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Baseball steriod scandal

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Does anyone have thoughts on this?

I had always suspected Bonds of taking steriods. I think I blame major league baseball in general more for the mess it's all become though. I know they had suspicions but as long as the ticket sales stayed up there they largely ignored it. And so the players probably felt that if they didn't use they would fall behind the pack.

However I do think that if Bonds passes Aron's record it should be included with a *

It's sad, it's like it's all flash these days and no substance. I just hope the sport survives cause I love baseball.
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The following article is a great one, which sort of encapsulates my feelings about this issue.


Some small excerpts from the article.

Why does a performance-enhanced society scorn performance-enhanced athletes?

Performance Enhanced Society
Turn on a football game, and you'll see cheerleaders with seam-popping breast implants, aging sportscasters with suspiciously tenacious hairlines and commercials for pills that promise Olympian erections. Turn on the news, and you'll hear about how athletes have got the notion that it's O.K. to use artificial substances to improve their bodies. Appalling!
So why are steroids the exception? One obvious answer is that sports are supposed to be fair in a way that life is not. But sports are full of institutionalized unfairness...Olympic runner wins a gold medal because of blood doping: Cheater! Olympic team wins dozens of medals because it has tens of millions of dollars for training: U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
Yes, but steroids are far more dangerous than, say, carb loading. That justification would be far more convincing if there were any evidence that fans and teams otherwise give two snorts about athletes' health.
So we ask athletes to maintain an authenticity that we don't want to—to be museum pieces of purity. Is that hypocritical?
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Whatever happened to playing sports with heart? Whatever happened to playing sports just because you love that sport? It sickens me. And look what performance enhancing drugs have done to Jason Giambi. Is it really worth it? Look at Lyle Alzado, he died from brain cancer due to excessive steroid use.

It is not worth it. Kids are going to grow up thinking it is okay to take performance enhancing drugs because their favourite sports people take them. I don't care whether newscasters have hair transplants, or cheerleaders have breast implants - those athletes are taking drugs just to break the records of those who played hard to get where they are now.
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It's really sadder than I think people realize. I mean sponsors have already pulled from this Barry home run derby thing to get Hank Arrons record. And if he makes it, no one will care.
I distinctly remember Aarons record home run, I was in the hospital getting my appendix out, and I heard all these cheers and I walked over, with IV in, and saw the aftermath. It was so thrilling. People were just thrilled. That thrill is gone. It was such a nice moment too.

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I love Baseball and I have always felt that Barry Bonds did Steroids, he use to be lead off hitter and all of the sudden he started to hit the ball out of the park. I think his 73 homerun record in a season should be tainted. He is going to pass Babe Ruth and possibly Hank Aaron next season but it should be tainted too. He said he didn't know he was doing Steroids, with a big forehead like that, how can he denied it? Jason Giambi is another guy who did Steroids. When he reported to Spring Training in 2004 his own teammates didn't recognize him and he had the nerve to say that he lost 4 pounds by not eating junk food! He looked like he lost 34 pounds ( I have a before and after pic). Gary Sheffield is another guy who admitted to Steroids, he fooled me a little. I wasn't sure if he did Steroids, I just thought he was a good hitter.

The only players who play with hearts are college students, they get tested for illegal substance all the time. If they want to keep their scholarship than they have to follow the rules. MLB should test players every year for illegal substance and punish the players. Oh yeah also get a Salary Cap!
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