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Wow!! its been a year already!!

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I came to this cat site last December.Time does fly.A year already. I been busy this summer with 2 weddings, a month apart. Both of my daughters were married. We now have 2 son in laws both named Josh. O ne was married in August and the other in September.Whew!!! We now have the empty nest. Learning to adjust.I do seem to have more time to play with my cats Merry Christmas to all you cat members...And may the New Year be kind to us all....
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Cograt on your year anniversary! Mine was a few days ago too!
Awww, I guess you'll just have to fill up your empty nest with more kitties!
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Merry christmas to you too

I remember being a kid, from one christmas to another a year seems so damn long! Now a year just rushes past, my daughter is 18 next year....unbelievable!
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Ava it's good to here from you. I can't believe how fast time flies as well! I've been here for a year and a half.
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aww ive been here for a month now... and time does fly by.. im already 18! i wish i was 13 again!
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A lot has happened to you in one year!
Happy holidays to you too, Ava!
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Josh² (To the second power! ) Congratulations on making it through two weddings in one year. May the next year be kinder and more gentler.
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Congrations on your first anniversary at TCS!!!!

BTW, I noticed what you posted as your location. I live in MN too, and I honestly can't remember the last time I saw the SUN!!!!! Even if I did see it, I'm not sure if I'd still recognize it. For all those who don't already know, MN is kind of a gloomy place to live.
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Happy Anniversary!
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Oh it's a year for me this month as well!

Since joining i added to my family with getting Sophie Doesn't time fly!

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Happy Anniversary (though a bit belated)!
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