, I did write a story about Kadaffi and I plan to do a couple of other things there as well as here too. You're such a doll to share that with me. God has blessed you and has made you such as strong warrior! Since I don't know if you did receive my mail...it does sound like you're holding up well. I pray that friendship continues to blossom with this person and her daughter. Did they get a new kitty? I hope so...they seem so loving.
I live in Fla. and I'm going to share something with you that's just seems so cool...I'm in my room and looking out my window, I'm watching the birds, they're flying so playfully right by my window and I don't know if I should laugh or cry...but they're so beautiful. I think I'm going to try to feed them...see you later...thanks for your story!
God Bless You & Yours
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Where in Florida are you? And whats the link for this rainbow bridge site? Just curious.

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I live in Leicester,NC just outside of Asheville. It is a grand and glorious place to live! Was born and raised in western PA and lived in Fl.(Gulf coast-Sarasota-Venice area) for 21 years prior to moving to NC 16 years ago. Live with my very patient and loving husband of almost 39 years, 11 cats and one dog. Our grown children live nearby-son in Leicester and daughter and son-in-law in Hendersoville,NC.

Expecting our first grandchild in May-a girl.

I say my husband is patient and loving because he is really not as crazy about animals as I am but, helps me care for them and I think he is really more attached to them than he cares to admit

I am really enjoying this site.

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Hi Everyone. I'm a new pet owner. Growing up we always had dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, the whole gammit. Since I left home for college (I'm now 27) I haven't had any of my own animals. I've really missed it. about a month ago i went to the local shelter & adopted 2 females from the same litter. they are mixed manxs, Cracker is my brown tabby without a tail and Barrel is a tortishell with about an inch & half stump. I've recently realized that they are semi-feral, so I'm working with them to bring them out of thier shells. I spent 22 years of my life in Indiana but now live in Maryland for my job. I live with my boyfriend of 4 years. no kids. i have to get a handle on the cats first! i'm glad i found this sight because i have a lot of questions and really no one to ask.
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Dear Airprincess,
It's nice to have you here with us It's nice to have your cats back in your life again isn't it? I'm glad that you decided to adopt instead of going to a breeder...I hope no one on the site takes that as in insult...(YIKES) but, you understand, there's a lot of unwatned little kitties out there that need a home. I too went to a shelter and adopted two brothers and had no idea they were ferrals. Unfortunately, one had gotten out and just disappeared, I searched and searched...so be careful! I still have Job, Thank God. It's taken me quite some time to get him used to me let alone anyone that comes to my home. He still runs away from me if I approach him too quickly. Yet, when I have food...forget it! LOL...Then again, if he needs lovin' he'll be rubbing in and out between my calves and I'll reach down and scratch away...it does take time. I have six cats. My other cats seem not to get along with him...poor baby: except for Sharky he's his only friend now since Kadaffi has passed away. He looks just like him...he's gray with those beautiful ocean green eyes. They seem to get along okay. I guess before I had him nuetured he was so mean to the others they hold an unforgiving grudge; although it seems to be passing as they are getting older now. Praise the Lord! Patience my friend is your ally. Cats are the true teachers of patience! Oh, and by the way, you came to the right place...you'll find answers to all of your questions here and a whole lot more!
God Bless You & Yours

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Welcome airprincess!!!! We are all glad you have joined us!!!! This is a wonderful place here, with lots of nice people!!!
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Howdy to all. I live in the Chicago suburbs with my partner and our 5 cats. 4 are Ragdolls and one is a rescue.
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Welcome to the catsite!! Hope you stick around and enjoy the people here!!
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I plan on it. If I make any mistakes in my posting, please don't hesitate to educate me. BTW, nice to meet you.

PS. Was this the right place to introduce myself?
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I'm from a small town in Georgia.
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Bub45; Nice to meet you, Bookitty;I know we've already met but it looks like the three of us are the only ones around posting to the site, with nothing else to do on a Sat. nite and bupcas on TV. . . . . I' gonna check the threads and see if I've missed anything earlier today. Be back later. Threeleggedkat
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Welcome everyone!

Yes, this is just the right thread for introducing yourself!

Hope you enjoy this place - I know I do
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Im from Calhoun, Georgia! God's country. Im just sitting here watching Bristol and all the wrecks. (NASCAR) I had to move from Georgia in October of 99. We live in Altus, Oklahoma now. (Yeehaw!)
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Hello everyone. My name is Heather and I live in NC. I am a 24 year old 1st grade teacher. I am new to the forum and so far, I love what I am reading. It is very comforting to know that other cats do some of the same strange things as mine. I have two babies. Their names are Smokey and Oreo. I look forward to learning about all of you and your babies. I also look forward to sharing my crazy cat stories with you.
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Welcome, Heather! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Welcome Bub and Heather!!!!!! Glad to have you both here with us!!!!!
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Welcome Bub and Heather!

It's nice to have another North Carolinian here, Heather!
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Hi, Heather,
Welcome to another North Carolinian. I live in the Asheville area of this beautiful state. Have a daughter who is a school teacher- she teaches music in a K-8 school.
You'll love this site.
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