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Flea market expedition

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This morning, Bill and I headed out to the flea market, to buy baby cowboy boots, for the twins and have little custom license plates made, for their Harleys. We covered every acre of the place and found neither the boots nor the license plate maker. Pooh! One vendor had boots but, they were $45 a pair and he didn't have any purple ones. The way that those kids grow, I'm not spending that much. Next week, we're going to the indoor flea market, in hopes of finding the items there.

I did have ONE success. Yesterday, Rowdy tore the door off of her crate and broke it, beyond repair. I found a large, sturdy airline crate, with a steel door, for only $10 today. Let's see her break THAT door! I've scrubbed and bleached it out and it is ready for use, tonight. Last night, she didn't rampage and wake me up but, I don't trust her to continue that way. I'm going to leave her out tonight but, if she starts her stuff - in she goes!
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aww im sorry you didnt find the things you wanted.
Isnt the flea market the second hand stuff that nobody wants anymore?
thats what it is here. I have seen some purple gumboots here for only 10 euros at the kids shop, maybe you can find some there?
And well the only place i know for the numberplates its at the actual store where you get your own car number plates.. but it would cost 20 euros each!
maybe you can make your own number plates?
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Our flea market has vendors of new items. Its cheaper than renting retail space. The boot dealers are from Mexico.

I've been surfing every shoe and Western wear site, that I can find but, most of them don't have what I want. Tomorrow, I'm going to stop at Western Warehouse, on my way home. They usually have a good selection of kids' stuff.
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