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Where is everyone from? (And welcome to the Forums)

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It is nice to try to put a face to people you talk to - I am Linda - I am in Maine, USA - have hubby Mark - daughters Pamela and Patricia both married and they have given me 4 wonderful grandchildren. Who wants to tell about themselves? Linda
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I'm Anne, the owner and webmaster of TCS. I am from Israel and some of you may know me by my Hebrew name Anat.

I'm 28 and live with my boyfriend and our two wonderful cats in Tel Aviv. I'm a web designer and a webmaster. In TCs, I'm trying to combine my love for cats with my love for computers. If this goes well, I hope to make a living out of this site and dedicate my time to this site alone and to raising a family.
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Well my name is Debby (how'd you know!!) I am from Iowa, I live on a big farm, I'm 35 years old, married, two beautiful stepchildren, a boy 10, and a girl almost 16. I love cats!! I have 10 of them. My favorite is the kitten. His name is Merlin, and I bring him inside with me alot, he is litter trained already! I would leave him in here all the time, but my husband won't allow animals living in the house...so Merlin just "visits" ALOT!! LOL....he's sleeping on the floor beside me right now.
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I'm Megan, I'm 24 from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I'm single with one cat (8 months old). We have our very own apartment and it is great! My boyfriend basically lives with us on weekends though. I'm thinking about getting another cat in the spring maybe.

Like anat, I work as a web designer/developer (I found this site when anat posted it at the webmaster-forums.com)- I'm in school part time now, doing digital media.
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It is nice to meet you Megan and welcome to the forums!
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Wow from all over the place! I'm from N. Carolina, USA!
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Welcome to our ND friend. My daughter & her hubby lived in Asheville while he ws in the Navy - I went to visit - what a beautiful place. linda
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OOOPS !!! Should have read my post - in my post I said ND meant NC. Linda
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I'm in Connecticut.
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Hi Linda,
I've just registered here. My name is Marie, I am 25 years old and live in England. I have two cats who are sisters and are 8 years old. Their names are Sox and Georgie. Absloutely love 'em!!
Take care xxxxxxxxx
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Hi Kezzer!

Linda, it is BEAUTIFUL down here. I was born and raised in Michigan and just can't get over not being buried in snow half the year. Love it, love it, love it here!
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Hi, I am Sandie and am living in CT for the next few years. I am really a Califorian deep down though. I keep myself busy with 10 cats, breeding and animal rescue. Nice to meet you all.
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Nice to meet you too, Sandie....hope you enjoy it here!
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Hi my name is Shannon. I live in Iowa(I happen to be Debby's neighbor). I am married and have a daughter. Our cats are, Oprah, cloud, daisy, sivet, BIG momma, pork chop, hershey, kisses, lover and fleanix. I know some of these names are a little wild, but that's what happens when you let a child name the pets. To give some descriptions of my kitty's, sivet is black and white and was named after a sivet skunk that is spotted. Pork chop is the biggest cat I have ever had, hershey and kisses are chocolate brown and poor fleanix is a cross between felix and kleenex. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.
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Yaaaaaaaaayh!!! Shannon you finally joined us!! ( I have been bugging her to join!) Welcome!!!
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Comradekitties, I added a little bit to your thread title, hope that's okay. I thought maybe we could get some of the newcomers on here to make posts about themselves and have a place to be welcomed, and this thread seemed like a good start for it!!!
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Hi, I'm Harriet. Married with 2 grown children and a ton of cats. Mostly persian and two siamese. 2 dogs. Nice to meet you all.
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Welcome Harriet!

Glad you joined us!
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Nice to meet you too, Harriet! Welcome!!!
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I'm 51 and live with my 2 cats, Yoda and Luke. Yoda is a 12 year old Persian - Luke is a 10 year old American Domestic, aka Alley Cat! I'm a new forum member and look forward to corresponding. Hello from Atlanta!
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So nice to meet you Diane!!!!! Hope you enjoy it here!!!
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hi,my name is Wayne,a 53 yr old Canadian up here in New Brunswick. I'm a semi-retired trucker cause I want to look out for my Mom (78)and my 2 Tux buddies Tic and Tac. Only been at this computer stuff for about 6 months and am busily trying to get an e-store dealing in cat furniture off the ground. Tic and Tac are all in favor,since I promised they could be executive vice-presidents.
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Hi Wayne. Welcome to the board. If you come up with a web page, please post it. I would love to see the work you do.

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My name is Annie. I live in Seattle and have one six month old cat named ZOE. She is a tonkinese and the sweetest thing in the world. I'll probably send in a picture of her once I figure out how(I am not exactly what you would call computer savvy)!

Happy Holidays, Annie
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Hello, I am from Ottawa, Ontario Canada and found
this website by only doing a search!! I am so happy
to be apart of these dicussions. I am crazy about my
cat Casey. I was just married in May of 2000 and work
as a communications advisor for the Government of
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Thanks for the welcome folks.Anyone wanting to see a sample of my work can click on my little webpage icon. Still in the financing stages of a business. This is rough 'cause all the bankers,etc think cat furniture over the web is nuts. Real up-to-date guys.LOL

Heather,since you advise the pols on communication could you teach them Cat?? Maybe then they'd make sense.LOL
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Hi Kittyfoot,
Once your site is up and running I can put it on
our electronic commerce success stories web site!!
Check it out!! I think selling cat furnature is
great idea. Are you prices better than the store's??
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Welcome everyone!

I'm so glad to see so many new members!

By the way, anyone that wants to add a link to their web site as their signature can do so. If you like, just say so and I'll be happy to do this for you.
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Welcome everyone!!!! Glad to see so many new faces around here (so to speak) Hope we can all learn and share alot about our cats....hopefully I will have more time to post after the holidays!! I do have some questions!!!
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I'm also in Connecticut although I'm originally from Atlanta (and still call that home). I'm =still= not used to all the snow!!!

I've got two cats (Boo and Pumpkin) and I'm a grad student at the University of Connecticut.


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