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Boo and Pumpkin!! What cute names!!!! I am glad you have joined the forums here!! WELCOME
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I already posted a little info about myself but this looks like the place I should've done it so...
My name is Terri and I live in CA with 2 of my 3 children and 40 something cats. I'm single (divorced) and I work for an electrical contractor as their estimator.

Oh yeah. I'm 40 years old and about to become a grandma.

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Hi there
I am from Toronto, Ontario and have two cats. Married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
Neither of our cats were planned, just sort of came into or lives and we wouldn't change that for anything.
Feel free to email me.
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hi! Im from Hawaii! I have two cats, Joker and Rufus.
We just lost Dude....
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hi again!
okay, I posted my question, but where does it show up?
confused in Hawaii
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Hi there...not sure which question you posted...I need to get on here more, but I get so busy, it's hard to find time...what was your question about?
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HELLO We are from the south shore of Nova Scotia We have 2 little kittens. well not so small anymore Simba & Dusty see them on page 301
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I am from the great spud state!! hehe (Idaho) I am 26 and am married with two sons ages 6 and 2. We just recently added a boy and girl to our family they are the cutest lil fluff balls. They are brother and sister and thier names are winston and salem. I figured since I got to get them my husband could name them. Go figure hehe.
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Looks like there aren't that many of us from the UK on here then!

I live in Worcestershire, England.
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Hi all...

My name is Shannon and I am 24 from Portland, Oregon. I live with my 3 year old cat named Lily. She truly is a blessing. So happy to have found this site!!
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Hi everyone!

I am new to this site, but love it already! I live in Tampa, FL with my 2 orange tabbies, Squirt and Joey. Everyone here has been really friendly and helpful. You have renewed my faith in the internet.
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Hello All!

My husband, John, our cat Fergus, and I live in Fayetteville, NC (or Fayette-nam due to the artillery shelling at Ft. Bragg). We are a new family, just married in July,2000, and new cat parents in November. We own an Internet business and both have other jobs, but really just want more time to spend with each other and our kitty.

We enjoy this forum and look forward to getting to know you and your kitties better!

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Hi there! I'm Jeff. I'm from Ohio. I'm a Security Officer and single. Age:49. I love cats! Used to have a cat named Puff, or sometimes we called her Kitty. Makes sense, right? lol! Don't have any cats of my own now, but I still love them! Enjoy coming to a site that is all about cats. God bless you for your efforts!
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Welcome everyone!

So many new members! This is just fantastic! I hope you all enjoy your time here with us. This is a very friendly forum with lots of cat issues. Share your knowledge and experience with us in the forums or just wind down here in the cat lounge.

Thank you all for joining. I only started this site 3.5 months ago and it's great to see so many people coming in!
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Glad to meet you all!!! And I see there is another Deb now too!! I hope everyone likes it here as much as I do...my only problem is finding the time to check the posts more often!

Glad you all have joined us!
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Just for the record and to add to this post, I'm 34 and live in Sunny Jacksonville, Florida with my 2 furballs. Everyone here lives so far away from each other I've noticed. Well, more diversity that way, right? - Chuck
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Well, Chuck, Tampa isn't too far away, in the grand scheme of things. I visited your profile on yahoo! Interesting that Jaws was your inspiration. Why? When I was a kid, I spent time with my best friend on Martha's Vineyard while Jaws was being filmed. It was quite an experience! I most remember the mechanical sharks, which were house at the local beach club. They kept them hoisted up on these huge derricks. When we went to the film's premiere that fall, the entire audience was in shock, but my friend's mother kept pointing out people she knew who had been hired as extras! My friend did a lot of babysitting for the family that rented their house out to be used as Chief Brody's in the film.
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Wow Deb! My new best friend! I've been to MV as well, but it was in 88' right after some friends and I made a spoof of Jaws. There was even a newspaper article written about us in the Vineyard Gazette. So, by some chance, do you have or know someone that has personal pics taken at the time it was being filmed? I am completely jealous of course, that you were there when it was filmed. That is VERY cool! It's still my favorite movie to this day. E-mail me if you'd like. I'd love to hear more.

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I'm Kim..... 24 years old & married. We live in Arizona w/ our 3 girl cats: Fluffy, Cinammon & Tigger.
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Welcome to the forums, Kim!
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Hi, I'm Rene, I live in Colchester, Connecticut with my husband Clint, my two girls age 16 and 20 (she is in college), our 21 cats, four dogs and we do animal rescue, specializing in cats. Sandie and Donna are my volunteers and my friends. With so many people from so many places it feels like we have friends all around the world!
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we are really glad to have you here...Rene!!!
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I'm Donna and I don't know where I live at this point! I sleep in Wethersfield with my 8 cats and spend MOST of my time in Colchester at Rene's house or shlepping my cats to the vet for any number of reasons. I am a staff writer for a newspaper and do volunteer work with Rene's rescue organization. She and Sandie are two of my very best friends. I absolutely love the volunteer work I do. I am the "public relations liaison" (I'd prefer to be called PR DIVA) for the rescue group and LOVE being around cats (sometimes more than people).
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Hi, I am Debbie and Live outside of Albany, New York.
We have 6 cats, 3 girls and 3 boys. I just found this site today and love it.
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Welcome to everyone!!! Wow, that makes three Deb's in case anyone is counting... LOL Glad so many new people are joining!!
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I live in rural Oregon. I have 25 cats mostly ferals that I maintain. I am an artist and a writer- not published yet- but hoping to be soon. Married 14 years this week! 6 stepchildren and 14 stepgrandchildren.
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Hissy.....I am so glad you found this place!! And so glad to have you on board!!! Welcome!!
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I am from Freezing Cold Toronto, Ontario.
Where it is pouring rain right now!
I am 28 and have two cats, and 10 Stray/Ferals.
Connie my girl is a Somali and very fiesty.
Alistair (Ali-Cat) my boy is a mixed some sort of oriental. and extremely curious.

I am in Finance and work for a Media Buying Agency.

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welcome Mom Of Three
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Hi, I live in San Francisco, CA. This is a great site. I look forward to learning a lot from it and contributing when I can.
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