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My Angel

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As some of you will know, before Indie and Minx came into my life I had a kitten(my first ever) called Angel, who at nine young weeks died in a tragic accident. Not long after my computer blew up,I feared i'd lost every pic of her, so I took it to my friend in London who is a computer wizard, who mananged to save them all. I know I showed you some of her, but I have some that you didn't see, and I would just like to share them, I hope you don't mind me doing so, as I loved her so very much.

I couldn't believe she fell asleep in this box!

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Oh she is such a sweet little angel! I am so sorry that you lost her!
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Gorgeous kitty!
Sorry for your loss.
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A true beauty..........RIP little one.......
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She was a beautiful kitten
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I'm so sorry Ashleigh, Angel was so beautiful.
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Aw she was gorgeous... I'm so sorry she's not with you anymore.
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Angel is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these priceless photos with us!
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Awwww she's a sweetie

RIP baby
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Aww angel is beautiful!

p.s i buy the same food for teufel!
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