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Des's Intro..

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Hello, My name is Destiney(23) a stay at home mother to one daughter named named Jocelyn, she's 2½. I'm from Northern Illinois but I am currently in Maryland due to my husband being in the Air Force, I'm stuck here, lol. I "we" miss home dearly. I'm so glad I found this board, you all seem so sweet. I just love cats! I have one myself Her name is Indah Lyn she is a Balinese Lilac/Linx point but no plumy tail she's still the love of my life, I love her to death. I actually call her my blue eyed daughter, lol! I got her from a breeder in my area last July. She had a sister but due to lack of money we couldn't take her also, I am kicking myself now that I didn't try to work things out with the lady I even tried to give her a call a couple days ago to see if she's still breeding?? The phone was disconnected I think it would have been wonderful to think she still had Indah's sister! So I think I'll stop by her place soon & see if she's even still around I just think Indah has been a tad bored lately, I think she needs a friend. OK so about Indah....She is a clown! So funny, sweet, acrobatic, smartest lil kiki I've ever seen. We play tag, also hide & go seek. If I hid too well she would give up by sitting in the hallway & cry, it's so sad but so adorable! We come home & she's always there to greet us, or if we came home while her nap we will hear her drop down and run down the stairs all squinty eyed from the light. God I love this cat! My husband who just didn't get a big thrill from animals in general now loves Indah, cuddles & plays w/her it's great! Indah & my daughter love playing together. I'd LOVE to post pictures of her but not a clue how
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Desi and Indah Lyn!So glad you joined us and really look forward to getting to know you better!Picture posting info on the way, sure can't wait to see your blue eyed daughter! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello, again Indah's Mom....Hopefully I got my pictures working. I'm with AOL so it's through them. There are two pages one of just Indah & then the next is my "brown eyed" daughter & myself, lol...hope it works!

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I love this picture

The rest are good also

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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TCS!
Indah is so pretty!
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Hi and welcome! Those are some great pictures, how cute! Thanks for posting them!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Welcome to TCS!
Indah is so pretty!

Hello Yayi...My husband is from Baybay/Leyte
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Your cat is gorgeous!
i love the eyes!
welcome to tcs
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welcome to the site! your cat is absolutley gorgeous!!
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so glad you joined us!! I am sure your going to enjoy it here!!

Indah is just adorable and I love the photos of you & your daughter as well!! thanks for sharing them with us

welcome again from me & my boys - and I look forward to getting to know you
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