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Ghibli (once Diego) is home!

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So today we drove 2 hours to get to the cat show, to pick up our Van kitten. He's adorable, swwet, cuddly, and loving..
...so we get him home (he explored the car until we got to the highway) and put him in the bedroom, set the room up, and get ready to give him some space....

And then Molly manages to get into the room ....

And pitches a hissy fit. (No pun intended) I grab her and pick her up... And the kitten is Terrified!!!!!!!

She gets thrown out, and I spend 15 minutes making amends with a terrified kitten. I then exit and see Molly glaring at me from under a table.

Paige doesn't seem to care at all about the idea of a kitten (she didn't see him, but I'm guessing she knows)

Well.. There goes a smooth introduction.
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Aww I can't wait to see pictures. I am sure in time they will all be fine together!
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I'm simply a bit Miffed at Molly for being such a royal...brat!!!
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Well my kitten chucked a fit when he first saw the rabbit.
Now he is inlove with her
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Welcome to your new home Ghibli!
Awww, Molly was just a little surprised...
I hope things get better in time!
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Poor Ghibli! Poor Molly! Poor Denise!

What an upsetting time for everyone. Lotsa love for the combatants -- separately -- to reassure them, and then back to square one, I guess. But they'll work it out eventually. How frustrating, though.
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Well 4 hours later, after he finally calmed down enough to get petted, hugged, and fed baby turkey food, he's happy. And he's a DADDY'S BOY!!

We were hoping he would bond to Jason (Jason rode in back with him on the trip home) and he did!! he's giving him kitty kisses, and sitting on him, and bascally using me as a cushion. Once he realized he was allowed on the bed, he's been sitting on daddy's side, under his feet. He's a joy. Apparently my christmas gift (I gave up my present to get ghibli, it was either kitten or jewellry, so , no jewellry) is actually Jason's I'm happy. Jason felt so left out that the girls both favor me.

Going to go get pics now.. he's GORGEOUS!!
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Originally Posted by turtlecat

Going to go get pics now.. he's GORGEOUS!!

Oh, goody! Can't wait!
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What she said, I can't wait to see.....pant pant..... :-)
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Ghibli really is beautiful, Denise! Congratulations on your new addition to your family! Be sure not to let Molly feel left out because there is a new kitten in the house, this will only upset her more. Right now, she needs to know more than ever that she is still Mommy's #1 girl!
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Awwwwwww i agree with Stephanie about not letting Molly feel left out. Do you remember when i brought Sophie home and Rosie reacted in the same way the following day?!

I can't wait to see what Ghibli's like
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Aw I'm so glad he's home and is a daddy's boy! He's cute... and I'm sure your Molly will get used to him soon enough!
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I haven't seen the pictures yet but is he a Turkish Van or just of Van coloring?
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He is a Turkish Van. And he's decided I'm merely a cheap substitute for Daddy's love and affection, so Molly is still my #1 baby..

Ghibli's tail is sooooo long, but he didn't let me take pictures of it.. do you think he'll grow into it, or wil it always be a fox plume? (I'm hoping for the latter) I didn't know Van's were so LONG though. Soon, he's going to give Molly a run for her money in the biggest cat of the house!!
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